Dua To Regain Trust

Dua To Regain Trust 5/5 (23)

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Dua To Regain Trust

Dua To Regain Trust removing Trust Issues and provide you success in life, this dua useful for Husband To Trust Wife and Trust In Marriage. If you lose trust then use our dua for Someone To Trust You, this dua also provide Trust Between Husband And Wife. if you are married woman and you lose your husband trust then this dua will Gain Husband’s Trust or Win Trust. If you want to Create Trust In Family and Restore Faith or Increasing Faith then this dua is must for you.

use to increasing and restore faith using this dua you can create trust in family. you can win trust between husband and wife and someone to trust you. this is really powerful dua to make trust in marriage. Are you living in regret because of breaking someone’s trust? Is this person someone whom you cannot ignore in your life? Are you afraid of thinking this person will never trust you again? You do not want to lose this person at any cost. You did many things so that this person forgives you.

However, he or she is not willing to change. You do not what to do. You feel there is no one to help you. Today, your worry is going to end forever because you will find a permanent solution to your problem. Make dua to regain trust. It is helping many people to improve their relationships. It will help you too.

Why trust is so important?

When two people trust each other, they will easily understand each other. No third person can break a relationship between them.

In personal life, trust is responsible for peace and harmony between two people. Parents have trust in their children. They know their children will never do anything that will cause embarrassment. When children or parents break trust, it will lead to disputes in the family.

Dua To Regain Trust
Dua To Regain Trust

Trust between siblings will play an important role in the well-being of the family. Nowadays, there are many cases of siblings who are fighting over property. It is because there is no trust between them.

In love relationships, trust decides how long a relationship will last. Lack of trust is responsible for things like misunderstanding, fights, arguments, and cheating. In today’s world, the husband and wife easily go ahead with the divorce. It is because of lack of trust. Many couples who date each other will break up just after a few days or months.

Trust not only plays an important role in personal life but also in professional life. In office life, a person whose boss trusts him has good chances of promotion or raise. This person will always receive favor. Due to it, this person will have chances of a bright career. However, when this situation is the opposite for someone, he or she will face huge challenges. This person will never get any good opportunities. Hence, he or she will stay behind in their career.

When any business person has some competitor, his customer’s trust can make him win. It is because of customers trust only any company can get profit. Any company who has lost the trust of its customers will never last for a long time. Hence, trust is an important factor that no one should ignore.

How dua to regain trust will help you?

Many people find it difficult to forgive when they lose their trust in someone. Some people are generous enough to forgive many times. However, these type of people when once lost trust will never forgive. These people are very stubborn. However, these are loyal people too. These are people who are not worth losing from life. If you are facing a similar situation, do not give up.

There is one power in this world which can make big changes. It can make any one’s tough heart soft. Also, it does not matter who that person is. It is the power of our Almighty Allah. He is one who can give you any desire of your heart. The person who receives his grace is capable of doing anything in his life.

Dua to regain trust in one of the best way to impress our Almighty Allah. It is a powerful prayer which gives instant results. It is true some damages no one can repair. However, our Almighty Allah can repair the biggest damage in this world. It includes damage your relationship faces when someone loses trust in you.

Dua to make someone trust you

When you decide to recite dua to make someone trust you, make sure you do it with full faith. You should not doubt our Almighty Allah. You cannot impress him by not trusting him. Also, you should recite dua to make someone trust you with honesty and sincerity. You should not pay attention to someone who is trying to discourage you in reciting it. Make sure your mind is peaceful. Also, make sure your mind does not have any negative feelings. You should not wish bad for someone. You will certainly not gain the favor of our Almighty Allah if you do so.

When you do dua to regain trust, the person for whom you did will forgive you. This person will start trusting you in some way he or she was doing before. This dua to regain trust will heal your relationship.

There are rules and regulations which you will have to follow while reciting dua to regain trust. You should recite it in a clean place. Make sure no one can disturb you while reciting. If someone enters by mistake, do not lose your focus by talking to them. You should clean your body before reciting dua to regain trust. Make sure you wear clean clothes too while reciting. You should recite each word as per Quran recitation. Make sure there is no mistake while reciting dua to regain trust.

Dua to make your husband trust you

Since there are such rules and regulations, mistakes tend to happen while reciting dua to regain trust. You might think of it as an easy task of just reciting words. However, it is not so. Many people keep on trying reciting dua to regain trust until they get success. But only a few get success. It is wise to seek the help of dua specialist. This will save time and will give you success in the first try.

Our Molvi Ji is an expert dua specialist. He is helping many people from many years in their dua to regain trust. He got his reputation because of it. Our Molvi Ji will help you with all the rules and regulations. He has such knowledge which will not let even a single mistake happen.

If you have any fear or doubt, he will remove it completely. He knows very well how to recite as per Quran recitation. Therefore, he will teach you about correct pronunciation. He will guide you until you get success. He will never let you do it alone.So, act quickly. Call our Molvi Ji now. You will soon spend happy moments with a person whose trust you lost.

Dua For Trust Issues

There are so many people who do not even understand how to deal with trust issues. If someone has broken your trust, then it will be hard for you on believing the person. Trust is a broad term and it indicates the sense of accountability and responsibility. You should keep the secret of people who tell their private and confidential information to you.

There are so many people who were betrayed by their partners and they have left believing in relationships. If you are among the man or woman who has betrayed the trust of the life partner and now you want to apologize and resolve this trust issue, then you need to work on so many factors. You have to clean your mind and soul so that you can make it possible to win the trust again.

Haram of illegal sex is not allowed in Islam. If you were indulged in illegal sex and your husband has lost trust in you, then this is really sad. It will be totally difficult for you to win his trust once again. Things have changed and now you have no option left. The mutual affair of husband and wife should be protected and if you were in an extramarital affair then you should be punished by Allah.

If you know this fact and now you want to repent on your sin and win husband’s trust once again, then the only dua for trust issues will work. Only Allah can understand the feeling of regret you have. You can read this dua for trust issues in the right manner so that you can get the best results. Nothing can be difficult and impossible if you make Allah happy with your efforts and changed attitude.

Dua For Husband To Trust Wife

If you are a married woman and your husband never trusts on you, then this is really very disappointing. Every woman wants a happy marriage and trust is the only thing that makes this bond happy and stronger. Some men are slow on trusting women so it may be difficult for you to deal with such husband.

Lack of trust and feeling of insecurity may ruin your married life, so you should work on it. You should find out your behavioral trait or past experiences that might have become the cause of this sour relationship.

If your husband has lost trust then it will not be easy to restore it as this is something like a thread that once broken not easy to restore or repair. You should work on the reasons that affect your relationship. Trust is the foundation of every happy marriage so you should make your life better by trying some tricks like dua for a husband to trust wife.

You need to consult with an Islamic astrologer and get the right dua for a husband to trust wife. This dua for a husband to trust wife should be read in the right manner else you should not get the right results.

If you are a genuine wife who has never cheated on husband and you have genuine intentions then nothing can stop you from getting the desired results. Your husband will surely start trusting on you and you will have a happy and content married life.

Your husband will realize your importance and every misunderstanding will get fixed automatically. There is nothing wrong in going beyond the limits when it comes to saving marriage and trust. You can try this dua for a husband to trust the wife to have a happy life ahead.

Dua For Trust In Marriage

Marriage is based on love and trust. You have to love your partner and trust in it. But if there is no trust in a marriage, love will also get vanished automatically. Sometimes people do not have good past experiences or they might have faced betrayal by someone.

In this scenario, they always play safe and go for the right and safe path. If you feel that love and trust are lacking in your marriage, then you need to work on the factors that can make it possible to build trust.

You should try dua for trust in marriage as it is a quite effective and safe way to deal with trust issues. There are so many married couples who have already tried this dua for trust in marriage as per the instructions of an experienced Islamic astrologer and now they are having a good and content married life. Things are quite well and they have been experiencing a good phase of life.

You can also make your married life happy and filled with love and trust. There will be no void or doubt. Allah will help you in finding the way to get the things fixed. Your spouse will realize your importance and the kind of person you are.

There will be so many good things happening in your life with the grace of Allah. Every husband-wife shares a beautiful bond and trust and love make it even more beautiful.

If something is missing in your married life, you can restore it with the help of dua for trust in marriage so go for it. You can save your marriage and enjoy married life with a happy and reliable husband with dua for trust in marriage.

Dua For Someone To Trust You

If you are in a new relationship but your boyfriend does not trust you and question everything you do. You find a lack of trust in this relationship. There are so many people who have love in their relationships but they hardly trust each other. Being loved does not always means being trusted by someone completely.

If there is no trust in a relationship, then there is no meaning of that particular relationship. it is among married couples then this trust issue can even ruin a happy married life. you have been facing trust issues for a long time then you better work on some amazing techniques that make you get out of the complicated issues.

You should consult with an astrologer and ask for dua for someone to trust you. This is all about making Allah help you restoring the trust of the person you love the most. Sometimes there are so many things like misunderstanding, miscommunication, breakups, extramarital affairs can become the main cause of the lacking trust in the relationships. You can work on these issues by making Allah help you get through the bad and complicated phase of life.

You need to read this dua for someone to trust you as per the instructions of the astrologer so that you can have the right results. Once you are done with it, the results will be awesome. There may be so many good things happen to you and you will feel the best time of life. All the trust issues among you and your partner will get fixed automatically and you will have a happy life ahead with your lover or spouse. This is how dua for someone to trust you can prove effective and beneficial to you.

Dua For Trust Between Husband And Wife

Marriage is all about the mingling of two souls and love and trust make this bond stronger. If you are a married woman and your husband question on each and everything you do and it bothers you, then you should talk to him as there may be some trust issue.  If he is not able to trust you, then there is something serious. This lack of trust may make your married life worst by putting so many hurdles and misunderstanding.

You should not ignore the issue as trust is the key to take your marriage to the successful level. Every married person has its own responsibility and both husband and wife equally important in carrying marriage to a successful path. If you are now tired of this suspicious nature of your husband and questionings then you need to try some sort of spiritual ways to get rid of the trust issue.

You can consult with an astrologer and ask for dua for trust between husband and wife. This dua can bring magical results from Allah. You need to read this dua for trust between husband and wife in such a way that compels Allah to listen to you and provide you with the right path to walk on.

