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Dua For Success Against Enemies

Dua for success against enemies if you want protection against your enemies then use our powerful dua for destroying enemies. This is a strong dua that provide you victory over enemy.

We all face rivals, opponents in our lives. Whole life is a race, and somebody who goes fast or makes others slow wins it. Not all people tend to have morals not to hurt others to go ahead. And we come across such people. And to our bad luck, these people intend to destroy us. So how to deal with such situations?

Dua For Success Against Enemies

Dua For Success Against Enemies

Well, here is a dua for success against enemies that will help you to navigate your lifeboat during such difficult phases.

‘Al habibi shabab-e-labj chabal tamassum Ali-al-Kareem ibaadat’-ur-saltanat adhibil-ba-dana yugadhi saqma washi-al-udhir mugabi iyahoo-al-bashir.’

Meaning, ‘Oh Lord! Grant me the power to fight with the evil powers and people. I have done righteous good deeds; I don’t deserve sufferings. Bless me so that I can destroy them all who are hurdles in my success.’

Above all, our enemies are nothing but human beings and Allah is the master of all. If we pray him with pure heart, then he will punish the evil people and help us to go ahead. He sees everything. He will certainly do justice.

Allah always helps the once who has high morals. Commit almost no sins. Furthermore, make sure you pray namaz five times a day and every time you pray, use this dua for success against enemies to empower you.

Consequently, you will start seeing positive results in you. Thus, your self-esteem will get boosted. Freshness would flow from all your blood. Finally, you will start viewing everything from a different perspective and develop the winner’s mentality. May Allah bless you.

Dua For Protection Against Enemies

Dua For Protection Against Enemies, Sometimes, in life, hostile people that wanna hurt us, are more powerful. You cannot be ahead of them in a short amount of time. You know, it is not your mistake, then why to fear. Allah is great. Allah sees everything. Here is a dua for protection against enemies.

‘Shuban elahabi magaddul shabanuddin shibul-e-shajeeb namaddul eman shabahiz karadum elaahi julaila qabadum-el-qeelahi baisakhi-dur-shabai.’

Meaning, ‘Hey Allah! Hey, the processor of the kingdom! I seek refuge from the evil, from those people who think wrong for me, from people who want to hurt me. Show some mercy and protect me from all the danger. I have full faith (in you)’

First of all, you have to take a peacock feather. Take kajal in a bowl. Make its paste. Use the tip of the feather as a nib. And use the kajal as black ink. You have to do this in the light of a moon only.

Furthermore, take a white paper. Write this dua on it using the feather and kajal. You have to make sure that you need to by heart this dua for protection against enemies. You have to recite from your memory and then write it down.

This is to be done beside a running water body like a river, water-stream, canal, etc. Write this dua on both the sides of the paper. Make the alphabets suitably bold and as big as possible.

Once you are done writing, wash the kajal bowl thoroughly in the water. Keep it aside. Now hold the paper above the water. Close your eyes. And recite dua once. And finally, let the paper loose from your fingers. It should flow away from you in the water.

Dua For Destroying Enemies

Dua For Destroying Enemies, Enemies could be a big hurdle in our life while doing various and many things. They could create problems in our love life, professional growth, friends relations, and even our health.

So, the way weed out the unwanted grass from our garden, the same way we need to root out these enemies; otherwise, our whole being is in potential danger.

Here’s a dua for destroying enemies given in quoran 30;45,12

‘Dulaihi shabidun pakhwab shabab-e-mukaddar Muhammad Meher badil-urr-kaidar qudamil yudaimi enheel-el-shibahi kaidur qamakht qastar-e-laahi.’

Meaning, ‘Oh Lord! Oh the most graceful master, I plead you to empower me and make me enable to demolish all those wrecked and bad persons who want to see me in distress. Uplift my capacities so that I can fear no one and ruin all evil powers that are against me.’

When you chant this dua, make sure you are wearing white clothes. First of all, the white color is a gesture of cleanliness. The way we clean our clothes, the same we want Allah to remove all enemies from our life so that our life too would become clean. No matter what they do, Allah would never let them succeed in harming you.

Once you start using this dua for destroying enemies, as a result, you will develop a supernatural power. Due to this dua, anybody that attempts to harm you would be automatically be taken care of. You would not even be aware that your enemies are failing. You would be going fast on your way to success, happiness, and abundance in life. Most noteworthy, your life would turn literally upside down.

Dua For Victory Over The Enemy

Dua For Victory Over The Enemy, Sometimes you are very well aware that some people are trying to damage you and even those people are aware that you know it. Still, they continue to do that. It is like an explicit dispute.

They try to harm you, and you try to retaliate to disarm them. Both of you are working hard to win this conflict. What can you do to win it? Well, if you believe in yourself and believe in Allah, here is a very powerful dua for victory over the enemy.

‘Khatum ajareebi azar kadabi womool namula babule-ur-samaije muqabbal shabai ulahu khudai shabanu-mur-ajeele shdaqum-e-Zaheer Jaleel muzakair baqair.’

Meaning, ‘Hey Allah! Bless me with enormous abundance and grant me a victory against all hostile people around me. I have no sins, and I don’t want to be a victim of the sinner. Give me all the spiritual power to be able to win this struggle of mine.’

Once you start chanting this dua for victory over the enemy, you will automatically begin to succeed in your actions that you are taking against your enemies.

Therefore, you will see them failing. To make this dua more useful, first of all, hang pepper and lemon with a black thread to your doorstep as well as your vehicle. Wear kajal on your eyes so that it will protect you from evil-minded people.

If they don’t become successful in harming you or doing any damage to you, you are automatically winning. Allah never helps his followers to harm others. It would just assist you to be safe. May Allah bless you with true powers and abilities.

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