Islamic Wazifa For Marriage Proposal

Islamic Wazifa For Marriage Proposal 5/5 (15)

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Islamic Wazifa For Marriage Proposal

Islamic Wazifa For Marriage Proposal use for desired marriage proposal, if you are in trouble due to marriage then use this wazifa for getting good marriage proposal. Our wazifa for acceptance of marriage proposal will solve all marriage related problems within some time.

In a beautiful city of Bangalore, there resided a cheerful, coffee lover and smart girl, Ayesha. This 26 yr old girl had a beautiful life. She was living away from the family and somewhere that is where her happiness lied. Her parents were kind of orthodox, so she was able to live her life the way she wants to.

Islamic Wazifa For Marriage Proposal
Islamic Wazifa For Marriage Proposal

She was working in an ad agency. Being a versatile employee of the agency she was very good with various verticals. Being a brilliant copywriter, she also learned graphic designing side by side. In addition to that, she discovered digital marketing in the flow of her work. Now she was also getting freelancing projects. In short, life was going well.

Her parents now started thinking of her marriage. On their frequent video calls to her, they soon started talking about her marriage. She didn’t want to come out to be opposing their opinions, so she said ok to them to search for a good groom.

Here her parents, nazma and kareem, started telling everybody about what’s on their mind. They said everybody to let them know if they have some good contact of a potential groom for their daughter to their friends, relatives, family friends, colleagues, neighbors, housing society members, clubhouse members, online friends.

It’s been almost a year her parents were searching. Now they started worrying. So they used Islamic wazifa for a marriage proposal. They started chanting it regularly so that they will get a marriage proposal from somewhere. They had full faith in Muslim wazifa for a marriage proposal.

Wazifa For The Desired Marriage Proposal

Here ayesha was living a remarkable and beautiful life. She used to like a guy from an adjacent office, and he used to live in the same neighborhood as that of her. At first, they met in an elevator of the office building, where they exchanged a smile.

Then next time they met in the typical canteen. Slowly they started interacting more, and now they were into a relationship. Over some time they decided to move in together. His name was ahmed. She was so happy to move in with him. Both didn’t know whether it would work out, but both thought it is worth a try.

Once her parents had come to visit her. She had fabricated a false reality that she was living with her female roommates. She had shifted some of her things to her female friends’ apartment. Ayesha didn’t want her parents to know yet about her and ahmed.

It’s been many months that they have been staying together now. Ayesha wanted to get settled now, and ahmed seemed a perfect fit. She was expecting him to propose her for marriage. But she doesn’t know why it was not happening. She started panicking, what if he likes somebody else? What if he doesn’t see me as her future wife?

So she started using wazifa for the desired marriage proposal. She used to recite it whenever used to get time. Ayesha also started behaving an Islamic girl on most occasions possible. She had faith in Allah so she knew this wazifa for desired marriage proposal would work.

Wazifa For Getting A Good Marriage Proposal

There ayesha’s parents were already using wazifa and due to which they started getting so many marriage proposals from various connections they had, but ayesha was rejecting everyone and not that they were mad at ayesha for refusing because even they felt these potential grooms were not good for ayesha. Sometimes they used to reject them.

Reasons were so many. Sometimes ayesha’s mom didn’t like the face of the boy. Sometimes dad didn’t like that he has a police job. Once a guy had a decent income, but his mom was blind.

They didn’t want ayesha to have to take care of her mom once she marries him. One guy was earning decent, but he was into a kind of industry that had no future like BPO. One guy they met didn’t have general confident body language.

So they WERE getting lots of proposals, but they were not good enough. So they consulted an astrologer. He checked everything. Their palms and also he asked for a photo at least of Ayesha’s palm. Because he was excellent into palmistry and he wanted to give a perfect remedy.

So after studying everything about them, he gave them wazifa for getting a good marriage proposal. Ayesha’s parents started using it. They embedded reciting this wazifa for getting a good marriage proposal, in their day to day life.

They were almost acting like a desperate to make the marriage of their daughter happen as soon as possible. Her parents also were in constant contact with their daughter if she finds somebody.

Wazifa For Acceptance of Marriage Proposal

Finally, one day, ahmed proposed ayesha. That was the happiest day for ayesha. She said yes, but there was a massive condition to it. She said he has to convince her parents to say yes too. Ayesha added further that her parents are kind of orthodox so they would go the arranged marriage way. So ahmed would need to get his parents to ask ayesha for marriage.

Ahmed’s parents were living in Delhi. And ayesha’s parents were in Mumbai. And ahmed and ayesha were in Bangalore. It was going to be tough, but that was the only way. Ahmed’s parents too liked ayesha, but we’re going to have to come down to Mumbai to meet her parents. Ayesha had introduced ahmed to her parents over a video call only as a friend but never said anything about romantic involvement.

There was also uncertainty regarding whether ayesha’s parents would accept the proposal because ahmed was from a different caste. So ahmed and ayesha decided to consult an astrologer. He was molvi ji. He listened to both of them silently and patiently.

Asked them few doubts that he had and then gave them wazifa for acceptance of marriage proposal. He said as many people use it, the better. So ahmed involved his parents too.

He sent them wazifa and asked them to pray along with ayesha and him to increase the chances of getting a yes from ayesha’s family. Ayesha had set up a meeting.

At least they didn’t deny the meeting. When they met, they liked ahmed and his parents too. And wazifa for acceptance of marriage proposal worked. They said yes.

