Ruqyah For Marriage Problems

Ruqyah For Marriage Problems 5/5 (10)

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Ruqyah For Marriage Problems

Ruqyah For Marriage Problems or for getting married soon can be use for marriage proposals in islam. You can use our ruqyah for marriage blockage to solve marriage problems.

Marriage troubles are like a phase of life. At times, they create a never-ending loop of problems. It can happen before and after. Besides, getting into a marriage is not easy. And, once you are married, then another set of troubles begin. But, this one is exclusively for the problems faced in getting married.

Ruqyah For Marriage Problems
Ruqyah For Marriage Problems

Moreover, there is a wide array of troubles that one faces. Like, Marriage blockades or no good proposals. Well, it is a part of life. And, always remember that Allah is there for all of us. Equally important are you going to him for your worries as he and his ways are actual rescuers.

At the same time, there are many perceptions of Ruqyah. Those who are in dilemma. Most importantly, they should know that it is a part of Sunnah. In many hadiths, it is mentioned to be done by the beloved prophet. As a result, consider it as a unique way to reach Allah.

Ruqyah for marriage problems can be done in many ways. Thus, seek one which is comfortable and has quranic dua. Also, no illegitimate chanting should be done. Quran has all the answers to our troubles. No matter what.

What is Ruqyah For Marriage Problems

If you are a married couple. And, you are continually going through a phase of ups and downs. As a result, your marriage is on the verge of breaking. Then worry not. This ruqyah procedure will undoubtedly pull you out of it. Remember, you came into this marriage together. So, collective effort is needed to save it.

The Procedure of Ruqyah For Marriage Problems

  • Like always, first, stay regular with your salah.
  • Furthermore, memorize the Surah Muzammil.
  • Now, in a bowl, take some sweets, read Surah Muzammil on it. After that, make your husband eat it.
  • Make sure also that he performs two rakatnamaz too.
  • Now, with fresh ablution. It is suggested that you perform namaz first.
  • Then, once you are done.
  • First of all, read the DuroodShareef for 11 times.
  • Read for the 40 times, “La HawlaaWalaquawataIllahBillahi.
  • Again, read the DuroodShareef for the 11 times.
  • Once you are done with it, pray to Allah for deliverance. In particular, to remove all problems from your marriage.

Ruqyah For Getting Married Soon

Ruqyah For Getting Married Soon, If you are facing a delay in marriage. Then, Allah has better plans for you. Therefore, bear with the wait. It is going to be worth it. Still, if you are thinking it is getting too late. Consequently, you are suffering from it. Certainly, Allah is there to listen to you.

There is a ruqyahdua to get you married soon. Always remember, Allah loves you and puts you first. No matter what, it your duty to ask. There are many procedures for getting married soon. But, primarily, you must put in the required effort. Search at your end.

Consider well those proposals which come to you. Ask elders of your house to look into those matters. Moreover, keep the search going on. Remember that your actions matter. He helps those who help themselves. So, keep that in mind. Make efforts regularly.

The Procedure of The Ruqyah For Getting Married Soon

  • Perform the fajr prayer first.
  • Moving on, recite the dua Mashlul right after it. Repeat the procedure for the 40 consecutive days.
  • Also, there are specific terms involved in it.
  • Do not eat meat during this.
  • And, stay in ablution all the time.

I pray that Allah will listen to you soon. Inshallah, you will hear the wedding bells soon.

Ruqyah For Marriage Proposals In Islam

Ruqyah For Marriage Proposals In Islam, Though for getting good marriage proposals, there are many duas. And, indeed, you will get a proper Ruqyah procedure too. But, the main point here is don’t keep your expectations too high. Marriage is more about compromise. If you don’t believe me, then ask your parents. Because it is the reality that has to be faced.

Your expectation does matter. Allah considers your view. If, you are seeking hs help. Then yes, he will help you out. There is an elaborate ruqyah procedure available. I will advise you to perform with genuine care. This good matters not only to you but also to others. So, take good care of the details.

Procedure For The Ruqyah For Marriage Proposals In Islam

  • This requires you to wake upright in the middle of the night. Indeed, around 3 in the morning.
  • For instance, be regular with your namaz too.
  • Also, make sure you start the procedure after the Tahajjud.
  • Now, recite for the 1000 times, “Ya Allah Alhamdulillah.”
  • Do the procedure for 21 days strai
  • After it, immediately make your dua.

Inshallah, Allah will listen to you soon.

Ruqyah For Marriage Blockage

Ruqyah For Marriage Blockage, There can be many reasons for hurdles in marriage. If you are failing even after the genuine efforts. Yes, there is indeed something to worry about. First of all, look into the odds. There can be blockage by the enemy. Or the effect of the sihr. Or simply things are psychological. So, if you think these are the causes.

Then don’t worry. There is real, the solution to our all the problem. All you have to do is to look in the right direction. And, this direction is that of Allah. But, evil should not be fought with evil. Indeed, Allah will bog it down. I am going to provide you the procedure. Do it with all your heart.

Procedure For Marriage Blockage

This ruqyah will help you remove the hindrance in the marriage. Follow the process as per the instructions.

  • First of all, collect 41 Jujbe leaves, which are ber leaves.
  • Then, while you mix them in the water, recite, in continuation for the 70 times the given surahs.
  • They are, Surah Fatiha, AyatalKursi, Surah Ikhlas, Surah Kafiroon, Surah Falaq and Surah Naas.
  • Do the procedure for seven days.

Inshallah, you will get free of the blockage soon.

Islamic Wazifa For Marriage Proposal

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Spell To Make Someone Love You Deeply

Spell To Make Someone Love You Deeply 5/5 (5)

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Spell To Make Someone Love You Deeply

Spell To Make Someone Love You Deeply or to make someone obsessed with you can be use to make him love you forever. We will provide you powerful love spells that work immediately.

Love is a precarious play. The more we crave it, the more it runs from us. It is the human tendency that we go after things, which are challenging to get, which are beyond our reach. But, when it is a matter of the heart. It is always challenging to understand. Are you also that someone who is in love? Your love knows no bound too.

It is not always that things go the way you want them too. Love is not still reciprocated. It doesn’t have to be mutual always. The person you love may be unaware of your feelings. Even if they do, there are chances that your love is not answered back. But if you are desperate. You are in true love. And you want your beloved to come to your life.

