Wazifa To Avoid Miscarriage

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Wazifa To Avoid Miscarriage

Wazifa To Avoid Miscarriage or to get pregnant after miscarriage can be use for hifazat e hamal. Use our wazifa for safety of pregnancy.

Which Wazifa Can Avoid Miscarriage?

Here we have wazifa to avoid miscarriage. You can use this wazifa to get pregnant after miscarriage. Also, if you want to prevent miscarriage, you need to consult Islamic experts.  What could be the happiest moment for women than being pregnant? Pregnancy is the most admirable experience for women. The child is everything; the new baby brings happiness in her house and changes her home into the heaven. 

Wazifa To Avoid Miscarriage

Wazifa To Avoid Miscarriage

Those are lucky parents who have a child in their homes. It does not matter what gender it is. If you have children, you should consider yourself a lucky person because you have got the opportunity to raise them. Now, you get a chance to take care of them.  But, unfortunate are those who did not get the type of opportunity others got. They do not have happiness in their life. Our society bullies them. But, it is not the fault of the husband, neither wife’s fault. 

If a lady is pregnant, she should take care of her bump to give birth to a healthy and happy child. She needs to take some precautions. Many precautions have been taught to a pregnant woman to prevent miscarriage. 

Suppose the pregnancy period is the happiest moment of a woman’s life. In that case, a miscarriage is the scariest moment of her life. It leads her on the path of sorrow and grief. 

A miscarriage is an unfortunate thing. If it happens, it breaks the woman drastically because she loses her child, who is growing inside her bump.

So, Here we have wazifa to avoid miscarriage. Islam has a solution for every problem. Almighty is kind; he will surely help you prevent miscarriage. 

Wazifa to avoid miscarriage

You have to read below-mentioned wazifa

“Rabbi Hab Lee minas Saaliheen.” 


“Ya Salaamu” in abundance.

Wazifa To Get Pregnant After A Miscarriage

Wazifa To Get Pregnant After A Miscarriage, It is a rule of human life. Everyone has to face every time, every emotion, and every phase of life. That means every person has to go through good times as well as bad times too.  A terrible time is the most significant and honest teacher. It teaches you proper lessons and unforgettable experiences. On the other hand, good times are a sign of fruit.

Every individual has ups and downs. But you should not lose hope. You need to learn from those downs and enhance your ups.  There is one kind of down that some women experience in their life. The issue is miscarriage. It breaks a women’s hearts as she loses her child, who is growing in her bump. It is tough even to imagine the kind of pain she goes through. But, women who experience an unfortunate incident of miscarriage should not lose their hopes. She can get the opportunity to give birth to a little soul again by practicing. 

Wazifa to get pregnant after a miscarriage

‘Rabbi Hab Lee Mil ladunka Zurriyyatan Tayyibah” 

Wazifa to get pregnant after a miscarriage

In a terrible situation, where a woman’s heart gets broken, she loses hope that she won’t become pregnant again. So, we have brought a wazifa for those women. It will help them become pregnant also.


Wazifa For Hifazat E Hamal

Wazifa For Hifazat E Hamal, The holy Quran- It has a solution for your every issue.  Pregnancy is a crucial period in every woman’s life. As a mother, you want to serve your child, whatever is possible. For every woman, the priority is to safeguard her pregnancy from all the evils. 

It is a crucial phase of her family, and they stand united with her too. And you as a ‘To be mother’ is the center of it all. But, the possibility of mismanagement also scares you. So, to start far from all those things, we have a way out for you. 

Wazifa for hifazat e hamal is an effective way.

Procedure to practice wazifa for hifazat e hamal

  • Take a fresh shower in the first place
  • Now, take a red color thread of cotton
  • Directly, measure the line from your feet to your head.
  • After that, read the below-mentioned dua;
  • “Bismillah hirRa’hmaan Ibraheem.”
  • Now follow up with a reading of:
  • After that, tie a knot on one side of the thread
  • Now, blow to the thread
  • Do all the steps again
  • Do this for seven times and tie 7 knots in a thread
  • Directly tie this thread around the waist of a woman who wants to get pregnant or the woman who is pregnant. 
  • You will notice the results very soon.

Wazifa For The Safety of Pregnancy 

Wazifa For The Safety of Pregnancy , The lady who is pregnant should take care of her health. She should avoid eating junk food and start eating healthy food. Along with that, she should try to drink more fresh juice and have fresh fruits to keep hydrating her baby.  If a woman is doing the household work during this period and someone should assist her. 

Also, a pregnant lady should not take more office work. Negative vibes are everywhere, so she should avoid it too. A negative vibe and environment can affect her mental health and also affect the baby’s health.  So, here we have a wazifa for the safety of pregnancy.

If a woman has a fear of miscarriage, then she should consult a professional. But, apart from that, there are many remedies. A pregnant lady needs to read the following wazifa and blow it on her bump. 


A pregnant lady should read the dua very often. And after reading the dua, she requires to blow it on her bump. Allah will take care of everything after that. Inshallah, your problem will get resolved. 


For a woman, there is no more momentous occasion than the pregnancy period. She should take care of her baby bump more than anything. So, we have mentioned all the essential Islamic remedies in this article. Do it with pure dedication; Allah will help you out. 

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