Dua For Love Marriage To Agree Parents

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Wazifa For Death of Enemy

Wazifa For Death of Enemy 5/5 (9)

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Wazifa For Death Of Enemy

Wazifa for death of enemy use to kill your enemy, our expert molana will provide you wazifa to kill enemy in three days only. If you want someone death using wazifa then must ask to our molana.

Atif was a very straight, simple man and he was a real devotee of Allah. He just had been to Mecca taking his parents there for the first time. And since he returned from there, he had become very religious. Being a father of two children, one daughter, and one son had increased his responsibility. He was the only son of his parents. So he had to take care of almost five people by himself.

Wazifa For Death of Enemy
Wazifa For Death of Enemy

He was succeeding in his business day by day. His wife too used to come and help him in his business. Everything was going well. But one day he returned home and saw his wife crying. Upon asking the reason, she said, that Abdul had come and threatened to kill her if-if does not back off from a particular region which was a marketplace of Abdul too.

Abdul and if used to know each other for a few years. They had met in college. But later they became business competitors of each other. Atif was following legal as well as a moral obligation in his business and overcome his competitors, but Abdul used to go illegal way and had been threatening if frequently for not coming in his way. But after all, it was business. It was nothing personal, and it was not at its fault.

He also had once abducted atif’s daughter. Now he was threatening to kill his wife. Atif saw only one way, and it was asking Allah for help. He started thinking of using wazifa for the death of an enemy. And he knew where he could get the right wazifa for the death of the enemy.

Wazifa To Kill Your Enemy

Atif asked for a suggestion to his dad. He suggested going to Molana whom his dad used to know since years. Atif said okay. And went to meet Molana. Molana was a very senior astrologer and had the knack of almost every subject in astrology. Be it divination, be it horoscope, be its gemstones — Molana had an in-depth study of everything.

Molana said, I will give you wazifa to kill your enemy, but first I will have to understand everything about your enemy. Atif told Molana everything. How they were almost friends in college days and how Abdul changed when he got into the business. Abdul used to be with criminal friends. So he thinks everything criminally.

He does not listen to his parents. He has cheated many girls whom atifi knew from college. And atif explained, he did not do anything wrong. Abdul had false expectations. And going to the police would not help because he can’t get caught and even if he does, atif’s wife’s life would still be in danger.

Molana wrote something on the paper and gave that paper to him saying, take this wazifa to kill your enemy. Atif took a deep breath and accepted the folded paper. Molana said, do not open it now. Go home, sit beside your wife and open it. And read it with your wife. That would increase the power of wazifa by two times because it would have control of two souls.

Wazifa To Kill Enemy In Three Days

Both husband and wife started using the wazifa as instructed. Even atif’s parents began helping them to make the wazifa work. Abdul had given 15 days within which atif had to back off from the business. Atif had an entire family to feed. If he backs off, where would he go? How would he raise his children, how would he take care of his parents?

Here Molana got to know due to his spiritual powers that Abdul is evil-minded. And he was going in loss rapidly. There atif’s wife got a call from an unknown number, and it was Abdul on the other line. He said he was going in loss rapidly because of which atif should shut off all his operations within four days; otherwise, he will kill both the children.

Now it was a new and worse threat for both parents. Atif went to see Molana. He told them everything. Molana said it is essential to do something on an urgent basis; otherwise, you would lose your children. Both parents were scared and tensed, but they had full faith in Allah.

Molana gave them wazifa to kill enemy in three days. This time, this wazifa had stronger steps to follow to take effect. The couple was ready to do everything. Wazifa to kill enemy in three days is a powerful wazifa

Molana told them to chant this wazifa for 3 hours straight. Thrice a day. With other specifications about many dos and don’ts. The wazifa to kill enemy in three days was a strong wazifa hence required a lot of dedication

Wazifa For Someone Death

Couple furiously worked towards their goal, and they never heard from Abdul again. And atif’s family remained safe. Now atif is happily doing his business and taking care of his family.

Wazifa for someone death has to be the last resort you would ever opt for. Just because Allah is there to protect you from sins does not mean you should use it whenever you want. Many times, we get so much angry that we feel like killing the person. But that is not always the right option.

Astrologers to understand your situation first. They also have to see whatever you are under the influence of so much emotional pain, fear or anger. They have to make a very delicate decision of letting you use the spiritual power.

Because they do have a huge responsibility. After all, it is a matter of life and death, so they need to take decisions with a sound mind. They can not make a crazy and insane decision in the surge of emotions.

In case of atif too, before giving atif wazifa for someone death, Molana first tried to understand the seriousness of the situation and all possible way to handle it. But atif’s demand made sense to him in the kind of scenario he and his family was that is why Molana gave his this kind of wazifa.

Furthermore, it is advisable to the devotee that using wazifa is like a weapon. You can apply to kill the predator and save your life, or you can use it to kill innocent people. So use it wisely; otherwise, Allah won’t forgive you.

Dua For Success Against Enemies

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Wazifa To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

Wazifa To Stop My Husband Having Affairs 5/5 (56)

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Wazifa To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

Wazifa to stop my husband having affairs if you have fear about husband affairs then use this wazifa to keep husband faithful. After use this wazifa husband to leave the other woman and stop illegal relationship.