Spell To Make Someone Love You Deeply
Spell To Make Someone Love You Deeply

Then don’t worry, keep your intentions right. It is a genuine effort that matters. Your constant work to get your love will pay off. There one thing that you should remind yourself don’t impose yourself on someone. Some things have to happen on thereon. Since you are adamant enough, don’t want to let go as yet. Then there are certain spells to make someone love you deeply.

Why You Need A Love spell?

Nothing comes easy in life. We all have to pull ourselves out of our comfort zone. To get love, there are many hardships that one has to go through. If you have decided already, then by reading further, you can get to know the procedure.

Before proceeding, I always ensure the readers some guidelines. There is a limit to everything. After a time, we need to put a full stop to everything. You should try these spells. Believe if it is given in your destiny, it will be yours. In your effort, there shouldn’t be harmful to the other person. If your feelings matter, then so does that of the other. use our Spell To Make Someone Love You Deeply.

How To Perform The Spell?

Spell 1

With your true intentions and keep you clean. Take two pieces of paper. Write yours and your lover’s name on each of them. Draw a heart around them. Take a candlestick and drop the wax. This would help you seal your feelings. Now attract the attention of the universe and reciprocate your feelings. Tell the universe to help you on your quest.

Spell 2

Also, Write your true feelings on the parchment of the paper. Put that paper into the other one and tie it with a ribbon. On that ribbon, there should be three knots. Use the crystals like jade, emerald or the red quartz, as they have the love attracting qualities. If you put them on the pack and hide it. Remember to hide it at a place in your room, where no one can find it.

Spell To Make Someone Obsessed With You

Spell To Make Someone Obsessed With You, There are many kinds of spells which you can put to work. There is a spell that can help make someone obsessed with you if you want him or her to put you first. Think about you 24 into 7. Then here is a quick spell, which you can do. This can be done at the full moon or the waxing moon.

You would need certain things to perform the procedure. They are as follows:

One photo of you; one picture of the person you are obsessed with; 3 feet of red silk; 6 red roses; your favorite perfume;1 large glass jar. Concentrate all your energy and ask the power of the universe to help you out in your quest. You can chant any spell you know. In case you don’t, then keep on repeating what you genuinely want. It will certainly give you success in getting what you want.

Spells To Make Him Love You Forever

Spells To Make Him Love You Forever, You can use this spell on your boyfriend or your husband. If there are tensions in your relationship. You are scared that your partner will fall out of love with you. Then you can perform a specific spell to make him love you forever.

Write the name of your lover on the piece of the paper. Get a rosemary brand and a coin in your hand. With all your heart, recite the name of the lover as much as you can. You should have ultimate affection in your heart.

Now rub the twig of the rosemary on the coin. Put that coin on the envelope. Seal the envelope with a red string. Keep it in a vault. Let the fragrance of the rosemary fill it. Once done right, this spell will make him love you forever.

Powerful Love Spells That Work Immediately

Powerful Love Spells That Work Immediately, If you are desperate enough. And you think that you don’t have enough time to wait. There are chances that your beloved might go away.

Then, there are powerful love spells that work immediately. All you need is real honesty in your heart. True love calls to the universe.

The procedure of the love spell:

  • Take a piece of recycled paper.
  • Pen down a poem, addressing it to the Goddess.
  • Make sure that the poem should have a rhyming scheme.
  • This poem should be a sort of prayer.
  • Which should explain your feelings well.

The Goddess at her prime will undoubtedly grant you your wish. Your poem should have your desperation. It will act as a powerful love spell that will work immediately.


Yes, Love matters. So does you and the person you are in love with. But, also the means you are trying to achieve it with. The power of the universe is not blind. These spells exist for a reason. You cannot fool them with your ill intentions.

You have to be right inside out. Your feelings should reflect the purity of your heart. Please with these spells, do not harm anyone. Do not bind anyone with force to yourself. Believe me, and if it is written for you, it will come to you.

Surah Ikhlas Wazifa For Love

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Dua For Normal Delivery

Dua For Normal Delivery 5/5 (6)

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Dua For Normal Delivery

Dua For Normal Delivery or Islamic prayer for easy delivery can be use for safe delivery of baby. Our Islamic expert will provide you dua for ease in childbirth to get normal delivery.

Nowadays, it is very rare that a woman delivers her baby in a usual natural way. The whole womankind is facing extreme problems with delivery. Generally, a woman suffers a lot after the cesarean delivery.

Dua For Normal Delivery
Dua For Normal Delivery

For example, we have observed many instances of bleeding, bloodletting, swelling of the stomach, etc. after delivery. In addition to that, a woman who has gone under the cesarean delivery process may face many health-related issues.

According to medical science, under the cesarean delivery process, babies born have a very weak immunity system. Therefore people are finding many new ways for standard delivery. Dua, for normal delivery, can help you to go through under the process.

Undoubtedly, nature has absolute power. She guides us in the best possible way. Standard delivery is the most natural process for a human being to land in the universe.

On the contrary, people are nowadays trying to destroy the method of standard delivery. Doctors are indulging the Cesarean delivery for their profit.

But women deserve the standard delivery process. In this portion, we will describe some beneficial Islamic Dua for normal delivery. If you apply the Dua into your life you get the ultimate benefit. Normal delivery will be more natural for you.

  • First, you  have to recite the surah, below
  • Perform this ritual every morning during nine months of pregnancy
  • Before reciting this Ayat, take a fresh ablution.
  • Never forget to read the Quran.

 Islamic Prayer For Easy Delivery

Islamic Prayer For Easy Delivery, Although Motherhood is always a blissful journey, when it comes to the labor room pain, it is still pathetic to women.

Every woman fears for labor pain. For that reason, many women do not choose normal delivery. Indeed woman fears the delivery. Our Islamic prayer for easy delivery can help you out to give natural birth.

To be a mother is a beautiful experience. Women dream to be a mother. However, the process delivery gives tension to the would-be mother.

The reason behind the stress of the mother is a successful delivery. Even the whole family of the upcoming mother lives in the tension. Islamic prayer for secure delivery is a good process for a natural birth.

In the pregnancy period, all women need special care. Not only special attention but also the beautiful Islamic Duas support the woman’s delivery process.

A mother needs proper dua. Along with dua, she has to keep faith in Allah. Although Islamic prayer for secure delivery provides full support to women. Here we tried to give good examples of Islamic prayer for smooth delivery.

Follow the steps below:

  • At first, take a deep shower
  • In  the second step, collect a new paper
  • Then try to write a surah
  • In this step recite the above surah
  • Also, read at least one page of the Quran
  • Keep the faith in God
  • Lastly, obey the words of your parents.