With his blessings, you can make your married life better and resolve all the trust issues. There may be some misunderstanding that will also get fixed with dua for trust between husband and wife.

Your husband will soon realize your worth and intentions. He will start trusting you. It will make your life even better and you will feel harmony in your married life so stop worrying and try dua for trust between husband and wife.

Dua To Gain Husband’s Trust

Does your husband not have trust in you? Is there something wrong in your marriage? What is making your married life worst? There are so many issues that people have to face after marriage. Having a content married life is not easy as this is not the path of roses. If your spouse has trust issues with you, then it can be even worse for you.

There are so many married women who are in a bad marriage and want to make everything normal by gaining husband trust. You can be among such women. If you are, then you need not wait for more as you have many techniques to apply for. You can consult with an astrologer and get the right solution for the trust issue.

There may be any reason of losing husband trust like extramarital, miscommunication, long-distance relationship, misunderstanding and much more, but you can have the best solution in the form of dua to gain husband’s trust. You must realize the power of the prayers and work on it. If you really love your husband and want to be in a good marriage then you can go for it.

need to read this dua to gain husband’s trust with good intentions else you are not going to make Allah happy and get results. correct procedure to read the dua to gain husband’s trust so that you can make it easy to get the desired results. You will surely see some results and there will be lots of good things happen in your life.

good marriage with a husband who will trust you and never doubt your actions or plans so go for dua to gain husband’s trust.

Dua To Win Trust

Some people have trust issues and now they want to win the trust of someone special. Trust is hard to repair and restore so you need to try something magical so that things can be in your favour. If you want to win the trust of your parents as you have broken their trust in past and now you have regrets, then you should try something magical that can make your parents trust on your once again. They will surely be in your side if you read dua to win trust with good intentions.

It hurts when you lose the trust of the family members. Nothing will work except this dua to win trust. There are so many men and women have tried this dua to win trust and got magical results. They have been living happily with their family members after resolving the trust issues.

If you want to win the trust of your spouse as you had extramarital affair in past but now it is over and you realized your mistake. It will be really difficult for you to get the trust back but if you go with dua to win trust, things can be quite easier in this case. You can make the most of the dua to win trust as it is all about making Allah happy. You can gain the trust of your life partner in no time with the help of this dua to win trust.

If you want to win the trust of your ex and want her back then also this dua to win trust will prove helpful. This is something that can be in your favour and Allah can fix trust issues of your life. You have to rely on the power of the dua to win trust.

Dua To Create Trust In Family

Family members make a happy family only after trusting on each other and loving each other. If there is no trust then there is not a happy family. If there are some trust issues among your family members, then you should take some possible action against it. There are so many people who realize their responsibilities have tried this dua to win trust and now they are living happily in their lives. You can try dua to create trust in family and make the most of it.

Things will be fixed automatically and you can have a good time. You can consult with an astrologer and get this dua to create trust in the family. This dua to create trust in the family will be effective only if you read it in the correct manner.  You may have to use some ingredients and rituals to make it successful.

look for an experienced astrologer to make the most of this trick. You cannot leave any stone unturned as it is all about your family and its relationships. knock the door of Allah as this is quite a simple way to make the life simpler and better, so go for dua to create trust in a family without any delay.

surely get favourable and positive results. You can make every family member reliable and love each other. You will be having a happy family without any issue so go for dua to create trust in the family. This is a safe and effective way to make things better. Now you need not to worry about trust issues among the family members, you can have the best solution in the form of dua to create trust in the family to go for it.

Dua To Restore Faith

Whether it is about your spouse or love partner, you can restore faith with the help of dua to restore faith. Some people who were faithful to you in past and now they don’t even believe on you, then this is really a serious issue. You might have done wrong to them or might have broken their trust.

This is not easy to restore trust or faith as it needs patience and efforts. If you regret your past mistakes and want to make people forgive you and start believing in you, then you can go for the spiritual way to make it possible.

There are so many men and women who have already tried it and now they are all set to go for a lovely relationship. Nothing comes easier in life and it needs good intentions. If you really feel guilty and have good intentions, then only you can restore the faith of the people.

You need to consult with an Islamic astrologer so that you can get dua to restore faith along with the right procedure to read it. Nothing can be difficult for you as you have an experienced astrologer to help you and make you read it in the right way. You can get the desired results only if you read this dua to restore faith without any doubt.

Everything will be simple and you realize the power of dua to restore faith. People will start believing in you and you can restore their faith in you once again.

You should not break the trust of people as this is really hard to restore it, so go for dua to restore faith and never make such mistakes again. It is hard to find someone who can believe in you to keep the people safe with you.

Dua For Increasing Faith

If you love someone and you want to increase faith then you should spend more time with him and make him realize how important a person is. There are so many love partners who feel the lack of faith in the relationships so they don’t figure out the main reason behind it.

If you are among the people who want to increase the faith, then you should look for some spiritual ways to make it possible. You can take the help of experienced astrologer so that you can make the most of it. Only an experienced astrologer can bring the right solution to you.

He will provide you dua for increasing faith that helps you get the right path that meets with Allah. Once you read this dua for increasing faith in the right manner, you can make Allah happy and get the right solution.

There are so many girls and boys tried this dua for increasing faith and now they are in happy and content relationships. You should avoid doubting on the power of dua for increasing faith, this will really prove helpful and effective as it has the power that makes you connected with Allah.

This dua for increasing faith is a right and safe way to get the results. Once you make Allah happy by reading this dua for increasing faith with full devotion, you will see the magical results happening in your life. T

here will be more love, faith and trust in the relationship and you will feel so many good things that make this relationship even better so go for dua for increasing faith. It is easy to read dua for increasing faith but without the correct procedure, you cannot get the desired results. Now you have the solution of trust issues so don’t wait and go for it.

Wazifa To Put Love In Someone’s Heart

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Har Bala Se Mehfooz Rehne Ki Dua

Har Bala Se Mehfooz Rehne Ki Dua 5/5 (10)

28/02/2019 Maulana 0

Har Bala Se Mehfooz Rehne Ki Dua

Har Bala Se Mehfooz Rehne Ki Dua, Zindagee hain to ulajhanen hain.  pareshaaniyaan hain aur kuchh had tak jaan ka khatara bhee hain. har saans hamaaree kisee jung se kaam nahee hain.

Aise mein kabhee kabaar pareshaan aur naummeed hona laazamee hain. agar aap zindagee ke aisee hee kisee mushkil daur se guzar rahe hain to apanee pareshaaniyaan allaah se baantiye. allaah har mushkilon se aapakee hifaazat karega. allaah tak apanee baat pahunchaane ke liye aapako har bala se mehfooz rehne ki dua karanee hogee.

Har Bala Se Mehfooz Rehne Ki Dua
Har Bala Se Mehfooz Rehne Ki Dua

Jab vaqt bura chal raha hota hai, to aksar har mod par museebaten milatee hain.  ham laakh koshishen karen, pareshaaniyaan hamaara peechha hee nahin chhodatee.  Parivaar mein tanaav , khaanadaanee masale, apanon kee sehat ya kaarobaar kee ulajhanen, insaan ke hisse  mushkilen kaam nahee aayee hain. kuchh log in mushkilon se ubhar paate hain.  magar bahut se aise bhee hain jo in mushkilon ke bhoj tel dab kar rah jaaten hain. Us par insaanon ke beech kee aapasee dushmanee mushkilon ko aur badha detee hain.

Har takleef se mehfooz rehne ki dua

Aise mein agar koee zindagee ke in ulajhanon ko hai to vo sirph Allaah hain. iseelie quraan mein bhee kaha gaya hai kee, apanee mushkilen allaah se baante. Allah aapakee har mod par madad karega.

Allaah se madad maangane ka tareeka behad aasaan hain. Aapako islaam ke saare rasm-o-rivaazon ka paalan karana hoga. Islaam mein paanch vaqt ka namaaz roz karana behad jaruree hain. Aise mein jab aap Har takleef se mehfooz rehne ki dua karenge to allaah aapakee saaree pareshaaniyaan door kar dega. Har baala se aapakee hiphaazat karega. Aapako aur aapake parivaar ko hamesha mehafooz rakhega.

Allah me sabke liye itna kuch diya hain ki kissi ko bhi kissi se cheene ki jarurat nahii padegi. Par aksar logon ki khudgarzi hume unhe auron se cheene ki aadi kar deti hain. Logon me khudgarzi ke saath jalan aur irsha bhi hoti hain, jo wo kissi ka accha nahii dekh paate. Agar unke aaspaas kissi ka kuchh accha ho raha ho, toh wo uss Khushi me khalal daalne ki khoshish karte hain. Aise logon se bachne ka ek hi tareeka hain. Allah se unki shikayat karein aur Har takleef se mehfooz rehne ki dua karke maange ki aapko aur aapke parivaar ko aise logon ki bhuri nazar se door rakkein. Allah kehta hai ki aapko kissi ka baura nahii karna hain. Koi aapka bura kar raha ho, toh Allah uske gunahon ka hisaab lega.


  • Din ke  paancho  namaaz ke  baad,  is rasm ko ada karana hain  –
  • Sab se pahale naha le aur theek se vuzoo karen.
  • Har bala se mehfooz rehne ki duashuroo karane se pahale apane paas ek kora kaagaz aur neem ke ped kee chhotee see daalee rakhen.
  • Har bala se mehfooz rehne ki duake liye, aapako apane kamare mein ek mehafooz khona chunana hoga aur usase dua padhane se pahale saaf karana hoga roz.
  • Ab kaagaz ke pain par un sabhee baaton ka jikr keejiye jin ke vajah se aapako pareshaanee ho rahee hain. vo chaahe ko insaan ho ya koee   maajara ya koee vaaqiya.  unaka jikr karen.
  • Ab, sabase pahale Durood-e-Shareef, 11 martaba
  • Usake baad Surah Kausar, 11 martaba
  • Phir “bismallah hirr’hmaan nirr’haiaim”, 1000 martaba    har baar padhane ke baad,  neem kee daalee par gaharee saans lekar phoonke.
  • Ab niche die gae har bala se mehfooz rehne ki dua padhe –

allahumm munzilal-kitab, wa mujriyas-sahab,

wa hazimal-ahzab, ihzimhum wansurn alaihim 

wa khash atil aswatu lir-raihmani fal tasm u ill hams

  • Ab aakhir mein dobaara Durood-e-Shareef, 11 martaba   aisa karate vaqt, neem kee daalee ko kaagaz kee satah par halake se ragade.
  • Ab is neem kee daalee aur kaagaz ko saath mein lapet kar kisee mehafooz jagah par rakhen, jahaan ye kisee ke haath na lag sake.