Married life is sacred in Islam. The lives of two people who have come from different backgrounds are combined in the beautiful relationship of marriage. They take a promise to make this relationship whole faithful life to make marriage life successful both husband and wife have to make their relationship secure by having faith, honesty, and truthfulness in their married life.

Wazifa To Stop My Husband Having Affairs
Wazifa To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

When two people tie the knot, they get a new responsibility. They get the burden of having a good relationship with themselves. also get the obligation to continue their offspring or to move their generation forward. They get the responsibility of the child. Allah has put duties so that the married life becomes happy and without any tension.

Love which is based on faith and trust between husband and wife make their bond stronger. If the husband has taken some wrong path or if he takes the wrong way after marriage. This marriage will not last for an hour if trust between the husband and wife is lost.

Everything is lost. Numbers of reasons are responsible for the breaking of relationship and married life. Few of them are most important in these areas;

  • If trust is lost between the two that is between husband and wife.
  • Having illicit affairs
  • Having a financial problem
  • No having moral character. Etc
  • Arrange marriage married life can also be the reason for developing extra-martial relations.

The most critical and worst reason for breaking of marriages is having illicit affairs with other women. The husband develops an illegal relationship with other women because she is not satisfied with his married life or there can be other reasons as well. This relationship is not acceptable in Islam. It is haram in Islam.

Wazifa To Stop Husband Having Affairs

Wazifa To Stop Husband Having Affairs, Since the family is the foundation of society and social life. The relationship between husband and a wife is the foundations stone laid for family life. Marriage is the legal way of getting the sexual desire of both men and women satisfied.

No other way is available for satisfying sexual relationships other than marriage. Both woman and men have different needs after and before marriage. But the fact is that sexual needs cannot be fulfilled without getting married.

Allah has created both men and women with a distinct physical difference. He has put responsibility according to the material difference strength. So men have to give protection, feed their family and work to earn and spend hard earned money on his family.

On the other hand, women have been created to maintain the domestic affairs of the family. This is the capability of women she can menage it very confidently. They cannot work individually to fulfill their needs. So marriage is a bond which combines them to meet each other’s obligations if the husband is not paying attention to his wife.

The reason can be the pressure of work. But it can also be the reason for the extra-marital affair if your husband has made an illegal relationship with another woman. You can check out first. Whether he is involved in that or not, do your in-depth investigations.

After your investigation, if you’ve found that your husband is involved in affairs with other women. Check out how much time this affair has been continued. If the situation is not worse, it is okay, now if you fear that your husband will separate from you with this illicit affair. Do the flowing Wazifa to stop him further involved in this illegal affair;

  • Recite this “Ya Waddod” in ample amount continuously.
  • Recite the Ayat of Surah Taha verse number 39 juz16;

“Wa al qayatu alayka mahabbaten”

Forty-one times on any sweet thing and give this to your husband to eat.

Insha Allah, your husband, will stop developing illicit affair and love you more.

Wazifa For The Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Wazifa For The Husband To Leave The Other Woman, As it is haram to set a relationship with other women. In Islam, this is the biggest sin to develop a relationship with other women as a person is already married. Irrespective of the fact many men are married and who know the truth that it is harmful, but they also develop illicit affairs with other women.  Now It is a disgusting and unacceptable situation for the wife and the whole family.

It breaks the trust, and the families get broken with having a disastrous effect on their children as well. It creates an environment of tension, depression, and tragedy. If you are disturbed and cheated by your husband and he is not coming back to the right path.

Do not worry. We have brought a wazifa for you to get back your husband’s love for you and the effect of this wazifa is that your husband will hate the other woman. The wazifa is below;

  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Now recite the Ayat for 1001 times;

“ Kullu la yastaweel khashbooo wattayboowal walau ajabka kasratal khabeesoo fatakull laja ya ulil alabal la ilhaakum tuflehoon”

Now recite Durood Shareef 11 times again. Keep your husband’s photo close to heart and pray Allah for your husband so that he will leave other women and his heart will be filled by your love again. You can do this wazifa at any time of the day.

Wazifa To Stop Illegal Relationship

Wazifa To Stop Illegal Relationship, As marriage is a sacred relationship in Islam. They both should be faithful and obedient towards each other. However if one of them is cheating others, the family gets broken within seconds.

The illicit haram affairs can be stopped by praying Allah whole day and night and offer five times Nimaz is must for this.

We have brought a strong wazifa for you. Before, you should start recitation of this wazifa. You have to put strong faith and truth only on Allah to solve your problem. This wazifa is given below;

  • You have to perform this in the noon time and at graveyard between the two graves.
  • First of all, recite Durood Shareef for three times.
  • Then recite Surah Lahab for 500 times.
  • Again recite Durood Shareef three times.

Insha Allah, your husband, will move away from illicit affairs. Allah will protect your family from Illegal and haram relationships.

Wazifa To Bring Husband Back

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Dua For Success Against Enemies

Dua For Success Against Enemies 5/5 (15)

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Dua For Success Against Enemies

Dua for success against enemies if you want protection against your enemies then use our powerful dua for destroying enemies. This is a strong dua that provide you victory over enemy.

We all face rivals, opponents in our lives. Whole life is a race, and somebody who goes fast or makes others slow wins it. Not all people tend to have morals not to hurt others to go ahead. And we come across such people. And to our bad luck, these people intend to destroy us. So how to deal with such situations?

Dua For Success Against Enemies
Dua For Success Against Enemies

Well, here is a dua for success against enemies that will help you to navigate your lifeboat during such difficult phases.

