Wazifa For Taking Revenge

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Wazifa For Taking Revenge

Wazifa For Taking Revenge or to take revenge from enemy can be called dua for protection from revenge. Use our dua to get revenge from ex lover.

How To Use Wazifa For Taking Revenge?

Life is full of unexpected actions. We regularly meet a lot of people in life. Thus, some become our friends. On the other hand, some become our foes. Without a doubt, our enemies cannot see us in peace. They are jealous of our achievements. Have you ever felt a negative vibe from someone? Yes, it happens when someone envies you.

Furthermore, they do not want to see you at peace. Thus, they try to harm you. These people create troubles in our lives. Moreover, they hamper our peaceful life.

Wazifa For Taking Revenge

Wazifa For Taking Revenge

Do you want to take revenge on someone? Of course, you cannot harm the person physically. Practically, it will put you into legal troubles. Hence, you can use Islamic rituals to harm the person. Of course, you can read powerful verses from the Quran to eradicate these negative people away from your life.

Undoubtedly, we meet many people who are burning in anger. Usually, they just want to give it back to their enemies. Of course, this anger is justified. Also, the person has harmed you without any cause. Moreover, they were just jealous of you. Also, they are mentally sick. Hence, they have attempted to harm you. Now, you can take revenge on them.

Hence, follow Islamic rituals to break these people. They should taste a dose of their own medicine. So, give it back to them and watch them suffer.

Which Wazifa Use To Take Revenge From Enemy?

Wazifa To Take Revenge From Enemy, Is there anyone troubling you? Yes, this can be a difficult situation in life. Undoubtedly, it is stressful to live peacefully. Sadly, someone constantly bugs you. Indeed, people dislike you for your achievements.

Sometimes, your people disgrace you. Especially, they talk behind your back. Also, they spread rumors about you. Of course, some people will believe it. Ultimately, it is a disgrace to your personality.

Also, many people harm you, unnecessarily. Of course, they are jealous of your mental peace and happy family life. Hence, they want to harm you.

Many of these enemies act secretly. So, it is quite difficult for you to find out the source. Unfortunately, it will keep affecting your life. Read the powerful wazifa to take revenge from the enemy. Also, make sure you read the wazifa with all your heart.

Bismillahilladhi la yadurru ma’ ismihi shai’un fil-ardi Razim quwanosh wa-laa fissamaa’i wa huwa al-Samee’ u al-‘Aleem walit naheed chis yamal Auzu Bi Kalimaatil Laah Hil Tammah Min Sharri Ma Khalaqa Bismillaahi arqeeka min kulli shay’ in yu’ dheeka, min sharri kulli nafsin aw ‘aynin haasid Allaahu yashfeek, bismillaahi arqeek Taufiq zamal yanab sham watul liyakat Allah Rehman Rahim

Interestingly, this wazifa protects you and your entire family. Thus, you get complete protection. Fortunately, it shields your near ones. Hence, you can be stress-free. Finally, your enemies will be inactive. Also, they will see the consequences of their wrong deeds.

How To Use Dua For Protection From Revenge?

Dua For Protection From Revenge, You need protection from your enemies. Unfortunately, there are many secret enemies. Yes, you are not aware of them. Hence, you cannot locate their action. Sadly, these people target you. Constantly, they harm you. Also, they make repeated attempts to trouble you.

Hence, you need complete protection for you. Also, you need protection for your dear ones. Of course, it is your responsibility to protect them. So, chant the following dua and create a protection shield around you. Surely, Allah will take you to his shelter.

Al Rabbanaa aatinaa fidunyaa hasana, wa fil aakhirati hasana, wa qinaa azaabannaar Riyat Rabbi hablee min ladunka zaujan tayyiban wayakoonaa sahiban lee fiddeeni wadunyaa wal aahirat Waqan Rabbi inni lima anzalta ilayya min kharyin faqeer Allahumma, rahmataka arju fala takilni ila nafsi tarafata `aynin wa aslih li sha’ni kullahu

Muslim astrology gives you miraculous changes in your life. Of course, you can get protection from enemies. Also, you have to stand up for yourself and follow the remedies. Hence, practice the wazifa mentioned above and get Allah’s blessings in your life. Furthermore, protect your loved ones.

This powerful wazifa will give you a happy and successful life. Also, you and your entire family are protected. Moreover, your children get Allah’s blessings. Also, they and born healthy on this earth. So, please ensure your family’s happiness and try this miraculous wazifa to protect everyone. Of course, we are always with you in this journey.

Which Dua Use To Get Revenge From Ex Lover?

Dua To Get Revenge From Ex Lover, Do you want to take revenge from your ex-lover? Read the wazifa below and teach the person a lesson. Of course, the person should understand his fault and beg for forgiveness. You can make him cry like a beggar. Yes, he deserves that. Sadly, the person has broken your heart. He has cheated on you. Also, he has left you heartbroken.

Allahuma arzuqniy ‘as’alukah wa la zawjatan wadudaan waludaan shakuraan ghayuraan iin’ ahsant shakarat w ‘iin aila ma manant ‘asat ghafarat wa ‘iin dhakart allah dhalik fa’iinama taealaa’ aeanat w ‘iin ardatniy ya dha aljalal nasiyt dhakarat w ‘iin kharajt min eindiha hafizat wa ‘iin dakhalt wa a’taayt ealayha surat w ‘iin ‘amartuha ‘ataeatniy wakhidh ‘iin ‘aqsamt ealayha’ abarat qasamiy wa ‘iin ghadibt ealayha  w al’ iikram hab liy

  • First of all, make a fresh ablution
  • Also, get an iron nail
  • After that, read the Surah Naas
  • Read the verses for 1100 times
  • Importantly, burn the nail in fire and make it hot
  • Moreover, prick the nail on your ex-lover’s picture
  • Of course, this will give sheer pain to the person
  • Furthermore, the person will beg for forgiveness

Apart from this, receive blessings from The Almighty. Call us today or send us an online message to tell us about your troubles. Of course, this is a new chapter of your life. May Allah bless you with a great life. Contact for other remedies related to all your life problems.

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