Dushmano se mehfooz rehne ki dua

Quraan mein aise kaheen wazifa aur duaahon ka jikr hain jinhe agar sahee tareeke se ada kiya jaaye to insaan ko kabhee koee mushkil nahin hogee.  Par aksar hame in baaton ka ilm nahee hota. aur agar todee bahut jaanakaaree hotee bhee hain to vah muqammal nahee hotee. Aisa mein aksar ham dua ya wazifa padhane mein galatee kar jaate hain aur phir kahate hain kee allaah ne meree nahee sunnee.

Agar  aapako  dushmano se mehfooz rehne ki dua karanee hain  to  pahale apanee khareeb ke maulavee jee se baat karein.  jarurat padhee to Islaamee Jyotish se bhee milie.  Ye log aapako dushmano se mehfooz rehne ki dua karane ka sahee tareeka bataenge.

Islaamee Jyotish aapakee jarurat ke hisaab se aapako har bala se mehfooz rehne ki dua adaa karane ke aur tareeken bhee bata sakata hain. Aapakee  jarurat ke hisaab se jyotish aapako taaveez pahan ne kee salaah bhee de sakate hain. Ye taaveez dushmano se mehfooz rehne ki dua padh kar banaayeen jaatee hain aur iseelie ye har baala se aapakee hifaazat karega.

Dua For Good Sale In Shop

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Dua For Good Sale In Shop

Dua For Good Sale In Shop 5/5 (26)

23/02/2019 Maulana 0

Dua For Good Sale In Shop

Dua For Good Sale In Shop Today i will provide you a perfect dua, if Someone Opening A Business then use it. This dua provide Barkat In New Business and your Business To Do Well, this dua is for Business To Prosper. our wazifa is genuine and provide Increase Sale In Shop, it also solve business Problems. we also provide you Surah to Business Improvement and Attract Customers, so use our dua to Barkat In Shop and Success In Shop.

Owning a business is not an easy ordeal. Only the brave venture into this path less traveled, for uneasy lies the head that wears the crown. A businessman or an entrepreneur is responsible for the livelihoods of others in addition to one’s own self.

Naturally, the stress of running a business is daunting when business goes stagnant for long. Whether you own a store, run an office or have a business, you have encountered all sort of challenges. Most critical of it all is the challenge of driving new sales and clients. But Allah favors those who march forth bravely and venture into an endeavor that helps many. So, if you have challenges driving in sales, use the dua for a good sale in the shop.

Dua For Good Sale In Shop
Dua For Good Sale In Shop

Whether you are working alone or having a staff, every day the challenge is to build capital to sustain the business.  And given the growing competition in the market today, it never gets easy. But where humans fail, Allah succeeds. Allah has laid out blueprints for success by way of the dua for a good sale in the shop.

Dua for success in business

The daily struggle of dealing with errands of business sometimes takes all your time. Since you own the business your responsibility is bigger than anyone else. You don’t even get time to breathe. Because you are working 24×7 on building your business. This often leads to you missing out on some of the necessities of the business. For instance, sales and marketing.  You have developed a good product or service. You have hired the best people to do the job. But unless you are able to sell your products /services, there’s no future. To ensure that this doesn’t happen, you can use the dua for a good sale in the shop.

But just by chanting the duas you won’t get a result. You must make sure that every member of your crew follows the good business practice. Irrespective of what they believe in, they must be sincere and honest with their work. A good business practice is, therefore, a must, in order to get maximum benefit out of the dua for a good sale in the shop. Therefore, wherever possible, you must lead by example. The staff follows the boss naturally. Practice discipline and genuineness in all your dealings. And make your staff do the same. Encourage your staff to contribute in terms of ideas to generate more business. An involved staff gives more productive than an ignored staff.

Dua for barakah in business

Always, before such staff meeting, perform the dua for a good sale in the shop. This will help you gain the trust and dedication of your staff. Their work is what decides the fate of your business. It also decides if your clients will be happy doing business with you. When clients are happy with your business, they will refer more clients to you and your business will flourish.


Perform this dua at your place of work. Preferably before opening the office/shop.

  1. Begin the holy ritual by proper wuzu.
  2. Start by chanting – “BismillahirRah’maanirRah’eem
  3. Then initiate the wazifa by reciting Durood-e-Shareef 3 times.
  4. Now, recite the dua for a good sale in the shop, continuously for 33 times.

ash-hadu al laailaahaillallaahuwah’dahoolaashareekalahoowa ash-hadu anna muh’ammadans’allallaahua’layhiwaaaliheea’bduhoowarasooluhooallaahumamainnee as-aluka min faz’likarizqanh’alaalant’ayyibanwa a-o’od’ubika min an az’lima aw uz’lamawa a-o’od’ubika min s’afqatinkhaasiratinwayameeninkaad’ibatin

Recite again Durood-e-Shareef 3 times.

  1. Close your eyes and pray to Allah for prosperity in Business, then blow on your palm and touch the cash counter of your business enterprise.

Additionally, every day as you step into your place of work, recite in your heart the following dua for a good sale in the shop:


falanabrah’alardah’attaayaadhana lii abii aw yahkumallaahu lii wahuwakhairulh’aakimeen

Wealth and Prosperity come to those who make good use of it. Allah favors the ones, who share their blessings. Indulge in charity as you prosper and help the needy ones whenever you can. This is the fastest way to get in Allah’s grace.

Dua to increase Sale In Shop

Also, keep in mind, that you need to be a devout follower of Allah’s preaching in order to receive his blessings. Be religious about your daily 5 prayers. Regularly consult your local Moulvi and seek guidance about the dua for a good sale in the shop. You can also approach an Islamic Astrologer and take help to get an energized Taveez for your workplace using the dua for a good sale in the shop.

This will keep your workplace pure and attract more business even in your absence. The Astrologer can perform a more specific dua for a good sale in the shop, depending upon your exact expectations. This will help you flourish faster in business as well as grow in life.

Dua For Success In Shop

Everyone wants to have a successful business and it really needs hard work and patience. You have to work on so many areas to yield the profit. There are so many people who have just opened their shop want to have a prosperous business. They are really worried about the profit. If you are among such people who have started the shop and looking for success, then you should look for an expert who can provide you the right and most effective dua for success in the shop.

Dua For Good Sale In Shop

If you have any issue associated with business and shop, this dua for success in shop help diminish them. You can get luxurious and facilities by getting lots of profits from the shop, you just need to rely on the power of the dua for success in the shop. This is the spiritual way that connects your soul with Allah. You can ask Allah to help you and provide you the best opportunities to earn great benefits from the shop.

If you read this dua for success in shop properly, you will learn so many things about the spiritual world. You will experience the positive circumstances that help to grow your business and success in the shop. You have to make Allah pleased with your efforts and dua for success in the shop. Nothing can come easier than dua for success in the shop.

This is the right dua for Barkat in the shop. You will see some positive changes in the form of satisfied customers. More customers will get attracted to your shop and products. You will have a great reputation and everyone will talk about your business. This can be magical for you but yes this is true. If you read this dua for success in the shop, you will get such magical results.

Dua For Barkat In Shop

I have started my shop 3 years back and I have constant earning and growth. I don’t know how to increase profit and make more money. This constant earning from a shop is not going to provide me a great future. I want more customers to get attracted to my shop and provide me the chance to serve them better.

I have tried so many ways to make people aware of my business but I did not get any fruitful consequences. Now, I have decided to try some amazing tricks to get the things settled in my favor. Is there any technique to get a successful business? Is there any option to make the people attracted to my shop? I really want a magical way that can prove beneficial for my business.

Yes, you can get this magical way in the form of dua for Barkat in the shop. You have to request Allah to offer you Barkat in the shop. He is the only power that decides your faith. If you make Allah please you can have a good life ahead. This dua for Barkat in the shop will surely offer you an opportunity to get connected with Allah and make him happy. If you read this dua for Barkat in the shop with good intentions then nobody can stop you from getting what you want from Allah.

If you have a successful business and your shop runs in a great way, then your all business issues will get resolved automatically and this is what you want. You have to rely on dua for Barkat in the shop and read it without any doubt as Allah will not hear your request. You have to try dua for Barkat in the shop as it is all about your dreams, shop and luxurious life.

Dua To Attract Customers

so many shops in the street and every shop has lots of customers except mine.  really waiting for good customers. been in the same business for the last five years and I have not observed the decent growth in my business or shop. put my best efforts to run the shop successfully and get lots of satisfied customers but now I am fed up. really want some sort of help to attract customers.

There are so many other shop owners nearby who have decent shop profit and many satisfied clients as well. We have the same products but still, I have no customers. I am ready to try each and every technique to make my shop more popular and yield more profit. Is there any decent option to make it possible? Will it be possible for me to get lots of satisfied and returning customers?

Well, you are stressed and a little worried about business growth. But, you have the finest option to try. You should try dua to attract customers. This is a powerful and magical tool that is only associated with genuine intentions and positive results. You should read this dua to attract customers with full faith so that Allah can hear you and accept your prayers. This is a safe and amazing way to make Allah please and happy with your efforts.

If you believe in the power of dua to attract customers and read it without any doubt, you will surely get the desired results.  You will see new customers attracting towards your shop. Some sort of positive changes will be there so try dua to attract customers and get ready to see the magical results.

Surah For Business Improvement

Most of the business owners are not able to deal with complicated business issues. Whether you are having a small, medium or large business, you need to work hard to establish a business. You have to face the challenges and work on the situations where you find yourself down.

There are so many business owners who have tried some amazing tricks to make their business successful and improved. If you are among the business owners who really want to grow the business and boost the profit anyhow, then you should get ready to try surah for business improvement.