Dua For Safe Delivery of The Baby

Dua For Safe Delivery of The Baby, A baby is the dream of every family. People await this occasion for the years. Generally, the whole family of the upcoming mother takes tension for the babies’ delivery. Additionally, the mother has the same fear. The stress of the forthcoming mother is whether the baby will fine or not.

Tensions such as, if the baby will take birth with a healthy body, give a lot of pressure to the women. But we need to remember that God is there. He helps us through Dua for safe delivery of baby. Duas can help the woman to give a safe delivery.

Women who always offer the duas and the women who never care about the dua, clearly have a difference. Despite this fact, some women ignore Islamic Duas.

But they forget the dua can give the ultimate solution for the safe delivery. Dua, for safe birth of baby can cure the other problem of an upcoming mother too.

For this purpose, Islamic dua is also an excellent path to follow. Dua for safe delivery of baby is helping millions of the people. In this section, we will describe some best ways. To get the best solution for the safe delivery you need to follow bellow step

  • At first clean your house
  • In the second step, you need to memorize a dua
  • Do recite dua in the, equally you have to the essential prayers

Dua For Ease In Childbirth

Dua For Ease In Childbirth, Childbirth and safe delivery is always a matter of tension for the upcoming mother. It is not only the fear factor of the mother, but it is the fear factor of the father too. Indeed, becoming a parent is a matter of fortune.

Whereas, the delivery process creates fear in their mind. Meanwhile, dua for ease in childbirth can give you the ultimate solution to this particular problem. Though People always want natural childbirth, they do not know the proper dua.

According to Islam, the dua can bring a beautiful natural birth.Women do not have to take tension. The dua can take care of the health the upcoming mother too.

Below we will describe some beautiful ayats for the forthcoming mother. Hence the woman would-be mother. Of course, the dua for ease in childbirth is the best solution.

The ayats, including the steps, are:

  • At the first step clean your whole house
  • Secondly, Take a fresh bath
  • We sit at time of fazr namaz
  • After that, you have to recite some ayats for the saalamati
  • For this purpose consult a good Islamic priest
  • And always try to visit the holy Mazar and dargahs
  • Recite the holy Quran With along with a pure heart
  • Most importantly, believe in God
  • Besides this never compromise to do the real prayer
  • Importantly, never desire for the male child
  • Also, welcome God’s gift maybe the boy or girl
  • Until the baby birth never lie
  • Consequently, if you lie you have liar baby.

Wazifa For Baby Boy During Pregnancy

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Dua For Honor And Dignity

Dua For Honor And Dignity 4.7/5 (10)

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Dua For Honor And Dignity

Dua For Honor And Dignity or to be liked by everyone can be use to be loved and respected by everyone. For best result you can use dua to gain lost respect to get honor and dignity.

Honor, Dignity, respect all these words resemble one another, but in actual, their meaning is different from each other. The honor represents pride, which we usually feel when we achieve something big in our life, or our closet one delivers something big.

Dua For Honor And Dignity
Dua For Honor And Dignity

Whereas dignity represents respect, and every other person dreams about to get respect from others. Although, once will never get respect until you have done something good in your life.

As we all know, your dignity is in your hands. No one can snatch it from you if you have that much of a potential level.No lousy or lazy person should deserve honor and dignity until he/ she performs some good deeds in life and hard work.

Nowadays, many persons feel honored by any deed which they perform; however, many of them never get the treatment of having honor from others.

Dignity and Honour vary from time to time due to the performance of an individual because many persons attempt good deeds in the beginning. But after a certain period, they change where they performed some unfortunate happening which would never happen

These evil deeds can lead to a negative image which may impact your honor and dignity. So we would recommend you always to do good and get right. Because your negative influence may destroy your performs the life of those who attach to you.Think before your actions

Dua To Be Liked By Everyone

Dua To Be Liked By Everyone, Affection creates a bond, and strong bonds develop attachments that can stay for a more extended period or a whole lifetime. If once it interrupts, the relationship from ages will get break within a blink of an eye.

To get liked by someone, you need to work hard on your goals, which you already prepare earlier for your better future.No one prefers to love the wrong person even they will try to make the distance themselves from such a person. They do not want to harm their lives just because of a person who always commit terrible deeds and get indulged himself in illegal actions.

At places like home, family, relatives, office, school, college, parties. Most humans want to attract their eyes off themselves. So, everyone should start liking them without any hatred in their hearts.

Well, of course, everyone wants to become the apple of the eye where everyone should like them infinitely. At many places, people suffer from hatred due to which they stay in depression, which may affect their lives severely. The impact of hate can lead to a negative image by which a person starts feeling low. They would not be able to interact with others.

How To Get Liked By Everyone?

In Qur’an, our Allah has recited dua, which may help you to cure all your problems without any issue. All you need to quote the following dua:

Allah UmmaJaa Al SalawaaAtika Waa BaraAKaatiiKaaAlaaMuhammadin In Na Bi Yi Waa Azz Waa Aa JihiUmmahaaTilMumi Nin Waa ZurriYaaTihi  WaaAah Li Bay TiHikaamaa Sal LaytaAalAaIBrahima In NaakaaHami Dam Magazine

Dua To Be Loved And Respected By Everyone

Dua To Be Loved And Respected By Everyone, Being loved by everyone brings happiness in your life because it gives you surety that there are people who do care for you. At the time of need, you will find them next to you.

At the moment of sorrows, they will allow you to rest your head on their shoulders. The moment when you can’t stand anymore, they will ready to support you as a backbone.

However, having such competent persons in our life means being fortunate and blessed, which is hard to find. On the other hand, we all deserved to get respect from every age group, gender, caste, religion, but it is not easy. You think because once required to work hard, then only you will get respect from others.

If an individual thinks that he or she can purchase respect and love with money, then it is not possible. If he or she believes in spreading terror in others in return for connection and love, then they are also wrong at this point.

Because once needs to earn both the emotions through their emotions, which they express in front of others.

How To Get Love And Respect From Others?

Our Allah has granted us with lots of solutions to solve all the problems of our life. Where he also mentioned about to get love and respect by everyone take a look below:

  • Recite namaz all five times in a day
  • Make a fresh wudu
  • Read verse 83 from Surah Yaseen

Dua To Gain Lost Respect

Dua To Gain Lost Respect, At many times, an individual does not become aware of his actions and steps, which he takes for his benefit. It may cause harm to others by which he lost him all respect, which he or she earn earlier.

