Wazifa To Break Someone Marriage

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Wazifa To Break Someone Marriage

Wazifa To Break Someone Marriage or istikhara to break boyfriend marriage is our services, here we will solve your question like how to break marriage by black magic? You can use our dua to break marriage proposal.

Which Wazifa Use To Break Someone Marriage?

Honestly, it is difficult to forget our love. Also, it is even more difficult to see our lovers getting married to someone else. Do you face such a situation in your life? Break your lover’s marriage by using Muslim astrology.

Read Surah Lahab, Verses 1-5, to break your lover’s marriage.

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

تَبَّتْ يَدَا أَبِي لَهَبٍ وَتَبَّ

مَا أَغْنَىٰ عَنْهُ مَالُهُ وَمَا كَسَبَ

سَيَصْلَىٰ نَارًا ذَاتَ لَهَبٍ

وَامْرَأَتُهُ حَمَّالَةَ الْحَطَبِ

فِي جِيدِهَا حَبْلٌ مِّن مَّسَدٍ

  • Preferably, do this on a Thursday
  • Firstly, it at a quiet place
  • Next, offer your prayers first
  • After that, chant the verse for 17 times
  • Also, visualize your boyfriend to come back to you

This powerful wazifa brings your boyfriend back to you. Without a doubt, he will come back to you and apologize for leaving you. Indeed, his marriage will end up soon, and he will be single. Your boyfriend will long for you and your love. His family will understand their mistake. Also, your family will approve of the relationship.

Wazifa To Break Someone Marriage

Wazifa To Break Someone Marriage

Use this wazifa to bring your lover closer to you. Importantly, he will leave everyone to come back to you. Also, his determination is strong. Besides, he wants only you as his life partner. Yes, life will be magical for you. Thus, enjoy your lover’s care and attention in your life.

Furthermore, follow Islamic astrological rituals to solve all life problems. Also, include powerful wazifa in your life and control your life. Of course, you can fulfill all your desires in life through this.

Which Istikhara Use To Break Boyfriend Marriage?

Istikhara To Break Boyfriend Marriage, Is your boyfriend getting married to someone else? Also, do you want to break his marriage and bring him back to your life? Yes, it is possible. Honestly, apply Islamic remedies to solve this problem.

Unfortunately, your boyfriend and his family may not listen to your requests. Hence, you have to request to the highest authority. Most importantly, pray to Allah to grant your wish. Of course, your boyfriend’s family will break his marriage and accept you.

Surah Kafirun, Verses 1-6

بِسْمِ اللهِ الرَّحْمنِ الرَّحِيمِ

In The Name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful

قُلْ يَا أَيُّهَا الْكَافِرُونَ

لَا أَعْبُدُ مَا تَعْبُدُونَ

وَلَا أَنتُمْ عَابِدُونَ مَا أَعْبُدُ

وَلَا أَنَا عَابِدٌ مَّا عَبَدتُّمْ

وَلَا أَنتُمْ عَابِدُونَ مَا أَعْبُدُ

لَكُمْ دِينُكُمْ وَلِيَ دِينِ

Ishtikhara is Allah’s guidance to you in your path. Yes, this is a communication between Allah and you. Apply ishtikhara and convey your messages to Allah. This is your direct channel to receive Allah’s blessings.

By and large, there are several ways to perform an ishtikhara. Furthermore, let us describe you the most important ritual step by step:

  • Firstly, sit at a silent corner of the house
  • Now, make sure there is no one to disturb you
  • After that, perform two Ra’kah of Nafl prayers (Surah-Al-Kafiroon- Chapter 109 and Surah-Al-Ikhlas- Chapter 112)
  • Recite all the verses with devotion.
  • Above all, surrender yourself to Allah
  • Also, tell him about your situation
  • Brief him about your problems
  • Overall, express your love to Him
  • Please, perform a Salawat before and after the ishtikhara for fast results
  • Do this for seven days

How To Break Marriage By Black Magic?

How To Break Marriage By Black Magic, Black magic gives you the power to accomplish impossible tasks. Thus, you can break a marriage by using black magic. Nonetheless, you should do this in the following circumstances:

  • To bring back your love in your life
  • Remove a third person from your lover’s life
  • Protect your relationship
  • Save yourself from a heartbreak
  • Strengthen your affair

However, black magic is an extremely painful thing to handle. That’s why; you should do it under an expert’s supervision. Contact us to know the best guidelines and use black magic. Nonetheless, protect your love with all your efforts.

Honestly, invest your energy and soul to break an unreasonable relationship. A powerful black magic spell can change your life. Your lover will come back to you immediately.

  • First of all, make two mud dolls
  • Also, you can use cotton to make the dolls
  • After that, paint the dolls black
  • Now, put vermillion in one of the dolls
  • Next, prick the dolls with needles
  • Besides, join the dolls with a soft cotton cloth
  • Apart from that, put some fuel on the cloth and burn it
  • Let the connection destroys in between the two dolls
  • Bury the dolls separately at a distance from each other
  • Above all, chant the following spell throughout the drill

Spell: May the black magic lord bestow his energies on the drill and separate these two people (take names of the two people). The two people will experience conflict in their lives due to this. Finally, they will end up the relationship.

Which Dua Use To Break Marriage Proposal?

Dua To Break Marriage Proposal, Practice Islamic dua to break a marriage proposal. Do this when:

  • You are not satisfied with the match
  • There is no love bond in the relationship
  • Someone else loves you more
  • Want to get married to someone else
  • Bring your lover back to your life

This simple dua below has done magic in countless people’s life.

قول للہ یستویٰی الخبیسوسو

واو التطبیب وا لاؤ آا اجاباکا

کسراتو الخبیسیسی فا اتتتاکو

اللhaہ یا یول Uی الlalعل بی اےبیبی لا الkکم


Qull-lla Yastawii Uul khabeesuu Waa Uutt-ttaiibu Waa Lauu Aa-ajabaka Kasraatuu Alkhabiisii Fa Utt-ttaquu Uullaha Ya Uullii Uullal Baabii La Allakum Tufliihoonaa

Practically, it is better to break an unwanted marriage instead of ruining your life. Immediately, you can try this dua at home and see the results yourself. This is considered to be a life-changing dua for everyone. Especially, we recommend this dua when you have a heartbreak. You can use this dua and mend your relationship.

Apart from this, Muslim astrology gives you the chance to change your entire fate. As well as, you can practice various dua, ayat, surah and wazifa for:

  • Better academics
  • Successful love life
  • Happy marriage
  • Childbirth and delivery
  • Financial stability
  • Job promotion
  • Business profit
  • Peace and harmony at home
  • Loyalty in relationship
  • Hassle-free life
  • Protection from enemies
  • Abundance of happiness
  • Good health

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