You need to consult with a specialist and get the right surah for business improvement and procedure to work on it.  This is all about connecting with Allah and gets the solution of all the issues related to your business or shop.

There are some people who have tried their hands on such techniques and they left no stone unturned and now they are successful businessmen. We can make the most of such options like surah for business improvement as there is no harm in using surah for business improvement.

You put your life in your business and you have complete right to take your business decisions. If it is all about the business problems then Allah can only provide you the riddance from business issues by mending your ways.  If someone has to bind your business then also you get rid of it.  You can try this surah for business improvement to make some sort of improvement in the sale, profit, lead, and conversation.

Allah can provide you a solution for almost all business associated problems but you should have faith in his powers. This surah for business improvement can prove beneficial for you and your business.

Dua For Business Problems

Are you facing business issues? Are you stressed and worried about the day to day increasing rival? What is bothering you? There may be the so many business issues that you are fighting with but you need not be disappointed. Some business issues are easy to handle while some need your whole life.  If you are worried about the competition and now you are looking for the best strategies to lead the competition, then you need to try some amazing techniques.

If it is all about your business reputation then also you have to put your best efforts. Some business owners may also face the issue of lack of clients or unsatisfied clients. These are the common issues and you have to try some sort of magic trick to make the most of it. You need to consult with a Molvi and get the right dua for business problems.

This dua for business problems can be most amazing and you will find yourself more relieved from many of the business issues.  If you read this dua for business problems in right manner and using the right procedure then only you can expect the result.

You have to keep your mind and soul clean while reading this dua for business problems else results will not be in your favor. Many business owners have become successful in regaining lost business reputation and clients. You can also get all the business issues fixed with the help of dua for business problems.

If you read dua for business problems with good intentions, Allah will hear you and provide you solution of all your business issues. You cannot expect the results without putting your best efforts in making Allah hear you and accept your prayers.

Wazifa For Increase Sale In Shop

Most of the people who have their shops, they need constant sale and customers. They cannot wait for a longer time as it will make them disappointed. If you have a shop in the main market then it is easier to get the customers and increase the sale but if you have a shop is not so popular region then you have to struggle to get customers and increase sale.

No doubt, everyone wants a running shop and many satisfied and new customers. If you have struggled a lot in getting customers and increased sale then you should try wazifa for increase sale in the shop.

You should meet with wazifa expert and get this amazing wazifa for increase sale in the shop and its procedure to perform it. Some shop owners get this wazifa for increase sale in the shop and perform in the wrong way and then they complain of not getting the results. Actually, the way to perform it should be right; you should not avoid performing it using the right ingredients, rituals, and procedures.

Some shop owners have already got results after using wazifa to increase sale in the shop and they have increased the sale. Now they have taken their businesses to the next level and same you can also do with the help of wazifa for increase sale in the shop.

This wazifa is associated with the supernatural powers of the Universe and you cannot doubt its abilities to bring results. It can turn your business into a successful business and you will be happy and satisfied with the results so don’t wait and try this wazifa for increase sale in the shop.

Allah can help you in increasing sale and business; you just need to learn how to make Allah hear your request.

Dua For Business To Prosper

tarted my own clothing business last year and I want to boost my sale and business progress.  have been constantly putting my efforts into promoting things and much more. set my own goals and now I want to achieve my business objectives. tried so many tricks to grow my business my growth is steady. want my business to prosper and there should be a decent growth this year. not getting the expected returns on my investment.

Although I know it takes time but in spite of putting the best efforts and money, I want some sort of benefit.   I really need something magical to happen so that things can get fixed automatically. I have been dealing with rivals, changing trends, customers, market ups and downs and much more.

Dua For Good Sale In Shop

I need to maintain my positive reputation in front of my customers. Is there any safe and effective way to make the business grow at a fast pace? I am really looking for the amazing tricks that can allow me to boost my business benefit and success.

Well, this kind of stress and tension is normal and every businessman wants to grow the business and benefits as well. You should look for the dua for business to prosper as it can be an amazing way to deal with the business problems.

Dua For Good Sale In Shop

You can take your business to the next level and reach the goals with full confidence if you read this dua for business to prosper successfully. There are so many people who have already used this trick and now they have set their business to the top level and they come under the category of top rated business persons.

Dua For Business To Do Well

A business is considered well settled when you get good returns on your investment. You might have set your business and now you are not getting good returns then it can be a big issue. A businessman has own objective to be achieved and he may face lots of issues in achieving these business goals. Some people work really hard to set their business but they did not get succeed.

If you are among such businessmen and want to do their business do well, then you should consult with an experienced Molvi. He will suggest you some tricks to work on to get rid of the business issues. You can try dua for business to do well as this is the only spiritual way to knock the door of Allah and ask him for the help.

Allah has created this universe and he has provided you the abilities to do good or bad. If you have lost faith in Allah, you will be finished soon. You have to make Allah hear your dua for business to do well and accept your prayers.

Once Allah gets happy and satisfied with your efforts, nobody can stop you from getting the best results. With the blessings of Allah, you will have good profits and ROI. You will be quite able to set your business and get satisfied customers.

need to read this dua for business to do well with faith and wholeheartedly. You should avoid doubting the power of dua for business to do well as it can be the best way to get the best results. This is all about your business and dua for business to do well can be a safe way to deal with business issues.

Dua For Barkat In New Business

I have set my new jewelry business and I have good experience in this field. worked in so many jewelry companies and showrooms in my city and now  opened my own showroom. don’t know if I will reach the top level or achieve my goals, but I will work hard to get the best returns. I have invested a lot and hired so many people as staff.

Now I really need to work hard to earn a profit so that I may get the best results and continue with this business. am very nervous as I have set up the new business and this stress sometimes becomes the main cause of my nervousness. and I am a little bit nervous and it seems my self-confidence is going down. now I really want something that makes me believe that my business will flourish and it will reach to the next level soon.

If you have set up the new business and now you are worried about the returns and stability then you need not worry about. You need to consult your business issue with a Molvi. He will offer you dua for Barkat in new business that you can read to make your business grow at a fast pace.

If you read this dua for Barkat in new business in a proper manner then you can get the best results in the form of sale and profit. People will start visiting your showroom and you will get many customers in a short span of time. Once your business gets set up, it will become popular with the help of dua for Barkat in new business. You have to keep faith in Allah and dua for Barkat in new business.

Dua For Someone Opening A Business

My friend is going to open a shop and start his new business and I am very much worried about his future. I really appreciate his decision to start a new business but I am not sure about the sale and profit. I really want him to grow with this business but there are no guaranteed results or fixed income. When you start your own business you have to put your best efforts to earn for yourself as well as for your staff.

He has hired some workers too for the support and I want him to work hard and earn a lot of profit. Is there any way to make his business grow at a fast pace? Can I do something for your business success? I am really looking for some sort of help that proves beneficial in making your business successful.

Well, you seem a good friend and you have genuine and good intentions. You seem a person with a good heart and soul. You can consult with a Molvi and get dua for someone opening a business. This dua for someone opening a business can help you and your friend. Allah can help genuine people and you are among such nice people.

You just need to read this dua for someone opening a business in a proper manner. Once you become successful in making Allah happy and satisfied with your efforts, Allah can make everything easier for your friend.

You need to believe in the power of Allah and dua for someone opening a business. This is a safe and effective way to do so. You can try this dua for someone opening a business for anyone opening a business. This is a magical way that helps connect you with the supreme power of this universe.

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Salatul Istikhara for Divorce

Salatul Istikhara for Divorce 5/5 (10)

19/02/2019 Maulana 0

Salatul Istikhara for Divorce

Istikhara for Divorce- A marriage begins with a lot of happiness but usually ends at a bitter note. Like two fighting friends, after signing a piece of paper become enemies forever. Well, this narrative might satisfy a child, convincingly. But, we all know the reality is way too harsher than it appears. In our society, divorce will always remain a taboo. A thing which is so heartlessly looked down upon. And, what else do you expect! When they can’t give you a choice in your marriage, then certainly you don’t have one in your divorce too.

Salatul Istikhara for Divorce
Salatul Istikhara for Divorce

The option of separation in Islam is given, but as a last resort. When the husband and wife have tried all the possible ways to keep their marriage and failed. When all the attempts of reconciliation are of no use. So it is prescribed to separate in a peaceful way. Without harming each other, mentally and emotionally.

Istikhara for marriage separation

So, unfortunate it is, we use our religion according to our comfort. Both the sides take those things out which are given, but in a molded way. To, Allah, the house with a happy marriage and a thriving family is an example of heaven on earth. That is why it is prescribed to make all the possible attempts to stay. But, at the same time this staying and compromising doesn’t mean suffering. If you are the one struggling in your marriage and seeking a way out. Then you are certainly not committing a crime here.

Society is judgmental but fortunately, Allah is not. If you are marriage is not comforting anymore, then do get out of it. The decision of getting a divorce should be your and your partner’s alone. People around you will add only fuel to the fire. If you are in a fix and your mind is still clouded. don’t need to worry. Allah will solve it in no time for you. All you have to do is to see your absolute good. Your happiness and your interest should be the primary priority.

Istikhara for marriage problems

When we age, then with us too our relations also age. The love which you had in the initial phase of your marriage is gone and then slowly steadily, friction emerges. You start fighting on the smallest of issues and blame each other on smallest of mistakes. And in the times we live and the society we are from, the wife suffers the most. Being a woman, life has always been harsher on her, especially when she is a divorcee. Life inside the marriage is no less than hell for her and outside of it, is the worst. So no matter what, decide for yourself what you exactly want.

If marriage happens between the two people, then divorce should happen between the two people alone. It is their personal decision and an utterly private one. More people in it will make the matters worst for no good. If people around you are enhancing your misery instead of helping you, then it is suggested, don’t involve them. Discuss your issues with your immediate family like your parents and In-Laws. And, to refer to their advice as they are your elders and have seen the life in a better way.

Istikhara dream for divorce

When such situation arises in front of us then we usually act as deaf and blind. No matter how much people try to convince us or show us the alternative path, we stay unmoved. Their advice seem to us an encroachment and nothing else. You are taking the divorce to pull yourself out of the choking marriage of yours for your own betterment. But life is uncertain and who knows it become a real mess after getting a divorce.