There is a phrase that we all know that is- “It takes your whole life to earn respect, but it only takes a second to lose your respect.” This phrase defines a fact which we all neglect at the moment of our benefit.

When it comes to our benefit, we forget about every action which we are going to take only to fulfill our desires. Your one step can destroy your complete life. As life is incomplete without respect, then it becomes not worthy of living more.

Not all the time, it is the fault of the person who has lost his/ her respect, but many times. It becomes the fault of others who committed any illegal course of action. It all happens due to wrong timings or bad luck.

How To Gain Lost Respect?

Gaining weight is far comfortable than gaining loss respect because once you lost the trust of others. It becomes next to impossible to earn it again in the same manner as it was before. About the matter of lost respect, we bring a solution for you from our holy book of Qur’an:

Tuhfat Kammu kamal Subid Aatta

Mirusu Zir o Kabira Khujur

e Aalam Waq Uirq Wutub Khajir

e Shah Azad Muk AmilahItyalal Baanish Uchiha.

Wazifa For Attractive Personality

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Inter Caste Love Marriage Specialist Molvi Ji

Inter Caste Love Marriage Specialist Molvi Ji 5/5 (9)

17/09/2019 Maulana 0

Inter Caste Love Marriage Specialist Molvi Ji

Inter Caste Love Marriage Specialist Molvi Ji or love back specialist molvi ji is a Islamic expert and you can call him love marriage problem solution specialist molvi ji. Our love marriage specialist molvi ji will solve all your problem within some time.

When you love someone, you don’t choose him because of the faith or religion of that person. Love is blind, and we all should not be judgmental when choosing our life partners. They can belong to a specific religion. Or they might believe in a distinct faith.

But that doesn’t mean you should ignore that fact that you guys love each other. Religion and caste should not create a hindrance between you guys. And, you must keep in mind that no caste or religion is more important than the love that exists in your relationship.

Inter Caste Love Marriage Specialist Molvi Ji
Inter Caste Love Marriage Specialist Molvi Ji

If you love someone who doesn’t belong to your caste, then things might be challenging. Your parents and the rest of society might not listen to you. They might not understand your perspective. All they will want is to help you break up with your lover.

But thankfully, you can change your faith, with astrological measures. All you need to do is contact an inter-caste love marriage specialist molvi ji. The molvi Ji, who is well-versed in such practices, can prove to be extremely helpful for you.

When visiting an inter-caste love marriage specialist molvi ji, always ensure that he is qualified enough. By qualification, we mean that the person should have undergone rigorous spiritual training.

Which must have given him too much power to help change your life in a few moments. Once you get a hold of such a personality, all your life’s marriage related challenges will disappear.

Inter Caste Love Marriage Love Back Specialist Molvi Ji

Inter Caste Love Marriage Love Back Specialist Molvi Ji, You may love someone. And that person might not belong to your caste. But you don’t care about what the society thinks. In return, you want him to love you back.

However, this is where you might have been facing some problems. The person whom you love and for whom you are willing to sacrifice everything in your life does not love you back.

This is when you should contact an inter-caste love marriage love back specialist molvi ji. The inter-caste love marriage loves back specialist molvi ji is specialized in making arrangements based on astrological tactics that will ensure that your lover loves you back. In any case, you should not miss out on this opportunity.

Inter caste marriage is one of the biggest challenges that people have been facing for a long time. Especially I India, such prejudice exists that restrict lovers from marrying each other, solely because they don’t share a common caste or religion. However, according to the Holy Books, this should not be the case.

Every human being has the right to love any person, and that person is not bound to share the same faith of the other. Therefore, you must take enough measures to ensure that your lover loves you back and never eaves you because of the differences in your spiritual and religious beliefs.

For that to happen, make sure that your Molvi Ji is well aware of the astrological remedies that will help you in restoring and sustaining your relationship at all costs.

Love Marriage Problem Solution Specialist Molvi Ji

Love Marriage Problem Solution Specialist Molvi Ji, Even in today’s modern world, people face too many challenges when it comes to love marriages. And this kind of incident is most prevalent in India. Here, most of the people are believers in prejudice that they think love marriage is a kind of sin that everyone should avoid at all expenses. Well, this is certainly not the case.

When you love someone, you are about to live happily throughout your life. And in case of an arranged marriage, most of the time, you might not stay fully satisfied. Therefore, it is necessary to choose the right life-partner. And for that to happen, you should encourage your children to indulge in love marriage.

And if your parents are restricting you from marrying someone of your choice, then you should look for solutions to such problems. For instance, if your parents don’t want you to marry someone of your choice.

You should rely on astrology to solve such a threat to your relationship. Everyone wants to save their relationships. And for that to be successful, the love marriage problem solution specialist molvi ji is the best mentor you can get.

When you contact the most reliable love marriage problem solution specialist molvi ji, he will provide you will some remedies. Not it is your responsibility to follow his instructions on a serious note to get hold of the best possible results.

Love Marriage Specialist Molvi Ji

Love Marriage Specialist Molvi Ji, There are quite a few things that you must keep in mind while dealing with a love marriage specialist molvi ji. With a reliable and trustworthy love marriage specialist molvi ji.

You can rest assured about your relationship’s success. In most cases, the molvi Ji will offer you a few spells or wazifas or even black magic spells. All you need to do is practice them in a private environment without letting anyone know what you’re doing.

Privacy is paramount. This is especially true because whenever more than five people come to know about some spells, the effects don’t always satisfy the practitioner. In most scenarios, you’ll want to yield the best results.

By best results, we mean that you’ll want your relationship to sustain and also you’ll want to live happily ever and after with your husband. And for that to happen, it is essential to figure out what remedies you need to follow. And that is only possible when you get in contact with the right molvi ji.

There are numerous spells and wazifas that exist to help you out. But unfortunately, not most people are aware of it. However there is a positive side of the story.

You can always reach out to an expert molvi Ji and ask him what remedy he wants to offer you. And once you get access to the most desired astrological tactic, you can undoubtedly yield its benefits.

Islamic Wazifa For Marriage Proposal

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Wazifa To Make Husband Loyal

Wazifa To Make Husband Loyal 5/5 (7)

09/09/2019 Maulana 0

Wazifa To Make Husband Loyal

Wazifa To Make Husband Loyal or to make husband listen to you can be use to keep husband faithful. Our Muslim expert will be provide you wazifa to make your husband obey you.

