Wazifa To Stop My Husband Having Affairs 5/5 (56)

Wazifa To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

Wazifa to stop my husband having affairs if you have fear about husband affairs then use this wazifa to keep husband faithful. After use this wazifa husband to leave the other woman and stop illegal relationship.

Married life is sacred in Islam. The lives of two people who have come from different backgrounds are combined in the beautiful relationship of marriage. They take a promise to make this relationship whole faithful life to make marriage life successful both husband and wife have to make their relationship secure by having faith, honesty, and truthfulness in their married life.

Wazifa To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

Wazifa To Stop My Husband Having Affairs

When two people tie the knot, they get a new responsibility. They get the burden of having a good relationship with themselves. also get the obligation to continue their offspring or to move their generation forward. They get the responsibility of the child. Allah has put duties so that the married life becomes happy and without any tension.

Love which is based on faith and trust between husband and wife make their bond stronger. If the husband has taken some wrong path or if he takes the wrong way after marriage. This marriage will not last for an hour if trust between the husband and wife is lost.

Everything is lost. Numbers of reasons are responsible for the breaking of relationship and married life. Few of them are most important in these areas;

  • If trust is lost between the two that is between husband and wife.
  • Having illicit affairs
  • Having a financial problem
  • No having moral character. Etc
  • Arrange marriage married life can also be the reason for developing extra-martial relations.

The most critical and worst reason for breaking of marriages is having illicit affairs with other women. The husband develops an illegal relationship with other women because she is not satisfied with his married life or there can be other reasons as well. This relationship is not acceptable in Islam. It is haram in Islam.

Wazifa To Stop Husband Having Affairs

Wazifa To Stop Husband Having Affairs, Since the family is the foundation of society and social life. The relationship between husband and a wife is the foundations stone laid for family life. Marriage is the legal way of getting the sexual desire of both men and women satisfied.

No other way is available for satisfying sexual relationships other than marriage. Both woman and men have different needs after and before marriage. But the fact is that sexual needs cannot be fulfilled without getting married.

Allah has created both men and women with a distinct physical difference. He has put responsibility according to the material difference strength. So men have to give protection, feed their family and work to earn and spend hard earned money on his family.

On the other hand, women have been created to maintain the domestic affairs of the family. This is the capability of women she can menage it very confidently. They cannot work individually to fulfill their needs. So marriage is a bond which combines them to meet each other’s obligations if the husband is not paying attention to his wife.

The reason can be the pressure of work. But it can also be the reason for the extra-marital affair if your husband has made an illegal relationship with another woman. You can check out first. Whether he is involved in that or not, do your in-depth investigations.

After your investigation, if you’ve found that your husband is involved in affairs with other women. Check out how much time this affair has been continued. If the situation is not worse, it is okay, now if you fear that your husband will separate from you with this illicit affair. Do the flowing Wazifa to stop him further involved in this illegal affair;

  • Recite this “Ya Waddod” in ample amount continuously.
  • Recite the Ayat of Surah Taha verse number 39 juz16;

“Wa al qayatu alayka mahabbaten”

Forty-one times on any sweet thing and give this to your husband to eat.

Insha Allah, your husband, will stop developing illicit affair and love you more.

Wazifa For The Husband To Leave The Other Woman

Wazifa For The Husband To Leave The Other Woman, As it is haram to set a relationship with other women. In Islam, this is the biggest sin to develop a relationship with other women as a person is already married. Irrespective of the fact many men are married and who know the truth that it is harmful, but they also develop illicit affairs with other women.  Now It is a disgusting and unacceptable situation for the wife and the whole family.

It breaks the trust, and the families get broken with having a disastrous effect on their children as well. It creates an environment of tension, depression, and tragedy. If you are disturbed and cheated by your husband and he is not coming back to the right path.

Do not worry. We have brought a wazifa for you to get back your husband’s love for you and the effect of this wazifa is that your husband will hate the other woman. The wazifa is below;

  • Recite Durood Shareef 11 times.
  • Now recite the Ayat for 1001 times;

“ Kullu la yastaweel khashbooo wattayboowal walau ajabka kasratal khabeesoo fatakull laja ya ulil alabal la ilhaakum tuflehoon”

Now recite Durood Shareef 11 times again. Keep your husband’s photo close to heart and pray Allah for your husband so that he will leave other women and his heart will be filled by your love again. You can do this wazifa at any time of the day.

Wazifa To Stop Illegal Relationship

Wazifa To Stop Illegal Relationship, As marriage is a sacred relationship in Islam. They both should be faithful and obedient towards each other. However if one of them is cheating others, the family gets broken within seconds.

The illicit haram affairs can be stopped by praying Allah whole day and night and offer five times Nimaz is must for this.

We have brought a strong wazifa for you. Before, you should start recitation of this wazifa. You have to put strong faith and truth only on Allah to solve your problem. This wazifa is given below;

  • You have to perform this in the noon time and at graveyard between the two graves.
  • First of all, recite Durood Shareef for three times.
  • Then recite Surah Lahab for 500 times.
  • Again recite Durood Shareef three times.

Insha Allah, your husband, will move away from illicit affairs. Allah will protect your family from Illegal and haram relationships.

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