‘Al habibi shabab-e-labj chabal tamassum Ali-al-Kareem ibaadat’-ur-saltanat adhibil-ba-dana yugadhi saqma washi-al-udhir mugabi iyahoo-al-bashir.’

Meaning, ‘Oh Lord! Grant me the power to fight with the evil powers and people. I have done righteous good deeds; I don’t deserve sufferings. Bless me so that I can destroy them all who are hurdles in my success.’

Above all, our enemies are nothing but human beings and Allah is the master of all. If we pray him with pure heart, then he will punish the evil people and help us to go ahead. He sees everything. He will certainly do justice.

Allah always helps the once who has high morals. Commit almost no sins. Furthermore, make sure you pray namaz five times a day and every time you pray, use this dua for success against enemies to empower you.

Consequently, you will start seeing positive results in you. Thus, your self-esteem will get boosted. Freshness would flow from all your blood. Finally, you will start viewing everything from a different perspective and develop the winner’s mentality. May Allah bless you.

Dua For Protection Against Enemies

Dua For Protection Against Enemies, Sometimes, in life, hostile people that wanna hurt us, are more powerful. You cannot be ahead of them in a short amount of time. You know, it is not your mistake, then why to fear. Allah is great. Allah sees everything. Here is a dua for protection against enemies.

‘Shuban elahabi magaddul shabanuddin shibul-e-shajeeb namaddul eman shabahiz karadum elaahi julaila qabadum-el-qeelahi baisakhi-dur-shabai.’

Meaning, ‘Hey Allah! Hey, the processor of the kingdom! I seek refuge from the evil, from those people who think wrong for me, from people who want to hurt me. Show some mercy and protect me from all the danger. I have full faith (in you)’

First of all, you have to take a peacock feather. Take kajal in a bowl. Make its paste. Use the tip of the feather as a nib. And use the kajal as black ink. You have to do this in the light of a moon only.

Furthermore, take a white paper. Write this dua on it using the feather and kajal. You have to make sure that you need to by heart this dua for protection against enemies. You have to recite from your memory and then write it down.

This is to be done beside a running water body like a river, water-stream, canal, etc. Write this dua on both the sides of the paper. Make the alphabets suitably bold and as big as possible.

Once you are done writing, wash the kajal bowl thoroughly in the water. Keep it aside. Now hold the paper above the water. Close your eyes. And recite dua once. And finally, let the paper loose from your fingers. It should flow away from you in the water.

Dua For Destroying Enemies

Dua For Destroying Enemies, Enemies could be a big hurdle in our life while doing various and many things. They could create problems in our love life, professional growth, friends relations, and even our health.

So, the way weed out the unwanted grass from our garden, the same way we need to root out these enemies; otherwise, our whole being is in potential danger.

Here’s a dua for destroying enemies given in quoran 30;45,12

‘Dulaihi shabidun pakhwab shabab-e-mukaddar Muhammad Meher badil-urr-kaidar qudamil yudaimi enheel-el-shibahi kaidur qamakht qastar-e-laahi.’

Meaning, ‘Oh Lord! Oh the most graceful master, I plead you to empower me and make me enable to demolish all those wrecked and bad persons who want to see me in distress. Uplift my capacities so that I can fear no one and ruin all evil powers that are against me.’

When you chant this dua, make sure you are wearing white clothes. First of all, the white color is a gesture of cleanliness. The way we clean our clothes, the same we want Allah to remove all enemies from our life so that our life too would become clean. No matter what they do, Allah would never let them succeed in harming you.

Once you start using this dua for destroying enemies, as a result, you will develop a supernatural power. Due to this dua, anybody that attempts to harm you would be automatically be taken care of. You would not even be aware that your enemies are failing. You would be going fast on your way to success, happiness, and abundance in life. Most noteworthy, your life would turn literally upside down.

Dua For Victory Over The Enemy

Dua For Victory Over The Enemy, Sometimes you are very well aware that some people are trying to damage you and even those people are aware that you know it. Still, they continue to do that. It is like an explicit dispute.

They try to harm you, and you try to retaliate to disarm them. Both of you are working hard to win this conflict. What can you do to win it? Well, if you believe in yourself and believe in Allah, here is a very powerful dua for victory over the enemy.

‘Khatum ajareebi azar kadabi womool namula babule-ur-samaije muqabbal shabai ulahu khudai shabanu-mur-ajeele shdaqum-e-Zaheer Jaleel muzakair baqair.’

Meaning, ‘Hey Allah! Bless me with enormous abundance and grant me a victory against all hostile people around me. I have no sins, and I don’t want to be a victim of the sinner. Give me all the spiritual power to be able to win this struggle of mine.’

Once you start chanting this dua for victory over the enemy, you will automatically begin to succeed in your actions that you are taking against your enemies.

Therefore, you will see them failing. To make this dua more useful, first of all, hang pepper and lemon with a black thread to your doorstep as well as your vehicle. Wear kajal on your eyes so that it will protect you from evil-minded people.

If they don’t become successful in harming you or doing any damage to you, you are automatically winning. Allah never helps his followers to harm others. It would just assist you to be safe. May Allah bless you with true powers and abilities.