Loyalty which we all want in our partners, especially a woman, demands this factor the most. She is always dreaming to have a boyfriend or husband who would stay loyal to her for a whole lifetime.

Wazifa To Make Husband Loyal
Wazifa To Make Husband Loyal

Never betrayal her at any cost.Even if we do not talk about a woman, then we also do not like disloyal people who betray us behind our backs.

Loyalty is a factor, an emotion, in which the person will always stay in your favor. Always tell you the right things. Never lie to you even when the person has done something wrong. Will never stabs on your back. These sub-factors create this emotion loyalty.

When a marriage occurs, both families want their partners would stay loyal and humble to each other for a whole life. Especially a woman, who stays at home for an entire day to prepare meals for her husband, do all other household works.

She has the sensitive heart among all; she does not want to get hurt because and loves her husband the most, now her only family is her husband with whom she has to spend her remaining life.

That wife does not want to get betrayal, do not want to hear lie of his husband. She can’t see her husband with another woman. All these things can make her heart shatter down into small pieces, where she can’t get up again anymore.

A woman who stays loyal and humble to her husband also deserves the same type of husband as her life partner, use our Wazifa To Make Husband Loyal.

Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You

Wazifa To Make Husband Listen To You, Have you ever heard about chatterbox? A radio? What does it mean? Who speaks continuously without stopping for a single minute? They love to enjoy babbling, even when it is a lame babbling then also.

Similarly, the case happens with women. Women also enjoys babbling or chit-chatting; they always want someone to hear their lame gossips. Well, it’s just a touch of sarcasm.

But in reality, women who suffer the pain, feel it, cry over and over again want a person who can hear their sorrow. They will stay there for her in times of her goods and bad.

She also has feelings inside us, as she left her parents’ home and come to this new home where family members do not give respect to her as their daughter.

Then women want a single person who will hear their griefs and react to it. It is similar to obeying orders or instructions.

How Can A Husband Listen To His Wife?

In the holy book of Qur’an, the solution to every problem has mentioned in clear words. Islam has solutions for all of those who are suffering from a difficult phase of life. Who needs a solution very severely to continue their growth? Below are steps so that your husband will listen to you

Recite Darood E-Ibrahim for eleven times in a day. Then chant YaaWaaliyo1000 times daily for at least seven days

In a short period of days, you will observe changes in your husband’s behavior

Wazifa To Keep Husband Faithful

Wazifa To Keep Husband Faithful, Faith is a necessary factor which should exist in every relationship, whether it is a professional relationship or personal relationship.

Without trust, an individual can’t continue his professional relation as well as growth and particular relation.Faith is a sustain once life by providing relevancy and guarantee of one another.

Faith an emotion where a person has to believe another person in terms of money, growth, life, love, relation, etc. Here relations do not depend upon the payment, but they depend upon the faith, trust, believe whatever the name you will give

Nowadays, it is challenging to gain someone trust, who have faith in you, who trust you blindly. You may find these types of persons scarce because their trust may already break down by others. As it is said, once your faith gets betray, and you will not be able to trust that person again in your life.

Glass may the most painful thing which gets easily break down, but trust is the first, which is the most painful thing which gets break easily and can’t become back into a single one. Because it gets shatter into the pieces which may difficult to find.

How To Keep Your Husband Faithful?

Recite below Wazifa for 99 times in a day to make your husband faithful. Because many wives doubt that their husband does not cheat them behind their backs

Isuzu Billahi Meena ashShintaniIr

Rajim Bismillah Hir RahmanIr Rahim

Wazifa To Make Your Husband Obey You

Wazifa To Make Your Husband Obey You, We all do like, when someone obeys our orders, fulfill our every demand, follow our every instruction.

We all want to become a boss and act as bossy, so all other people work for us, under our orders. Whether in an organization or at home, we dream for it. Even many people implement it in their professional lives as well as their personal lives too.

Wives always want their husband to follow their instructions instead of his family instructions. She wants to make that person follow all her desired instructions. Now, most of you may think that this is such a pathetic thing, why would someone hypnotize a person to fulfill her dreams.

Let us discuss further.As we all know, many men do not know what to do with their lives, so they start indulging into the wrong path, they take a shortcut to earn money and to enjoy life

First, we would like to suggest to you if such things are happening with you, try to avoid them as they are not suitable for you, they are not beneficial for you. Sit together discuss issues such to one another, find a solution together then proceed further.

If this does not work, then we have an alternative solution as well.

How To Make Your Husband Obey You?

We would suggest a Wazifa by which you will able to make your husband obey you.

Allah Ummaa Salli Alle Muhammad Waa Alle Aalli

Muhamma Din Kamaa Sallaitaa Alle Ibrahim Waa Alle

Ali Ibrahim Inakka Hamdam Mazed. Allah Ummaa

Barikk Allay Muhamma Din Waa Allay Ali

Muhamma Din Kamaa BarakatAllay Ibrahim

Waa Allah Ali Ibrahim Inna Aaka Hamee Dam Mazed

Dua To Create Love Between Husband And Wife

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Dua To Cure A Broken Heart

Dua To Cure A Broken Heart 5/5 (13)

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Dua To Cure A Broken Heart

Dua To Cure A Broken Heart or hadith about mending a broken heart can be use to fix broken heart again. Our dua for healing broken heart will cure your broken heart problems.

Life is a beautiful journey. But along the path, you will meet heartbreaks and heartaches, sometimes, so severe that it will plunge you into the depths of misery. Sorrow comes in myriad forms- it can be a rejection of a job, rejection by a lover.

Separation from your family, misunderstanding with a friend, betrayal by a loved one, failure in an exam, being overlooked for a promotion, loss of money or crippling disease. Haven’t we all felt shattered and helpless when confronted by such a crisis?

Dua To Cure A Broken Heart
Dua To Cure A Broken Heart

On such occasions, you will be overwhelmed by many suggestions from friends who will advocate you to move on, forget your past and face your future. But honestly is that easy?

It is effortless to preach but very difficult to practice. Only those who have undergone heartache will relate to the hopelessness that fills your heart and the pain and hurt it brings in its wake.

Now, when none of these advises help to disperse that feeling of bitterness in your heart, and it becomes difficult to cope with your misery- do not despair.  When there is nothing else there is hope and hope comes to you when you seek the support of Dua to cure your broken heart.