Before we cross a road we look on both the sides to ensure our maximum safety. This is something which you have to do before getting a divorce. Look at all the option available to you. Divorce is not an end of your life. You both will continue to live and only your ways will be parted. So, how you are going to do that is something which you have to think. And, it is indeed going to be way more difficult for the girl than the boy.

Take refuge in Allah and he will ease all the difficulties you are facing. And Istikhara is one such way to do it. Salat Al-Istikharais a prayer recited when there is a need to seek guidance of Allah.Divorce is no easy a decision and all the scholars prescribe to do the Salatul Istikhara for Divorce, before getting a divorce. Allah’s path is always the soothing and comforting one. And his decision will never disappoint you. Inshallah after doing the Istikhara whatever decision you will take; you won’t regret that.



It is always prescribed that one should perform the Istikhara Namaz after the Fajr Namaz, so plan it that way only. If you want Allah to show you the signs to keep your marriage or get out of it then do perform it. And you will get all your answers. He has the knowledge of the past and of the future and he is indeed the ultimate guide.

The Procedure is as follows:

  • First perform the fresh ablution or the wudu, even if you are just done with your fajr namaz.
  • Begin your prayers again and recite Surah Fatiha.
  • Now recite, Surah ak-Kafirun.
  • Again Surah Fatiha and Surah Al-Ikhlas.
  • Now recite the Istikhara supplication.

You can make the Salatul Istikhara for Divorce whenever you need to take a difficult decision in your life. When you don’t know which way you have to go.

Make your usual prayers daily and in every namaz ask Allah for his help. Make legitimate dua to him. Confide in him fully and with all your faith. He is the knower of all and will ease all your troubles soon. Have a little patience and don’t act impulsively. These matters will take time and you have to give the required time. So be it. May Allah put you out of misery soon. Ameen.


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Dua to Make Friendship Stronger

Dua to Make Friendship Stronger 4.82/5 (22)

16/02/2019 Maulana 0

Dua to Make Friendship Stronger

Powerful Dua to Make Friendship Stronger- There are many ways we can define the term Make Friendship Stronger.  Friendship is a significant settled life bonding between two people.  It is a special relationship that makes them reunited in life forever. True friends are those who often come to the rescue of their friends.  They set examples to their dear one.  A true friend never does any harm to their close buddies.

Dua to Make Friendship Stronger
Dua to Make Friendship Stronger

Therefore friendship relation remains unaffected to the rest of their life. But there are ways like accepting the dua to make friendship stronger. The dua will immensely contribute to increasing friendship among friends. True friends can be formed by exchanging each other problem matter in life. Both friends can share their life struggle.  A true friend is one who helps and stands in support of their dear one in their crisis situation.  Often the meaning of friendship is catered to how one can trust the fellow friends when the situation demands.

Help and support each other- Friendship is formed when two person mindset and way of thinking are the same. They both think the same way of exchanging sameness and equally defend each other decision making in life. Therefore there is a constant faith and trust in their life cycle.  A true friend never intends to do a bad thing for their fellow person. Instead of that, they come to support and make their bonding truly effective and long-lasting.

Dua for friendship problems

They can also lend support of dua for friendship problems. Whenever any crisis situation does come in someone life, a true friend can help them by volunteering and support their needs. Often true friend is hard to find. But if anyone wants to do friendship then they should believe and trust remains intact for a lifetime.

Contribution in bad times- There will be times when you will face struggle and clueless about where to get a life solution. You can refer to anybody to help you out. Those times you will see someone is offering to consult or seek suggestion about how to move ahead in life.  It is a good sign that you have friends who do care about your eventful life cycle. He can be your family friends or he knows you personally.

Helpful guidance can help your bad time to recover completely. Dua to make friendship stronger is recommended for strengthening the friendship relation a bit longer.  Supportive friends often come to support their friends and provide a real-time solution. It might happen that you need to get help from someone else. That moment your close friends will contribute to some extent. Financial help they can also lend support and make your concern life rather stress free.

Dua to mend friendship

Situational and supportive hands – If you are trying to make new friends then both can share their feeling and prefer liking to each other. This way both can able to understand what their common mindset is. Friends are not limited to family friends but in workstation fellow employee also can be someone friends after knowing each other.

In workstation, your colleagues and fellow friends also can be your true friends. Cohesive unit and contribution in each other emergency needs are some of the qualities that a true friendship commonly has.  People that do believe in dua and its magical spell also do dua to mend friendship.   Friends always come to the rescues whenever the urgent needs of their dear one. Continuous morale support and financial help both friends can depend upon each other.

Morale boosting and positive individual – When the odds are against you, there would be some negative feelings are formed in someone mindset. But your friends can alter your way of thinking by offering positive and encouraging support all the time. After the support hand, you will be a completely different person and confident individual. Dua to make friendship stronger people do find rather possible in their life. Every individual does go through ups and down life.

Dua to keep friendship

Therefore, sharing the past life experience would let you take a brave decision in life. A true friend would not hesitate to talk about the good thing about you. You will get charged up and confident enough to sort out any personal life issues in a dominant way. Friends remain forever in your life and they will do have a strong bonding to help you in your struggling life period.

How much friendship exist in people life – Friendship is a term that truly appropriates for people that bonds a special relationship to their dear one. Often misunderstanding and personal egos tend to make the wrong steps.  You can eliminate such kind of unwanted circumstance by reading dua to keep friendship.

After all, your future life hangs on how well you keep the friendship relationship continues. A close friend knows your weakness and strength well. He also suggests you for your betterment in the future life. Therefore you can take on the spot decision making rather confidently as well as smartly.  Friendship word is a common example of how your best buddies bond together in a strong and united relationship.


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Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal

Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal 5/5 (13)

15/02/2019 Maulana 0

Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal

Its very great Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal to get marry of own choice. We all have a right to choice and to take important decisions of our lives. And marriage is indeed one such decision. We all wants to get married to that person who is compatible enough for us, who is best for us in all possible ways, who have same likes and dislikes as us. But marriage in our community in our community is no easy task and requires the approval of the entire family. That decision is never our own in a way, our elders and parents think that knows the best for us and have the liberty to take the decisions which ideally should be our own.

Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal
Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal

The situation gets worse when we try to have a say in it. When we all reach an age, right enough to get married we all have a set picture of our, to be partners already. Most of the time we have someone already entered into our hearts. We want that person to be our life partner. If it is the same case with you and you too want get married to the person of your choice. To the one you have lost your heart and think he or she is right for you. then believe me you should. And if your heart and steps are genuine. Sure then Inshallah Allah will help you out and ease your way too.

Pasand ki shadi ka wazifa

pasand ki shadi ka wazifa But, life is not that kind and even if you like a person and if that person likes you too. then also there are many hurdles you tend to face. At times there are families which just don’t approve or the person. who you marry doesn’t like you back. Well in that case it is always worth a try, at least you can go and let the person know about your feelings. Your genuine efforts are needed here but remember. In such cases you cannot and should not force anyone. At the end, only that will happen which is destined for you and what Allah think is in your best of interest.

Communication is always the best remedy. You should try to convince you parents and family by putting forward your point and letting them know why and how desperately you want that person in your life. At times we assume things and make situation more difficult when the solution is just simple and right in front of us. And while you are doing all this you can always seek Allah’s help. As he is the mighty one and knower of all the secrets, he is aware of our deepest of desires and nothing is hidden from.

Apni pasand ki shadi ki dua

If he finds your heart clean and noble then surely he will remove all the hurdles from your path. Be patient, do a legitimate Dua and always remember that he is the only one who can turn impossible into the possible and make things happen which is out of all our control. Your doubt in him will lead you nowhere but even a little faith will mend all your broken efforts. Be a person of faith and Allah the almighty will never disappoint you.

Pasand ki shadi ka Qurani amal- Marriage and everything related to it has to be filled with happiness and if it happens between people who are already in love with each other and between people who always wanted to marry each other, then the experience feels all the more serene and the happiness triples. You want to capture each and every moment of it and remember it for the rest of your life. If you want all this to happen to you and you seek Allah’s help in this regard, then why not. He always supports a genuine heart and if you have one then he will support you too.


Quran doesn’t disapprove of the marriage which involves love but ask you to act within the boundaries and seek legitimate means.


Procedure for the shadi amal:

  • You should do this amal after the Isha Namaz, in the night.
  • In the beginning, first recite the Durood Shareef for the 11 times.
  • Then recite this surah for 313 times, “Ya sattaral ayyubi Ya musabbabal asbabi waiyyaka nastaino ya hayyo ya kayyomu birehmatika astageeso”.
  • After that again recite Durood Shareef for the 11 times.
  • And till the time you get the approval for your marriage repeat it daily and Inshallah you will get the results in your favour soon.


Always remember this thing that Allah and his path are the noble one and you will be supported in your actions. desires only if they are in sync with his ways.

Jaldi pasand ki shadi ka wazifa

Before you call for his help, he is ready to help you much before that. In all your troubles he keeps a stand in your favour. the key here for you is to do a legitimate dua to him. Communicate to him all your troubles and confide in him as he will never return you empty handed. He has mysterious ways to function and we at times think that things are not going in our favour but when the right time comes. everything get into your favour automatically. So stop sweating and do what you should.

Allah is the merciful being and will always listen to you. In every namaz ask for his help and he will ease your way no matter what. You just keep on making the genuine effort from your side. You can also recite the “Ayatal kursi” and the “Durood shareef” as they are the natural facilitator and will remove all the hurdles which are restricting your path naturally. The help from Allah comes when you need it the most and when you are not expecting it. So, be patient no matter what, what you are seeing as delay is just the right time. Keep your faith intact and inshallah only that will happen what you want and you will have that beloved person in your life soon. May Allah be your side always. Ameen.


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Wazifa for Barkat in Rizq

Wazifa For Barkat In Rizq 5/5 (16)

13/02/2019 Maulana 0

Wazifa for Barkat in Rizq

Wazifa For Barkat In Rizq or Business provide you Barkat In Money, this also Increase In Rizq Wealth. And remove Rizq Bandish, use this wazifa for For Abundance In Rizq, Barkat In Rozi, Barkat In House and Barkat In The Shop. we also supply Rizq E Halal or Rizq And Success.