Wazifa To Make Someone Do What You Want

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Powerful Wazifa To Bring Back Lost Love

Powerful Wazifa To Bring Back Lost Love 4.83/5 (24)

11/04/2019 Maulana 0

Powerful Wazifa To Bring Back Lost Love

Powerful Wazifa To Bring Back Lost Love or to Get Love Back can be use to bring back your love and to Get Ex Back. Use our strongest wazifa to get lost love back or for love back can be use for for love or ex-lover to get your love back. We are expert to provide you wazifa for love or ex-lover to get your love back.

If you want get my ex love back by wazifa or get back lost love in 3 days then we are here for you. Our wazifa expert will given you wazifa to make someone mad in love with you and make someone love you like crazy. So if you have related problems like get my ex boyfriend love back by wazifa or lost love to come back at home then ask to our expert. Use now our wazifa for someone to come back to you and forgot love problems.

Love is the most beautiful feeling in the hearts of people. Some people love for the sake of wealth and some love for the sake of Allah. Some love to gain more benefits from their loved ones.

When a person is in love his/, her feelings are different from the person who has not even taken the feeling of being in love or loved by someone. Different feel love differently. But it is famous saying that the world is standing on love. As long as love is in this world, the world will be a place of peace, prosperity, and happiness.

Love is a feeling, an emotional and a happy moment for every person in this universe. If you have fallen in love, then you are a lucky person. Love starts when two hearts, the heart of a man and woman combined. A man and woman are now in love they have a happy life. They take part in their happy moments and sad happenings.

Powerful Wazifa To Bring Back Lost Love
Powerful Wazifa To Bring Back Lost Love

They turn these tragic moments in happy movement and make each other life happy. Sure they create paths of success and can take part in this beautiful journey. They take promises from one another to be together in both these movements of life. If the love between a man and a woman is healthy, then no power can create separateness between them.

Powerful Wazifa To Bring Love Back

Powerful Wazifa To Bring Love Back, Strong and effective love is based on trust, respect and honesty between the true lovers if they have faith they cannot even feel worried between them even for a small thing. If they are faithful towards each other, they cannot also move one inch from each other. They life would be full of joy. If they are honest towards each other, they cannot do bad things or think wrong about each other.

Their strength of love is based on their honesty. They can sometimes be angry towards each other. But if their love is strong, no power can separate them. Many lovers have loved one another for one, two, three four, etc years. After years of love, the bond between them grows stronger. They can turn this strong love into married life. They can think of marriage between them as these lovers have spent many years together in love.

So they know each other very love. Their good things and bad things, likes and dislikes, their favorite foods, their hobbies, their passions, and their desires. Their way of talking, their behavior, etc means all matters between them. A strong love can be turned into marriage and in turn, be for a lifetime.

Powerful Wazifa To Get Love Back

Powerful Wazifa To Get Love Back, However, there are somehow certain occasions where years of love between the lovers. The beautiful love between the lovers has turned into a disastrous happening. Lovers have got bitter experience from love because their heart got broken after a long love life with their lover. It somehow happened within minutes, in seconds.

It did not take even a fraction of time to separate their love. This love is a big tragedy for lovers. Their hopes got broken down. That is all their hopes end in vain. They even get frustrated, depressed and confused when thinking about what happened to their love. If you are in this situation in life.

Your lover has moved away from you. He/she has broken your heart and has broken yours all dreams. He/she has broken your path of success and has turned your life into hell. Has made first promises? now are not even taking those promises forward. So do not worry too much. You can do this wazifia to bring back your broken love.

Wazifa to bring back your love

  • Take some black pepper seeds
  • With the intention in your mind that you want to bring back your lover to take the name of your lover on the black pepper.
  • Make the recitation of proper Surah on these black seeds and when you come on this word “ Inna Shanni-aka” comes to say “ May the heart of so and so his or her name, son of so and so turn towards you.
  • Put your breath on those black seeds with an active image of your lover who got away and broke love.
  • Every time you recite the Surah 41 times keep blowing your exhaling breathe on the black pepper seeds.
  • Store the pepper seeds in a safe place and away from the reach of people.
  • Do this recitation of Surah at the same place and at the same time. Do not do the first recitation on first a day and one place and ten other places. Never do that because if you do that the influence of wazifia will become less on your lover.
  • Recite this wazifia and do this wazifia for consecutive 41 days and with new seed every time.
  • At last, you have to bury these black pepper seeds inside the earth or put them in the well.
  • Insha Allah, your lover, will back soon to you.

Powerful Wazifa To Get Ex Back

Powerful Wazifa To Get Ex Back, The influence of this wazifia is that it places a definite intention in the heart of your lover. Another stronger wazifia to bring back your lover faster is below;

  • First of all, cook the favorite dish of your ex-lover.
  • In morning recite this Dua “ Al-Qurood Bismil Vidan Nakshatre Rishwaan Alla Arahmoon” you have to recite this Dua 51 times.
  • After this Dua feeds a white color animal with this food.
  • Do this wazifia process for 23 days without any break-
  • After 23 days you will see the influence of this wazifia. Your lover will be close to you. He/she will get attracted to you. This wazifia is stronger more than previous one.

Recite these wazifia’s both are equally influential. Your ex-lover will come fast towards you. He/she will get a trigger, and he/she will go quickly near you, and your bonding will be set forever.

Wazifa To Get Lost Love Back

Wazifa to get lost love back: do you have some problems in your love and had a break up with your lover. Here is a fantastic way to get back your lost love. The wazifa to get lost love back is there to make your life to bloom again. This is the fantastic and effective wazifa that will bring back your lost love again back to you.