When natural means fail to lift your spirits, turn to God or Allah, and you will find solace and peace that will mend your heart and allow you to pursue a healthy life. Asking Dua to cure your broken heart will help you deal with your sorrow.

Hadith About Mending A Broken Heart

Hadith About Mending A Broken Heart, In the travails of life, you may get unlucky in love more often than not. It is quite reasonable to experience one-sided love, and it seems normal to pursue it. However, in an attempt to form a fruitful relationship.

You can often find that the person at the end of the rope, doesn’t feel the same way about you. No matter how hard you try to convince him or her, it is often the case that they won’t develop deep-rooted feelings for you. It brings a sad ending to a beautiful story, even before it had started.

In such a situation, the only thought coming to your head is lamenting about what could have been. Many awful and dark ideas can come to you in such a state of mind.

It’s quite an undesirable situation and can be very harmful to you without the proper coping mechanism. To help you through such circumstances, we are bringing you a hadith about mending a broken heart. The hadith goes as follows.

“Allah says, ‘Indeed I drive away from my friends from the delights of this world and its opulence and comfort just as the compassionate shepherd drives away his camel from the dangerous grazing lands. And indeed I make them avoid its tranquility and livelihood, just as the compassionate shepherd makes his camel avoid the resting places wherein it would be easy prey. This is not because I consider them to be insignificant, but so they may complete their portion of My kindness in safety and abundance, the delights of the world will not attract him and neither would desires overcome him.”

Recite these verses hard and right, and it will mend whatever air an innocent but broken heart.

Dua To Fix Broken Heart Again

Dua To Fix Broken Heart Again, Heartbreak is one of the most traumatic experiences of life. To make peace with your situation, these five duas or verses from Quaran will fix a broken heart.

  1. “Indeed, with every hardship is ease.”

This AAyah reminds us to celebrate what we have instead of mourning what we have lost. It tells us to shift our focus on what is right in our life from what is wrong in our lives and be thankful for the countless blessings in our life. The ”ease’ refers to the closeness to Allah when we make our duas and beseech him when we are heartbroken.

2. “No doubt, in the remembrance of Allah’s hearts find comfort.”

This AAyah reminds us to remember Him often. Your soul will be soothed through this dua. Our pain should bring us closer to God because ultimately, it is only Allah who will understand your pain, and he is waiting for you to come back to his fold.

3.”Perhaps you hate something, and it’s good for you, and perhaps you love something, and it’s bad for you. Allah knows while you don’t know.”

This dua is a harsh remedy.  Sometimes we are disappointed and heartbroken with something that happens now, but we will understand His wisdom later on when we realize that Allah was protecting us, and we will be happy that this happened. That is why this Ayah ends with the words that Allah knows while we don’t.

4. “Whenever My servants ask about Me. Indeed, I am near. I respond to the call of the supplicant whenever he calls upon Me.”

Anytime during day or night, when we call him from the despair of our heart, Allah is listening. We must have faith, and he will respond.

5. “Peace be upon you for what you patiently endured. And excellent is the final home.”

These words will comfort you, and this dua will fix your broken heart. However, cloudy your world seems, there will be a silver lining in the cloud because you will soon find paradise and everlasting bliss if you trust in Him.

Dua For Healing Broken Heart

Dua For Healing Broken Heart, When you face rejection, especially from a partner, it causes the most intense heartbreak. Whatever remedy you think of, comfort will elude you. Sometimes the emotions are so severe that it starts telling on your health. Your mind festers with such intense pain that it manifests in ill-health.

When other medicines, tonics, and pills fail, we have to recover from the delusion and accept that there is an alternative way to heal the wound. The Holy Quran suggests a time tested dua to heal the broken heart, the repetition of which will remove the scar over your broken heart.

yaaHuyyuaaQayyoom, bi Rahmatikaastagheeth

Regularly offer prayers without distraction and accept that He is your ultimate savior. He will redeem your bleeding heart.  Have complete faith in his power to remove your distress and duress, and your sufferings will disappear.

This dua has to be sincerely adhered to with devotion and dedication to show results. Only then will your heartaches be removed and you will be rewarded with peace. Remember reciting the Dua for broken hearts will relieve you of your uneasiness, discomfort, and disappointments.

This dua will cure your heart of all your pain, and the wound will be healed.  He will make you see the beautiful new world ahead of you, and your pain will fade away. This dua will help you to rebuild your emotions and relive your life. You will put your life back on track and enjoy to its fullest.

Powerful Wazifa To Bring Back Lost Love

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Husband Wife Problem Solution Maulana

Husband Wife Problem Solution Maulana 5/5 (9)

27/08/2019 Maulana 0

Husband Wife Problem Solution Maulana

Husband Wife Problem Solution Maulana or husband wife divorce problem solution molvi ji is a expert islamic expert and also called husband wife love problem solution molvi ji. Our husband wife dispute problem solution molvi ji will solve all couple problems within some time.

We all consider marriage as a sacred bond. And we also think there should not be any problem with a married couple. But in today’s world, where there is a problem everywhere.

We have questions in married people too. Furthermore there are problems that we cannot overcome easily. Also some issues are there that primarily seems unbearable.

Husband Wife Problem Solution Maulana
Husband Wife Problem Solution Maulana

But there are also problems which cannot be solved although the couple did everything problem with stop the problem. Then sometimes you need help from expert.

Here we are going to question husband wife divorce problem solution molviji.Also husband-wife loves problem solution molviji. Anissuesd wife dispute problem solution molviji.

And when you are through with what is written hereafter. You will be able to get real help for all your problems. Furthermore all your questions can be solved if you get the right support. So stop worrying about your relationship because husband wife problem solution maulana will make everything all right.

All the information about the maulana and molviji is entirely accurate so do not worry. Just follow the words and kick out all the problems between you and your spouse. And stay happy a long time. Don’t forget to seek help from here whenever you face any issue.

Husband Wife Divorce Problem Solution Molvi Ji

Husband Wife Divorce Problem Solution Molvi Ji, Now we are going to talk about husband wife divorce problem solution molviji. And we seldom have couples trying to get divorced.

Maybe these couples or husband and wife does not have any real problems within them. But just common simple issues have gotten very big. And now they do not want to live with themselves. Our hearts break to see loving people fight like this.

Everybody knows that we all don’t want to be like that. And don’t want to act like that also if we have children of our own. Then divorce or something like divorce, like breaking up is very harmful to our children. Also it is dangerous for our friends and family members. This painful act of getting divorce is painful for everyone who cares about us.