Every individual and every family crave to live a life of comfort, wealth and prosperity. It’s in our core nature to ask for all good things in life. After all, we are children to Allah and children love to be comforted and protected. Allah also wants to pamper his children as long as they are deserving of his love and blessings.

For those, who stay on Allah’s path and steer clear of any act of sin and corruption, Allah makes sure such devout individuals remain in his grace and enjoy the bounties of life. So as long as you refrain from the corruption of your soul, you can ask for Allah’s blessings by using the wazifa for Barkat in rizq.

Wazifa for Barkat in Rizq
Wazifa for Barkat in Rizq

Raising a family in today’s world is one of the biggest challenges every bread-earner faces today. As the patriarch of the family, we want every family member to live a comfortable and luxurious life. For achieving this, you can use the wazifa for Barkat in rizq. By performing this prayer ritual, you are asking Allah to keep his blessings on you and family and lead you to a life of wealth and richness.

Dua for barkat in salary

The dua for barkat in salary is one of the most effective duas prescribed by the Quran and the prophets. By performing this ritual, we make ourselves eligible for Allah’s grace.

Everything we need, have a price. Even to get a bottle of water for your child, when traveling, you have to pay a fee. That is the world we live in. To survive and flourish in such a world, one needs a reliable source of wealth and income. Using the dua for barkat in salary puts you on the path of prosperity. It transforms your thoughts and actions in such a way that every thought and every action of yours will yield a positive result ensuring maximum success in your endeavors.

Allah though is all-forgiving and generous, does abide by his own law and never favors those who seek his help with bad intent. Allah never supports negative feelings such as greed and lust. For Allah to accept one’s prayer, one must be deserving of his grace.

Also, Allah always delivers at the right time, never before and never after. And this is where most people lose faith. They don’t realize that Allah is giving them what they deserve and often more than they asked for. Keep your faith on Allah and perform the wazifa for Barkat in rizq with utmost sincerity and you will see the miracle happening right before your eyes. All that you thought to be impossible will suddenly start becoming possible.

Wazifa for increase in rizq wealth and financial help

When you use the wazifa for increase in rizq wealth and financial help. the destiny starts working in your favor. providing you with maximum opportunity to grow and even remove hurdles from your path so you can continue moving ahead. The wazifa not just transforms your work life but also heals your personal life, infusing more love and happiness among family members. Any issues that may be bothering any family member will be resolved when you continue to use the wazifa for increase in rizq wealth and financial help over a longer period of time.


  1. Always begin the ritual after you have done proper wuzu.
  2. Begin the process by chanting any verse from Durood-e-Shareef, 21 times.
  3. Then chant the following dua 41 times consequently.

“subhanallah wabihamdihisubhan allahilazeem wabihamdihi astagfirullah”

  1. Then recite the following dua for 11 consecutive times

yaa allaho, yaa allaho, yaa allaho,yaa rabi, yaa rabi, yaa rabi,yaa hayyul yaa qayyum’e,yaa zuljalal’e  wal ik’raam’e,as’aloka be’ismekal azeem’al aazam’eantarzuqni  rizqan  halaalan  tayyeban be’rehmateka  ya  arhamar  rahemeen salawaat 

  1. Finally, conclude by chanting again any verse from Durood-e-Shareef, 21 times.
  2. In addition to performing the above wazifa for Barkat in rizq, you must chant “Ya Wahabbu” for 1400 times throughout the day.

Seeking Allah’s blessings is both easy and difficult. Anyone can perform the ritual for wazifa for Barkat in rizq. But Allah exercises discretion while granting prayer. As long as one remains pure and truthful, Allah will grant every wish one deserves.

Yet, one must ask for Allah what one wants through a specific way. All duas, including the wazifa for Barkat in rizq are means of getting your message to Allah. But in addition to performing the ritual, one most infuse one’s dedication and passion into the request. That’s when Allah acknowledges the prayers.

If you need help, you can always consult the local Moulvi and seek guidance as to how to go about the wazifa for Barkat in rizq. Alternatively, you can also approach an Islamic Astrologer, who can provide you with a Taveez empowered by the wazifa for Barkat in rizq.

By wearing the Taveez you will be able to achieve the same result as doing the wazifa yourself. You and your family member’s life will be blessed with infinite wealth and long-lasting prosperity.

Powerful Wazifa For Barkat In Business

Powerful wazifa for Barkat in business, everyone in the business field either he is doing the small level business of the multinational level venture; they need to achieve success in their business to see a profit. Business should run in a smooth and successful way to fulfill all their life needs.

If you own a business and if it goes good it is really fine you can soon develop it into a big level. People start their own venture with lots and lots of dreams. They will also work very hard to take their business to the targeted level.

Of course, no business owner wishes to see his business coming down. In case if you are experiencing little bad changes in your business and you need to fix a problem with the help of here is the amazing solution. The wazifa for Barkat in business is one of the amazing methods to achieve success in your business.

Just imagine you work very hard to develop your business, you never consider the time and work day and nights to achieve success or to grab a particular project. Even after working very sincere and hard if you didn’t reach the targeted goal what will you do? What will you think about the result? This happens only due to bad luck and destiny.

The only way to set right the problems that happen to you due to bad luck is the wazifa for Barkat in business. Contact the wazifa expert and get the wazifa for achieving success in your business. Sure with the help of wazifa, you can easily achieve success in your business. The only thing you must do is have faith in God and wazifa. Perform the wazifa sincerely and soon you will see good results in your business and you can easily take your business to the next level.

Wazifa For Barkat In Money

Who says no for money? Everyone wish to earn enough money in their life to fulfill all their family needs. Individuals work very hard without considering day and nights only to earn money and to lead a happy and peaceful life. After finishing their studies you will not wait even a moment to join in a new job or you will start your own startup to earn more money. Everyone in this world run behind money to lead a happy and peaceful life.

If you earn more money you can easily fulfill all your family needs, if not it will create more problems in your life. Just think what and how it will be if you did not offer simple and basic needs to your family due to lack of money? Definitely, you will lose respect within your family.

There is elderly say that money makes everything and at the same time money breaks everything. If you have money you will have everything in your life. If you don’t have money you will have nothing in your life.

As discussed above people work very hard to earn money. Some will easily earn money without trying very hard. They join a good job or they start their own venture and move on in their life like anything. They will never turn back into their lives again. God has showered them great blessings to earn endless money in their life to lead a peaceful and luxurious lifestyle.

In the case of some, it is totally different even after working so hard they will not have a chance to earn enough money to keep their family happy. This happens to them purely because of bad luck, here is an amazing way to eliminate bad luck completely from your destiny. The wazifa for Barkat in money will help you to eliminate bad luck and help you to earn more money.

Wazifa For Rizq Bandish

Wazifa for rizq bandish, rizq means nourishment and fortune; some of the cruel-hearted people will never tolerate the success of their friends or relatives. They will always think about creating hurdles in the life of others by performing black magic on them.

These types of people will never attack you directly they know to deal only in an indirect way. Because they feel that they should be on the safe side but at the same time they should take a move of destroying you. Their only aim of life is to destroy others by performing black magic.

When you are earning good wealth and have good health and all your family members are happy with your achievements in life. Your enemies will never be happy with your success in life. They will try to create many hurdles in your life and they will think of putting an end to all your achievement. The only way they choose to fulfill their dirty aim is black magic.

when your enemies perform black magic on you, it will become very hard for you to achieve success in your life again. You cannot go forward in your life and you will not have an interest in anything to do. So here are a few symptoms of black magic. If you experience any of the following symptoms in your daily life be careful and consult the Islamic expert for the suggestions to remove it.

  • Crises in professional life
  • Increased debts
  • Difficulties in earning money
  • Poor health
  • Poor family environment
  • Become jobless or loss in business
  • Fights in family

The wazifa for the rizq bandish ki tor is the only way to eliminate the black magic from your life. Contact the Islamic wazifa expert to get the wazifa now and remove the black magic completely from your life.

Wazifa For An Increase In Rizq Wealth

Wazifa for an increase in rizq wealth, rizq means nourishment means increased wealth or getting a blessing from Allah to earn more wealth in your life. Nobody says no to wealth in their lives. Everyone wishes to be wealthy and love to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle.

Everyone in this world works hard to earn more wealth because when they have enough wealth with them they can easily fulfill all their family needs. Every individual in this world run behind wealth because being wealthy is very important for everyone. People from roadside vendor to multimillionaire run behind the wealth to gain respect, luxury etc.

it is very important to keep in mind that when you have enough wealth everything and everyone will stand near your door step automatically. When you don’t have money with you even your own family members refuse to give respect to you. That the actual face of the world and the value they give for wealth.

People try and work hard to earn more wealth. Some will easily earn more wealth at a very young age because they have very good fortune but some people will never get a chance to earn enough wealth in their life even after working so hard. This happens to them only because of the bad luck their carry on heir back pocket.

If you are the one who has worked very hard in your life but still, you are feeling very difficult to earn enough wealth here is the amazing method that helps you to become the wealthiest person. The wazifa for the increase rizq in wealth will help you to earn more money. Contact the wazifa expert to get the wazifa that can help you earn more wealth. Once you perform this wazifa sure you can see your life become amazing and you can easily earn more wealth.

Wazifa For Abundance In Rizq

Wazifa for abundance in rizq, means wazifa that will help you to earn more or unlimited money and all the fortune things in your life. When you earn money and become wealthy person sure all the other things will come and stand in the queue on your door.

This is the most powerful wazifa which will help you to earn more money and all the other fortune things in your life. Basically, Islamic wazifa are more powerful and have a great capacity to do amazing things in your life. When you perform this wazifa sure you can easily earn more money in your life.

Have faith on Allah and the powerful wazifa sure it will take you to the great level of your life. Contact the Islamic wazifa expert who can suggest you with the amazing wazifa for the abundance in rizq.

Once you get the wazifa perform the wazifa perfectly according to the expert instruction sure you will achieve great success and earn abundance wealth in your life. Without wealth nothing you can achieve in your life. When you have money you will have a great chance to enjoy everything in your life. Money is the most important thing that everyone should need to lead a happy and peaceful life.