Problems in a love relationship are very common. People experience problems in love life due to various issues. The happiness and struggles in every relationship depend on the situation. Sincerity towards the relationship and the trust they have on each other.

When all these factors are carried on smoothly, definitely, lovers will not experience any problems. Both the girl and guy must know how to take their relationship without hurting all these factors.

When you are in a relationship, you must try to understand the value of each other. Spending time and knowing about each other all situation is very critical to lead a happy love life. Better understanding and trust is fundamental to run any relationship in a smooth way.

Still, some people will never take their relationship serious. They will take everything granted and do whatever they want. This type of relationship will see the end soon.

In case if you are very sincere and serious about the relationship but still if you have lost your lover due break.  wanted to get back your lover because you are not able to feel the loneliness.

It is best to perform the wazifa to get back your lost love. This is the most powerful wazifa which will bring your lover back soon. Contact the expert to get wazifa and perform the wazifa according to the expert instruction.

Strongest Wazifa For Love Back

Strongest Wazifa For Love Back, You want to get your love back that you have broken up for various reasons. Here is the fantastic and most effective wazifa which will bring your love back. Your lost love will come with more love and affection compared to before. The strongest wazifa for love back will help you to get your love back soon in your life.

These days break up has become very common. People think that if not this relationship and person, there will be someone else to start their relationship again. People wait for chances a lot, and they look for the best choices in life. Never be like that love is one of the most beautiful and serious types of relationship.

Once if you have decided to start a relationship with a particular person tries to maintain the relationship till end. Try your level best to save your relationship at any cause. In case if you are not able to continue the relationship due to serious issues, then everything is left to god.

You should never break your relationship for just silly reasons. Because once you do this one day, you will feel for what you did. Finally, when you realize your mistake, everything will move out of your hand. Never let your life to such a tragic day.

Well, problems and quarrel are very common in every relationship. Even sometimes, you will have to face serious misunderstanding issues if your luck is not in your hand. In this case, if you had broken up your relationship, but still you want to bring back your love.

Contact the expert to get the strongest wazifa for love again. This wazifa is very useful and sure this will help you to bring back your love. Finally, you can give another excellent chance for your relationship.

Wazifa For Love or Ex Lover To Get Your Love Back

Wazifa for lover or ex-lover to get your love back: are you in love with someone and you are yet to propose that person. or you want to bring back your ex, or you want to create love in your ex-lover heart again.  Here is the most effective wazifa which will make all your dreams to come true. The wazifa for love or ex-lover to get your love back will help you to achieve all your love life goals.

When you see a person and if you fall in love with that person at first sight. In case you like the person companionship and fell in love with that person. If you have decided to propose him/her, but you have a fear that they will reject you and your love. Never worry at all the strongest wazifa for love will help you to create love on you in that person.

If the person has a good feeling on you, he/ she will agree for your love immediately when you propose that person. This strong wazifa will change the opinion of that person, and sure they will start feeling good for you.

On the other hand, if you have already broken up your love. Also still you have that love and affection on your ex. You want him/her to come back. You can use the wazifa for ex-lover to get your love back. This wazifa will create the love feeling on you again in your ex-lover heart. As results, your ex also will start feeling that love and affection on you.

When they start feeling love and affection on you sure they will approach you to start the relationship again. Contact the expert to get wazifa and perform the wazifa to get your love back.

Get My Ex Love Back By Wazifa

Get my ex-love back by wazifa: this is the most powerful, and 100% trusted wazifa. This wazifa will help you to get you to love again that has come to an end. Break up may happen due to various reasons or due to bad luck. Love is the most precious gift given by the god to the humankind.

It is our complete responsibility to protect our love as precious as possible to make our lives beautiful. Everyone in this world will enjoy the happiness and pleasure that is given by the love and relationship when you enjoy your love life happily. The same way, you must deal with the problems when you are in hard times.

You should both happiness and struggles in the same way in your relationship. You must never run back from the problems and conflicts by breaking the relationship. If you do so, then the relationship you are in is not a real relationship.

Well, problems due to misunderstanding or due to any other reasons are very common in every love life. When you are under the pressure of struggles and difficulties, you must give some to understand what is happening and how to deal with the issues. It is very easy to break a beautiful relationship and say goodbye to your lover and make her/him as your ex.

However, once if you realize the mistake, definitely it will go out of your control. Very lucky will get back their ex immediately after realizing their mistake but this will not happen in all cases. If you are in this situation and you want to get your ex love back contacts expert to get wazifa. Get my ex-love back by wazifa will help you to get your ex-lover back as soon as possible.

Wazifa For Someone To Come Back To You

Wazifa for someone to come back to you: do you lose someone very close to your heart. Either they may be your boyfriend, girlfriend, friend, relative, husband, or wife. Have you missed them in life due to various problems and you want them to come back again in your life? Here is the most effective way to get someone back in your life. The wazifa for someone to come back to you will help you here.

We usually have countless people around us. not everyone will become our mate, best friend, and close friend like a relative. Only a few will come close to our heart. We expect that they should not leave us anytime for any cause.

We think that they should be with us till the end and we need to enjoy their companionship till the end.  This is the most common wish we ask the god for our loved one. But all days will not be the same sometimes even a strong friendship or relationship come to an end, just because of small problems.

If you are very serious about the person but unfortunately you lost the person due to various issues. It will be very worrying for you because it is not easy to feel the pain of losing someone in our lives. However, still, there are more chances to get them back through wazifa.