As everyone can understand the pain that we endure to go through a divorce. Although anything we are saying from our mouth. We all who are going through divorce is in pain. May it be small or big.

So if you are enduring pain like this, don’t worry. Just follow our molviji’s instruction. Unlike us molviji is well learned about the ways of the god. So we can help ourselves through the methods shown by molviji.

To do this, you need to contact the molviji and explain adequately your problems with well understandable language. Otherwise our molviji will not be able to help you. But a proper molviji has immense amount of power for helping you out if he wants to.

Husband Wife Love Problem Solution Molvi Ji

Husband Wife Love Problem Solution Molvi Ji, Similarly like before a husband and a wife have problems in their love life. Most noteworthy, a husband and a wife can have love problems.

Furthermore the chances of having love problems are most common amongst husband and wife. So we try to solve these problems ourselves. And sometimes we succeed. Also sometimes we don’t. And when we don’t realize we get frustrated. And we make the distance between our loving one bigger.

So We are providing information about husband wife love problem solution molviji. This does not mean that whenever any problem comes you contact the molviji.

Molvi Ji is very well learned about solving different problems of love throughout the whole married life. Sometimes we cannot even find the reason behind the dilemma between a husband and a wife’s love relation. So don’t make a mistake to doubt our highly experienced molviji. Just come to our molviji of you are faced with problems — furthermore problems which you cannot solve on your own.

Or you think something greater is creating problems between you and your spouse. Maybe someone is trying black magic on you to create problem between you and your spouse.

Do not worry at all. Our molviji can take care of all problems. Just explain your issues very well. And tell it as our molviji can understand. Help him help you to get a better loving life between you and your spouse. And be happy for the rest of your life.

Husband Wife Dispute Problem Solution Molvi Ji

Husband Wife Dispute Problem Solution Molvi Ji, We all know when two people are bonded with the sacred bond of marriage. They are bonded for their whole life. And the husband and wife also try to stay together for their entire life. As they have promised to each other.

But we all also know that when two people start to live together. And they spend time with each other. The chances of problems between them grow. The husband and the wife creat disputes between themselves from nothing maybe.

Or sometimes they have real reasons. Real reasons can be like family issues. And mutual understanding. After that lack of trust. Also extramarital affair. And different personalities. After that financial problems. And there are many more reasons for the disputes within them.

Whatever the reason is. Just go to a well-learned molviji. Furthermore the molviji should be well-learned about the ways of the god. And we all know there is a lot of molviji. Most noteworthy we can find them through known peoples.

And Published advertisements. Also through internet. However you find them. Furthermore molviji can help you out with any dispute problem between husband and wife. Also molviji can help you out with many more questions.

Just explain your problems in a way that our molviji can understand you correctly. And when he starts to help you be assured that your disputes will end very soon. And be generous to molviji. As molviji is assisting you for a problem where nobody else could.

Dua To Create Love Between Husband And Wife

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Come To Me Spell For Long Distance Relationship

Come To Me Spell For Long Distance Relationship 5/5 (13)

21/08/2019 Maulana 0

Come To Me Spell For Long Distance Relationship

Come To Me Spell For Long Distance Relationship or come back to me love spells is a type of candle love spell. Our spell to make someone come see you will solve all type of relationship problems.

Long-distance relationship- where two pair of couples wait for a long time to meet each other, to see each other. These relationships are not easy to maintain it takes so much patience for both to meet one another after a long duration of time.

Come To Me Spell For Long Distance Relationship
Come To Me Spell For Long Distance Relationship

Both persons should loyal to each other and have patience. They must love and care for one another. If these qualities are present in both the persons, then only their long-distance relationship becomes successful.

You may saw many sets of couples, who are in a long-distance relationship but still they repeatedly cheat without coming into knowing of another person.

In the old era, the only long-distance relationship works. As we all know, at that time, the husband left the city or country in search of money to feed his family. Due to such circumstances, the husband and wife relationship works on a long distance.

Even there is a surprising thing, at that time there were no mobile phones. They send letters to one another and wait for the revert for 3 to 4 days or more than it. As a result, such things also work nowadays but in a very rare.

Half of such long-distance population do cheat on one another without into the knowledge of another person.We have some come to me spells, perform these spells and your partner will never leave you or cheat you. Even such spells bring him or her closer to you. use our Come To Me Spell For Long Distance Relationship now.

Come Back To Me Love Spells

Come Back To Me Love Spells, Love- a beautiful thing which exists on this earth. It is known for its simplicity, purity, loyalty, and so on.

Whenever you hear the word love, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? A heart, Red Colour, Red Colour Heart. But nowadays like does not exist anymore, the only thing which exists is dishonesty, cheating, fraud in the name of love.

The truthiness has gone, the loyalty has gone, the simplicity and purity had also gone a long time ago. The only thing which has left is an attraction which remains for a short period. Thus, when once gets fed up or attraction has ended, they move on and find another so-called true fake love.

  • How to bring someone back to you?

We will suggest to you how once can bring their lovers back in life with the help of coming back to me spell. (Hair Love Spell)


  • Strands of your hair
  • Strands of your lover’s hair
  • Metal plate
  • Red Candle


  1. Sit crossing your legs in a dark & quiet room. Make a braid by joining your and your lover’s hair strand. Close your eyes and start imagining about you two together, think positive about your relationship and make the desired wish. Recite his name to come back in your life.
  2. Slowly open your eyes. Place the braid on the metal plate and burn braid with the help of a red candle. Inhale the smoke and recite.
  3. May our relationship spark same the way as this braid burn. Make (person’s name) come back to my life again.

Come To Me Candle Love Spell

Come To Me Candle Love Spell, We all want real love in our life. Especially when we have. Most of you suffer from the pain of love. Many of you are a crazy or insane lover who wants their lovers back in their life at any cost.

  • How to bring your lover back in your life?

For such problem we have a solution for it, all you need to do is perform a spell. This spell can help you to bring your lover back even the once you have a crush.

These spells will bring your loved ones and crush again in your life. These are also known as come back to me spells. These performed on the ones who have gone from your life


  • Pink Candle
  • Petals of Rose
  • Green or Pink Ink Pen
  • Incense Stick
  • Oil or Perfume
  • Parchment Paper
  • Envelope


  1. In the nighttime, listen to soothing and romantic music to enhance your love. Take a bath and apply incense on your body.
  2. At the full moon night, burn an incense stick to remove negativity. Burn the candle and focus on its flame. Keep your concentration and think about the positive and desired things for your love.
  3. Open your eyes, write down all your desired wishes on the paper and put it in an envelope. Make a heart shape with the help of rose petals around the container and hid it in a secret place.
  4. Look at the full moon and recite
  5. Come to me (person’s name) as this moon comes at the night.