You cannot easily reach the target in your life without the blessings of God. Even after trying a lot some will never have the chance to enjoy all the fortune things and good wealth in their life. For such people, this will be the most helpful and effective tool which will easily take them near to their target.

When you are continuously experiencing failure in your life and not able to earn money to lead a happy and peaceful life, you will become a most upset and unfortunate person. But never and everyone gives up in your life the wazifa for abundance will help you to achieve great success and wealth in your life. What are you waiting for? Contact the wazifa expert now and get the wazifa to earn abundance wealth

Wazifa For Barkat In Rozi

Wazifa for Barkat in rozi also known as dua for urgent money, this is the most wonderful and powerful dua that will help you get money if you are in an urgent need. If you want to organize any sudden family function or you want to go abroad for an important family or business tour or if you want money for an operation or to fulfill any health requirements you can use this wazifa. This is the most tested and proven wazifa which will help you to get money immediately once you perform this wazifa.

Everyone in this world has some emergency needs and to fulfill that emergency needs they need money. Some will always have a lump sum of money in their bank account and they will use that money to fulfill their urgent needs. However, some will really feel difficult to fulfill their basic needs and they cannot save money for their future. What will they do in case if they want to face this type of experience in their lives? Definitely, this will be very difficult for such people to arrange money immediately to fulfill their emergency needs.

However, no worries from now onwards because the wazifa for Barkat in rozi is there to help you. As discussed above this is also known as dua for urgent money. When you perform this wazifa to get urgent money sure it will help you to get urgent money to fulfill your emergency need.

In case if you want money for your daughter, or son or wife’s or parents operation purpose Allah will send someone to help you. Through this wazifa, you can easily get urgent money for the operation purpose. Contact the wazifa expert now to get the wazifa and perform the wazifa with full trust and faith on god.

Wazifa For Barkat In House

Wazifa for Barkat in the house, this is one of the most powerful wazifa which will help you to get a good fortune in your house. When you perform this wazifa the Allah will shower endless luck and fortune in your house. it is very important that every house must have some positives vibrations. Normally everyone builds their house with lots of dreams and happiness. They wish that they and their upcoming generations should lead a happy and prosperous life in the same house.

While performing g the house warming function everyone performs different rituals according to their religion. All these rituals are performed by the people to fill their house with good luck, fortune, and positive vibrations. Normally people will be very happy outside the house. Both husband and wife will behave very well with their kids outside.

Immediately when they enter their home they will feel very bad and tart behaving much wired. All this happen to them because of something wrong in their house. Where is something wrong in your house you cannot sleep peacefully in your house, you will be continuously experiencing problems in your house? You cannot come up in your business and complete your family environment will be spoiled.

Apart from all someone will continuously become ill in your house when your house is fully filled with the negative vibrations. The wazifa for Barkat in the house is the only thing that can help you to solve this problem. Contact the wazifa expert now and get the wazifa to fill your house with good fortune and positive vibration.

The expert will suggest you with the perfect wazifa which will bring good fortune to your house. Once you perform the wazifa soon you will start realizing all the good things reaching your house. What are you waiting for? Contact the wazifa expert now and get all the problems solved in your house.

Wazifa For Barkat In The Shop

Wazifa for Barkat in the shop means the wazifa which will bring good fortune and amazing wealth in your shop. Either you are running a small business or large venture customers are very important for you to take your business to the next successful level. Even if you have a small grocery shop or vegetable shop customers are very important for you to run the business in a smooth way.

When you have good fortune in your shop sure it will bring you lots of customers and as results you can run your shop in a smooth way. When you have good fortune in your shop it will help you to earn more money to fulfill all your family needs.

You will notice some shops nearby your locality where they will be always busy in attending their customers, though they are small in size they provide 100% satisfaction to their customers and they are really a fortunate people.

This will happen to them because they have good fortune and some positive vibration in their shops. Even though it is a small shop people love to go to that particular shop. While in some shops even though they are big nobody wishes to go to their shops and the reasons are unknown.

If you are experiencing these types of issues in your business here is a great way to eradicate the problem and to get Barkat in the shop. The wazifa for Barkat in the shop will help you to solve your problems regarding the shop.

When you perform this wazifa god will shower your shop with good fortune and positive vibrations. When you have these both things in your shop sure it will attract more customers and your sales target will be reached in a short time. What are you waiting for? Contact the wazifa expert now and get the wazifa for Barkat in the shop, sure you will come up soon your business.

Wazifa For Rizq E Halal

Wazifa for rizq e halal, this is the most important wazifa which will help you to achieve all the important needs of your life. rizq e halal is very important and that fulfill all the basic things in everyone’s life. Without this, we cannot lead our life in a happy and peaceful way.

Means this will help you to get the financial support, get a good source of income, healthy maintenance and livelihood. These are the very important needs of every individual’s life that they should get it somehow in their lives to make their life most beautiful and peaceful.

Once you get all these things in your life you can easily achieve great success in your life. every man in this world struggles a lot to achieve all these things in his life so as to fulfill all his family needs and desires.

Financial support is really very important in everyone’s life to do anything in his/her life. for example, if you want to do something immediately like buying a new car, or bike, or you want to spend some money for health purpose or you want to take your family for a holiday tour for everything you need some financial support. Or if you want to start a business definitely need some financial support.

Like this financial support, healthy maintenance and livelihood are very important for every person to do anything in his life. Some will easily get financial support somehow to fulfill their emergency needs. Some will have struggle lot to get financial support at the right time.

if you are struggling a lot in this way here is the amazing method to solve all your financial problem. the wazifa for rizq e halal will help you to get out of all the financial struggles. Contact the expert now and get the wazifa to solve all your financial support problems.

Wazifa For Rizq And Success

wazifa for rizq and success it is very important for every person to have nourishment, good fortune and success in life to achieve his goals in both business life and family life.  It is very important for every businessman to run his business in a successful way and in the same way he must have the good fortune to keep up and maintain his success, fortune, and nourishment in life to achieve more things in his life.

Success is very important for everyone, even a school going kid expects success in his/her exam and in the same way students who have completed their studies wish to achieve success in their interview. People who run their own business wish to achieve success in every project they handle.

When you own business it is an important source for you and your family to lead your life peacefully. In this way, everyone wishes to achieve success in everything that they touch. People always love to tastes happiness that they achieved from their success. Failure is very common in everyone’s life, sometimes as a businessman, you will have to get ready to meet uncertain things any time at any cause.

As losses and profits are very common in business it is very important for you to stay strong when loss meets you and stay stable when you achieve profit. Sometimes you will fail in exams, or you will lose the tournament as an athlete. Failure is very common in everyone’s life but it is really not good if it becomes a continuous habit. You cannot keep on experiencing failure in your life.

If you are achieving failure continuously in your life due to various reason here is an amazing way to break all the misfortune in your life and fill it with new nourishment and fortune. The wazifa for rizq and success is there to achieve great success in your life. contact the wazifa expert to get the wazifa and perform it perfectly to achieve great success in your life.

Dua To Become Rich And Famous

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Dua For Pious Wife

Dua For Pious Wife 5/5 (13)

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Dua For Pious Wife

Dua For Pious Wife, We all have dreams for us, would be life partners. How he or she supposed to look, should have certain qualities and compatibility, what should be their nature. But, there is one quality, that we all forget and that is piousness in the life partner.

These days deeply religious people are hard to find and the situation has got so worse that, people with high sense of religiosity and religious inclination or those who choose Allah’s path in each and every matter of their lives are suspected by people and unfortunately do not considered ideal for marriage considerations.

Dua For Pious Wife
Dua For Pious Wife

It is so noble of you to look for a pious wife and if you would get to know the characteristics of a pious wife, then you will get more firm in your resolve to marry one. In Islam marriage is no big a deal as it has become one in modern times. In our religion,

our beloved Prophet (Peace be upon him), has prescribed every Muslim to seek simplicity in conducting marriage and he has given many reasons why one should marry a pious wife. There are many good characteristics in a pious wife:

Islam is very clear on the matter like what kind of wife you should marry or what qualities you should look in her before marrying her. According to our Prophet, there should be four things you should look in a girl, which are- according to him a woman can be married for four reasons:

Dua for getting pious wife

her property, her status, her beauty, and her religious inclinations. Unfortunately, we have become so ignorant that all we want to see her beauty and how much money she can give in the dowry to. These are all those things which are strictly prohibited in our religion but we madly run after them.

If you marry her for reasons other than religiosity and go for other things, then there are high chances that your marriage will fail surely in the time to come. Her wealth will get finished one day, her beauty will end as she ages and even her status will go away. one thing which stays till the end is her pious attributes.

Religion teaches her to be patient, to look after you, to deal with the challenges of the marriage with a cool head and above all she would be the most respectful one. She will respect you and your family and will not defy you on little things. Peace in a home these days is Allah’s foremost blessing and you should be really thankful to him if you will get all these qualities in a

Now there shouldn’t be any reason that now you don’t look for a pious wife and you can always ask Allah for a pious wife. He will indeed help you in this noble pursuit and inshallah fill your marriage life with happiness.

Dua for righteous wife

To get a pious wife you can recite the following verse of the Qur’an and make a legitimate dua to Allah with good intentions to grant you with a pious and a noble wife and inshallah he will fulfill your wish. The verse is as follows:

Surah Al Furqan verse 74


min azwajinawathuriya




meaning our Lord please grant us from our spouses and the offspring the comfort to our eyes and make us leaders of the righteous. In this manner, you are striving to obey Allah and asking him to bring you the joys of life.

Even this single effort of yours is more than enough to convince the almighty and he will grant this wish of yours.

You can also recite the following dua and it will also ease your chase of the pious wife:

“Rabbi in Lima

anzaltaillaiya min khairinfaqir”

It simply means that Allah I am truly in need of whatever good you bestow upon me please shower on me your blessings.

There are many things which you should look in a wife and inshallah you will never regret this decision of yours.

There are not one but indeed many qualities which will make you fall in love with her inner beauty. And if you are still wondering then I will clear all your doubts.