The wazifa for someone to come back to you will help you to get the person back in your life again. This is the most powerful wazifa which will quickly change the mind of the person. Finally, for sure, he/she will come back to you soon. Contact the Islamic wazifa expert and get the wazifa. Perform the wazifa as directed by the expert soon you will get back the person in your life.

Get My Ex Boyfriend Love Back By Wazifa

Get my ex-boyfriend love back by wazifa: do you want to get your ex-boyfriend back.  Are you missing him a lot in your life?  Do you now realize the value and love that your ex-boyfriend showered on you? Never worry at all here is a fantastic way to get your ex-boyfriend back soon with more love and affection. The wazifa to bring back your ex-boyfriend will help you to get your ex-boyfriend back more quickly.

This is a beautiful wazifa which will help you to unite with your ex-boyfriend again in your life. Through this wazifa, you will quickly get the second chance to bloom up lost the love in your life back. It usually is not very easy to convince the ex. Because they are broken hearts, and it is tough to heal the broken heart. Once if you lose the genuine person, it is challenging to get them back again.

But still, through this powerful wazifa, you can quickly get your ex back. You will realize the real love of the person only when you fall in fake love. If you have achieved your mistake and wanted to bring back your ex to start the new love life, perform the wazifa to bring back your ex.

This wazifa can help you to join with your ex again. This will completely change the mind of your ex, and he will start feeling the love on you still. In this situation, if you approach him, he cannot say no to your proposal.

This wazifa will sure work on your boyfriend, and it will make him think about you always. Contact the expert to get the wazifa. Perform the wazifa to bring your ex-boyfriend back and enjoy your lost love life happily.

Wazifa For Lost Love To Come Back At Home

Wazifa for lost love to come back home: did you and your husband have a severe quarrel and he left you alone and moved out forever. Or you have a great misunderstanding with your wife and is she left you forever. Or do your boyfriend or girlfriend left you forever? Did you want to bring him/her back home?  Here is a fantastic way to bring your lost love back home.

The wazifa for lost love to come back home will help you to bring your loved one back home. Even though they are in great anger on you or in severe sorrow, they will forget everything and come home again to start a new and happy life.

Problems are very common in any relationship when you are suffering due to hard times in our life. You must wait for a while and think about how to solve the issue instead if you run back without facing the problem, definitely you and your loved one going to suffer a lot.

Leaving home instead of facing problems is not a great solution. You must always take time to solve the issues without hurting your relationship. In this case, unfortunately, if your loved one is left you alone in the home forever and ever.

If you want to get them back, perform the wazifa. This powerful wazifa will bring your loved one back home. Leading life alone without the loved one is not an easy job. The loneliness will kill you. Therefore you must search for the perfect solution for overcoming the issue.

Contact the Islamic wazifa expert to get the wazifa. Perform the wazifa according to the expert instruction. Sure, you can get your loved one back soon, and you can start your love life happily.

Wazifa To Make Someone Love You Like Crazy

Wazifa to make someone love you like crazy: do you want someone to love you crazily.  You want them to always turn around you by saying that “I love you.” Here is the amazing way to make someone to love your crazily. The wazifa to make someone love you like crazy will help you to achieve this goal. We always wish that we need a person in our lives who should be in love with us crazily.

When they are in love with your crazily, they will never try to hurt you. They will treat you as a kid, and they will never say no to any of your words. This type of person will never leave you alone in your life till the end.

They will be with you in every situation of your life. They will never think back to fulfill all your wishes. Ultimately they wish that you should be happy at any cause, for this will get ready to do anything.

We usually see countless people every day, but not everyone becomes your lover, and not everyone will love you, crazily. If a person likes you a lot, you will never like that person. in case if you want the person they will not like you.

All these types of confusions happens a lot in every love life. Well, only fortunate people will get the person who loves them crazily. Especially if a girl gets a man who loves her madly, she is the luckiest girl in this universe.

If you want to make someone to love you crazily, contact the expert to get the wazifa and perform the wazifa according to the expert instruction. Sure you can make the person to love you madly. Sure this wazifa will work 100% effectively, and the person will start enjoying you crazily.

Wazifa To Make Someone Mad In Love With You

Wazifa to make someone crazy in love with you: do you want someone to love you madly and deeply.  Here is a fantastic way to make someone to love you madly. The wazifa to make someone mad in love with you will help you to do this. This is the most powerful wazifa which will quickly make the person revolve around you 24/7.

When you perform this wazifa on the name of the person soon, you will start seeing amazing changes in that person. He/she will begin to showering great love and affection on you. They will never think about anything and anyone in their life. will only think about you and think about how to impress you a lot. And They do this to prove their love on you.

You are the luckiest one when there is a person to love you genuinely and madly. Not everyone will get such a person in their life. Not everyone is fortunate to enjoy the shelter under true love. Some people will get true love in their life without inviting. But they are the foolish people who never know to save such pure love.

These types of people will never dare themselves to face the problems in their love life. If they experience a slight issue soon, they will decide to break the relationship. Finally, they pass away from the relationship.

But you never make these types of mistakes in your life. If you want someone to love you madly and if this happens in your life. Try to protect your true love until the end.

Perform the wazifa to get such love in your life. Contact the Islamic wazifa expert and get the wazifa to make someone mad in love with you. Sure this wazifa will make the person love you more than anyone and anything in their life.