Spell To Make Someone See You

Spell To Make Someone See You, Some of you may get rejected, some of you may get dumped, some of you may get used, some of you may get the cheat. Which hurts you the most.

But before asking such person’s want back in your life, ask yourself do you need that person who cheats you, dumped you, use you? Would you able to live happily with such kind of person? If he or she has committed such thing for once, then the person may commit it again.

How much excited you will feel when you see the person whom you love the most or on whom you have a crush? Thus, the feeling considered as out of the world, or happiness unlimited

  • How to get someone to see us?

We are going to suggest you a spell, with the help of it your lover may able to see you again and hope the same person will come to your life as well. Hence, following we mention the process to follow for your lover by which he or she will begin to see you.


  • Kitchen location
  • Aluminium foil
  • Rosemary & Cinnamon Herbs


  1. Anoint your hands with the help of herbs. Recite the spell to increase the power of period:
  2. With the assistance of these herbs, may grant me to fulfil all my wishes
  3. Put herbs in the foil. Fold it or wrap it to seal them inside. Now keep it near to your heart. This spell will only work when you have faith in the universe. You must have to honest and sincere to your desires and wishes.

Dua In Islam To Make Someone

Fall In Love With You

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Marriage Spell Caster

Marriage Spell Caster 5/5 (6)

16/08/2019 Maulana 0

Marriage Spell Caster

Marriage Spell Caster or marriage proposal love spells can be using hair. You can use our love spells to save a marriage by our expert spell caster.

If you want to influence your marriage through the power of spells, then you should consider getting in contact with a spell caster. In the old times, we had spell casters everywhere. You are specified for different needs.

Now the number of spell casters has lowered subsequently. But still, in these days we can find spell casters around us if you wish to get in touch with a marriage spell caster. You can find one from the internet. Otherwise, you can search in your locality.

Marriage Spell Caster
Marriage Spell Caster

If you need spells regarding marriage, then you should look for a marriage spell caster. Marriage spell casters are specialized spell caster for marriage. They can help you with marriage spells using hair, marriage proposal love spells, or love spells to save a marriage.

Although they are hard to find as they do not usually provide an advertisement for themselves, but you can contact your local astrology expert for help. As astrological gurus and babas also practice spells. And if they practice these kinds of spells, then there’s a possibility of them to practice marriage spells too.

In case you do not get one from your locality. You can seek help from the vast popularity of the internet if you do not find a spell caster to contact personally. You can still get help from them visually.

Marriage Spell Using Hair

Marriage Spell Using Hair, Marriage spells are what you seek when you need help with your marriage. More likely you feel the need for it when your marriage is in danger or something of that sort. Moreover, marriage spells are services. Furthermore, That provides us with a favorable marriage for us. Also using spells is not something evil.

On the contrary it is very natural as we know that excellent marriage always provides us with happiness — a quiet life. And everything a person desires from life. The marriage spell using hair provided here will be extreme and capable. So follow the process carefully for the optimum amount of results.

First of all, you should take a rose. Most noteworthy, the rose needs to be red. After accumulating the rose, you should write the name of the person you want to marry, and you love in the rose petal after you have written the name of the one you want to marry.

You need to dip the rose in rose water. Now take five strands of that person’s hair — the person you want to marry. And take one hair of yours and combine them. Then you wrap the hair around the rose. While doing this, you need to chant what you desire very loudly.

Another process of casting marriage spell using hairs are. At first, you need to take ten hair strands of yours. And then you need to make 25 strands of hair from the person you would like to marry. Then tie them together. While doing this, you need to chant a mantra for effective urgent results.

 The Mantra:

Tambur Chambur

 Kaban Kabii Tumbaa.

After chanting this mantra several times, you will burn all the hairs together. Doing this will show miraculous results within just a few days.

Marriage Proposal Love Spell

Marriage proposal love spells will surely get your wished one to propose you. Otherwise, if you do not have any marriage proposal and you want to get a marriage proposal from someone. Someone that you can count on, furthermore someone that you think if you marry. Your life will be okay.

There is a lot of marriage proposal love spells. But to cast a proper powerful and effective spell, you will need a spell caster. Furthermore, the spell caster needs to be right in casting a spell. If not, you may not get the desired results.

There is a specific marry me spell in every culture. In tantric or in voodoo or astrology. You need to make your mind up and tell the spell caster what you want. After that, you should let the spell caster help you freely. If the spell caster is good and he succeeds. You can use the spell potion for your use after using the potion. You can see and feel the results.

If the spell is good and powerful, then you will see the results immediately. But if there is something wrong with the spell. Like if the portion of ingredients is not accurate. Then it is possible for the spell not to work. Otherwise, the spell can work slowly. Also, it can be not as effective as expected.

So to get the optimum result, you must get a good spell caster. Who knows proper mantras for an active spell. Once you have acquired that, after you have done this There’s no issue to worry as you are going to get proposed soon enough.

Love Spells To Save Marriage

Love Spells To Save Marriage, First of all, the need to save a marriage comes from Broken marriage. Moreover, if one person in the marriage is not happy with their marriage. Then the other will not be able to stay comfortable as well. So to help you with that problem we are providing a few love spells to save the marriage.

Sometimes relationships suffer due to a problem in trusting. When a person is not able to trust their spouse. The relationship begins to crumble for that. So the spells that can help you with all these are provided hereafter.

Try and learn them properly. Most noteworthy if you do not understand and learn it properly. You will be unable to cast the spell properly. Furthermore, that will give you an unexpected result or no result at all.

To cast a love spell that will save your marriage. At first, you are going to need a face to face candle for lovers. Most noteworthy the color of the candle should be pink. Then you will need a white candle, Gilead buds balm, union oil, and dried lavender.

After that curve your and your partner’s names under the pink candle when you have written the names. Separate both figures. Then dip in the oil and keep them in the side portion of an altar. Now place the white candle in the middle of the alter. Surround the candle with lavender and buds.

Now light up the candle and let it burn till the end. While the candle burns. Sit in front of altar and chant what you wish for. Chant as much as you want. As more chanting will provide more result.

Islamic Magic For Love Marriage

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