Dua for getting good wife

What actually makes her a pious woman? The answer is simple: Allah himself has described those qualities most loved by Him in the Qur’an, and in the hadith, there are numerous accounts of the virtuous attributes of a pious woman. The following are some ayahs on the attributes of the wife you should be seeking, so note those fine and appreciative qualities.

“And women of purity are for men of purity, and men of purity are for women of purity”, therefore the righteous women are devoutly obedient, and guard in (the husbands) absence what Allah would have them guard, “It may be, if he divorced you (all), that Allah will give him in exchange consorts better than you, who submit to you, who believe, who are devout, who turn to Allah in repentance, who worship, who travel and fast. And then, in Surah Ahzab, is a full list of those qualities loved by Allah, qualities which by the way should be evident in both males and females and you desperately look in your would be wife. These are as following,

She should be a Muslim woman, a Devout woman, a believing woman, a true woman, a woman who is patient, a woman who is humble, a woman who gives charity, a woman who fasts and denies herself the worldly pleasures, a woman who guards her chastity and a woman who engages much in Allah’s praise.

There are many examples of a woman who had all these qualities and even more of these. For example, Hazrat Maryam and Zainab, and today too there are many such woman and girls.

All you have to do is to look sincerely and not to reject them for their looks and money. Look beyond and Allah will reward you with the unexpected. Ameen.


Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

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Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad 5/5 (14)

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Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad, Parenting is one of the most challenging endeavors known to humans. There has never been a Bible or a Guide to teach individuals how to become a good parent. It is believed that all men and women have this trait naturally.

And to some extent it is true. Yet, Often, parents are conflicted on when to be strict and when to be lenient. This causes a lot of confusion in the minds of the children, who then start believing that they need to behave in a certain way to be acknowledged. Usually, Children act out, when they need more attention. Also, to some extent, excessive pampering of a child may cause the child to be stubborn.

Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad
Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

So, if your child is being disobedient or stubborn for no reason and you wish to impart some good manners in the child, then you can do so by using the qurani wazifa for nafarman aulad.

Children often absorb more than what grown-ups expect them. Often the kids understand or figure out if there is persisting stress in the family among grownups. And usually, during such stressful situations, children are ignored so to get the most attention back, they often act up. You can’t control life situations, but you can definitely control your child by using the qurani wazifa for nafarman aulad.

Nafarman aulad ke liye taweez

At times, they mimic what they see others doing and even that can make them come out as defiant. To solve such issues, it’s recommended that during any stressful phase in the family, use the nafarman aulad ke liye taweez.

Talking to your child is always the best solution. But not necessarily the child will be open to sharing or even be truthful about what’s really bothering them. And without knowing the root cause of the issue, there’s hardly anything any parent can do. But to be safe, you can always seek Allah’s help by using the nafarman aulad ke liye taweez and let Allah guide your child out of the dark phase.

Often in cases where there’s more than one child in the family, children tend to compare how much love they are getting as opposed to their siblings. This also motivates the child to act out so you can give it more attention.

Sibling competition is one of the main reasons for kids to be disobedient and stubborn. As the child’s main goal is to make sure you spend more time with and for them. In such cases, parents feel extremely helpless as no parent would want to differentiate between their children.

Nafarman aulad ko sudharne ka wazifa

Yet, this is a common situation and has to be dealt with. Thankfully, you can use the nafarman aulad ko sudharne ka wazifa for such situation too. Basically, you can use the wazifa for any situation where the child is going out of control.



  • Do this qurani wazifa for nafarman auladafter the morning namaz for 11 days.
  • Start with proper wuzu.
  • Then start reciting holy Durood-e-Shareef, continuously for 11 times.
  • Now, recite the Surah Az-Zukhruf[43] (verses 13, 14)for 1100 times without taking a break.

Litastawoo ‘alaazuhoorihee summa tazkurooni’mataRabbikumizastawaitum ‘alaihiwataqooloo




  • Finally, recite again holyDurood-e-Shareef, continuously for 11 times.
  • Then blow on a glass of water and give this glass of water to your child to drink.


  • If you are seeing that your child is being disobedient, keep calm composure and refrain from scolding the child.
  • You can deal with the situation better by using the qurani wazifa for nafarman aulad.
  • When the child is asleep, go over to his/her bed and stand near the head.
  • Begin with reciting holyDurood-e-Shareef, 3 times.
  • Gently recite theSurah Ahqaf (verse 15) for 3 times as if whispering into the child’s ears. Make sure that the child’s sleep does not get disturbed.







rabbi aqzi’neee an ashkurani’

matakallateeean’amta ‘

alaiyawa ‘alaawaalidaiyawa an


lee fee zurriyyateeinneetubtuilaika


  • Read holyDurood-e-Shareef once again, 3 times.
  • Do this ritual for 3 nights consequently.

Nafarman aulad ko farmabardar banane

Often, the children between the age of 8 and 13 transform into a different personality than what parents have been used to. The sudden and unexpected change in the child comes as a shock to many parents. While one can always start with nafarman aulad ko farmabardar banane.

But in some cases, it is better you consult an Islamic Astrologer and find out the root cause of the child’s defiant behavior. If need be, you can get a Taveez made out of nafarman aulad ko farmabardar banane, that you can then have the child wear all the time.

This approach would show a faster result as the Islamic Astrologers, would empower the Taveez with necessary spells to curb your child’s defiant tendencies.

Quranic Verses For Cure Of Diseases

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Quranic Verses For Cure Of Diseases

Quranic Verses For Cure Of Diseases 5/5 (13)

05/02/2019 Maulana 0

Quranic Verses For Cure Of Diseases

Quranic Verses For Cure Of Diseases, Don’t you wonder what if there is only one doctor who can treat any illness or just one medicine to cure all the diseases in this world? Indeed, there is, Allah and his ways are our sure short remedies.

Quranic Verses For Cure Of Diseases
Quranic Verses For Cure Of Diseases

When our doctors fail there is the supreme doctor who succeeds as he is there, working for us all. He is the creator of skies and Earths and of days and nights, he has created each and every disease existing today and surely he has provided their cure too. Each verse in Qur’an has a specific purpose and acts as a cure to our different ailments be they physical or mental.

Quran cure for diseases

As science has progressed so has our thinking. Now, it is a proven fact that every religion known to us is scientific and anything prescribed in them has a proven motive behind. For example, your daily salat is way too practical and its practice can keep your metabolism active and helps you keep the depression away.

It helps you to be at peace. But, today we all lack faith and think that our knowledge has become supreme, what we know is best. Science has progressed but unfortunately it doesn’t have answer to everything and things which couldn’t be answered by the science is surely answered by the divine.

Allah has the power to wake up the dead and surely her is the ultimate cure too. Qur’anic verses were revealed to our beloved prophet (Peace be upon him) gradually, whenever he faced a problem and these verses came to him as the ultimate solution.

Duas and cures from the holy quran

And, we can use them too, the only problem here is that we ourselves don’t know their exact meaning or their proper usage. Not everyone can be a scholar but you can surely take the help of one. And, faith is the first step in this journey, towards Allah, if you really want this to work for you then you have fan away all the doubts you have in your heart.

There are many verses which as a muslim we all have learned by heart and if we recite them as a medicine to our disease, they will surely give you the much needed relief.

Every illness has a cure and luckily that cure lies in the book available in all our houses. This article will help you to know how.

There are many verses in Qur’an which act as a therapy to most of the diseases and to any kind of your problem too. For example, Surah Al-Fatiha is also known as the Al-Ruqya which means the spiritual cure as it can even man bitten by the snake stand on its feet.

So if you have pain in any part of your body, you can press that part with a finger or your right hand recite the surah for 7 times and you will for sure be relieved of your pain.

Quran surah for healing

Whatever disease Allah created he also created its cure too and according to many scholars before the disease came the cure. That is the kindness of the mighty Allah and he has given immense power in each verse of Qur’an majeed.

you can use the Quran as a ruqyah by reading it and blowing it on yourselves or on those who are suffering from a disease: The Prophet used to read Surat Al-Ikhlas, Al-Falaq, and An-Nas into his cupped hands, blow into his hands, and then wipe over his body.

Here are more verses that you can recite for seeking the remedy, as mentioned in the Sunnah:

Quranic wazifa to cure incurable disease

  • Allahumma rabba an-nas, adh-hib il-ba’sa, ishfi anta ash-shafi, la shifa’a illa shifa’uk, shifa’an la yughadiru saqamanmeaning, O Allah, O Lord of mankind, remove the disease and send down cure and healing, for no one can cure but You; so cure in such a way that no trace of illness is left.
  • As’alu Allaha Al-`Azhim, Rabba Al-`Arshi Al-Azhim, an yashfiyak. Meaning I trust Allah, the Great, Lord of the Mighty Throne, to heal me.
  • A`udhu bi `izzati Allahi wa qudratihi mimma ajidu wa uhadhir.Meaning I seek refuge and protection in the Allah’s might and power of Allah from the pain and illness I am suffering from and I am so gravely afraid of and may he deliver me from this pain and inshallah he will in no time, in the blink of eye.

Surah for cure of all diseases

There are many supplications which were used by our beloved prophet to cure his own family members as there are many hadith to support it. The hadith quote that when any member used to fall sick he used to put his right hand on the forehead and recite the following verse:

“Allahumma rabbin nas adhhabalba’sa, ashfi wa antashfi,la shifa illa shifauka, shifa la yughadiru saqma”

Meaning of the verse is that O Allah! The sustainer and the giver of the mankind. Remove the illness, cure the disease as you are the only one who cures and there is no cure except your cure. Please grant us with the cure that leave no illness.

Our prophet has also prescribed that wherever you feel pain in the body put your hand at that place and recite the following verse:

First say Bismillah (in the name of Allah) and now recite,”Udhi bi izzatillahwa qudrathi min sharri ma ajidu wa uhadhiru for the seven times.  Many of the given verses are tested and when with real faith in the heart we recite these verses, they work in no time and our pain do get released.

Mine did and inshallah yours will too. Our pain is more painful to him than it is to us. Your scars, your cuts and your pain all are his and he loves you more than you love yourself and can never see in pain.

Keep a healthy lifestyle and adopt ways of the Sunnah in your daily life and I am sure no disease will be able to touch you. May Allah be with you always.Ameen.


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