Wazifa To Get Back Lost Love In 3 Days

Wazifa to get again lost lover in 3 days: do you have to break up with your loved one due to various reasons? Are you very much worried about your break up? Have you realized your mistake and you want your loved one to get back in your life again? Here is a fantastic way to get back the lost love in just three days. Yes! This is true; the wazifa to get back lost lover in 3 days will help you. So it is easy to get your lost love soon in your life.

When you are in a relationship, the problems, misunderstanding, and many issues are very common. Whatever the issue is, you must always try to solve the issue soon without breaking your relationship once you break the relationship and break the heart of the person, who loves you. It is tough to get them back again.

Only the luckiest will get the lost love back in just a few days after talking to each other. But this is not the case of everyone, and not everyone is really lucky to get their lost love back whenever they need.

Still, if you have realized your mistake and wanted to get back your lost love, you can quickly get your love in just three days you can perform the wazifa. The wazifa to get again lost love in 3 days will help you to get back your love soon.

This is the most powerful wazifa which will help you to get your lost love back. Contact the Islamic wazifa expert and get the wazifa to get back the lost love in just three days.

Perform the wazifa correctly according to the expert instruction. Soon you will need good days in your life. Your lost love will come back to you shortly. Finally, you can start a happy love life with your lover.

Sifli Amal For Love

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Sifli Amal For Love

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Sifli Amal For Love

Sifli Amal For Love, The love is a happy feeling to be in. It can change a life. Can certainly change the person who is in love. It is that experience which can fill you with happiness. Makes you a different person. These feelings are rare to feel. But two people who are in love will certainly value it.

To be in love is like an opportunity — a very blissful one. When you are in love, the world around you changes totally. You have a different experience. If your lover is with you, then the expertise becomes all the more beautiful. But, what about one-sided love stories?

Not everybody’s love is reciprocated the way it should be. First, we silently admire someone and then eventually fall in love with him or her. It happens to all of us. But, you cannot force your love on someone. Cannot impose yourself on the other person.

Sifli Amal For Love
Sifli Amal For Love

It happens naturally. If your heart is beating for someone else, then you may realize what I am talking about here. You spend your days and nights thinking about the other person. You do not leave a chance to meet that person. And for the matter of the fact to see him or her.

Sifli amal for love marriage

Love is like magic. Once you are under its complete influence, everything around you changes. It looks all the more beautiful. You tend to see all the more colors in the things around you. Love is powerful. And it plays games with you too.

If the person you are in love with reciprocates your feelings. Then it is wonderful. But, if that person does not love you back. I think that is where the real problem starts. You crave their love. And they don’t understand how you feel.

Most of the times the other person is not aware of what you feel. I think in that case you are the responsible one. You should try your lock. At least go to that person and tell him or her about your feeling. You never know what might happen.

What if that person also feels the same about you and might reciprocate your feelings. Might love you back with the same intensity. Most of the times we suffer because of our assumptions. We take a different direction in our mind whereas the reality turns out to be different.

Sifli amal mohabbat

So, stop overthinking and give it a try. You definitely should. Your feelings need to reach out to the other person. And you can always legitimately pray to the Allah the almighty about getting the desired success. If it is in your destiny, then you will understand that.

There is no need to sweat over the little things unnecessarily. You will get what is written for you. Nothing much and nothing less than that. But you are asking for something genuinely. With all your heart is different. Allah sooner or later will undoubtedly listen to you.

But if you go for it the extra distance, it might be troublesome. I am not scaring you but just keeping the facts in front of you. Even the religion these days has become a kind of business. If you tell people your needs, they will see in it an opportunity.

They will see your desperation and try to take you on the path which is not right, which is not correct. Which is not legitimate and which is certainly not approved in Islam. Well for the matter of fact, sifli amal mohabbat is also that forbidden thing.

Sifli ilm specialist

These are those kind of things which are strictly forbidden in Islam. No matter how good or bad the intention is, it is not allowed. But still, people practice it. Look in it for the solutions to their problems.

A true believer will only look up to Allah in the time of the need. This is how faith works. When the believer is in trouble, then he turns to Allah and not away from it. The path you are looking for as a solution to your problem. Will take you away from Allah and not towards him.

I am sure that you do not want that. Allah is the solution and the only one to help you when you are in need. Will pull you out of the trouble. Will give you the answer.

Since you have asked for it, I am giving you the procedure. But, will suggest you not to do it in any case. There are other ways too. There are your reasonable efforts and the Quranic solution given to you by Allah. My duty was to warn you. The ultimate choice is yours.

May Allah gives you the strength enough to decide for yourself.

Sifli amal ki pehchan- The procedure is as follows:

Sifli Amal is the part of the dark power. The reasonable person cannot perform these things. For this, you have to take the help of the person who knows how to do it. A practitioner can help you out on this. If you have already made your mind. If you want to go with it. Then this is up to you.

You may look for the person who does it. And can help you with that. But, please, my kind request to you is that you should not force it. May Allah show you the way before that. And you do not have to go and look for it.

If you are distant from Allah, then go to him show him how much you need his help. Ask him for help. Show him your genuine desires and Inshallah Allah will help you out. I so wish you will get enlightened. And will not do anything which is not allowed.

May he become your guide. he be kind to you. show the light of his path. Mau, keeps the evil away from you. Ameen.

Quranic Dua To Save Marriage

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