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Wazifa For Death Of Enemy

Wazifa for death of enemy use to kill your enemy, our expert molana will provide you wazifa to kill enemy in three days only. If you want someone death using wazifa then must ask to our molana.

Atif was a very straight, simple man and he was a real devotee of Allah. He just had been to Mecca taking his parents there for the first time. And since he returned from there, he had become very religious. Being a father of two children, one daughter, and one son had increased his responsibility. He was the only son of his parents. So he had to take care of almost five people by himself.

Wazifa For Death of Enemy

Wazifa For Death of Enemy

He was succeeding in his business day by day. His wife too used to come and help him in his business. Everything was going well. But one day he returned home and saw his wife crying. Upon asking the reason, she said, that Abdul had come and threatened to kill her if-if does not back off from a particular region which was a marketplace of Abdul too.

Abdul and if used to know each other for a few years. They had met in college. But later they became business competitors of each other. Atif was following legal as well as a moral obligation in his business and overcome his competitors, but Abdul used to go illegal way and had been threatening if frequently for not coming in his way. But after all, it was business. It was nothing personal, and it was not at its fault.

He also had once abducted atif’s daughter. Now he was threatening to kill his wife. Atif saw only one way, and it was asking Allah for help. He started thinking of using wazifa for the death of an enemy. And he knew where he could get the right wazifa for the death of the enemy.

Wazifa To Kill Your Enemy

Atif asked for a suggestion to his dad. He suggested going to Molana whom his dad used to know since years. Atif said okay. And went to meet Molana. Molana was a very senior astrologer and had the knack of almost every subject in astrology. Be it divination, be it horoscope, be its gemstones — Molana had an in-depth study of everything.

Molana said, I will give you wazifa to kill your enemy, but first I will have to understand everything about your enemy. Atif told Molana everything. How they were almost friends in college days and how Abdul changed when he got into the business. Abdul used to be with criminal friends. So he thinks everything criminally.

He does not listen to his parents. He has cheated many girls whom atifi knew from college. And atif explained, he did not do anything wrong. Abdul had false expectations. And going to the police would not help because he can’t get caught and even if he does, atif’s wife’s life would still be in danger.

Molana wrote something on the paper and gave that paper to him saying, take this wazifa to kill your enemy. Atif took a deep breath and accepted the folded paper. Molana said, do not open it now. Go home, sit beside your wife and open it. And read it with your wife. That would increase the power of wazifa by two times because it would have control of two souls.

Wazifa To Kill Enemy In Three Days

Both husband and wife started using the wazifa as instructed. Even atif’s parents began helping them to make the wazifa work. Abdul had given 15 days within which atif had to back off from the business. Atif had an entire family to feed. If he backs off, where would he go? How would he raise his children, how would he take care of his parents?

Here Molana got to know due to his spiritual powers that Abdul is evil-minded. And he was going in loss rapidly. There atif’s wife got a call from an unknown number, and it was Abdul on the other line. He said he was going in loss rapidly because of which atif should shut off all his operations within four days; otherwise, he will kill both the children.

Now it was a new and worse threat for both parents. Atif went to see Molana. He told them everything. Molana said it is essential to do something on an urgent basis; otherwise, you would lose your children. Both parents were scared and tensed, but they had full faith in Allah.

Molana gave them wazifa to kill enemy in three days. This time, this wazifa had stronger steps to follow to take effect. The couple was ready to do everything. Wazifa to kill enemy in three days is a powerful wazifa

Molana told them to chant this wazifa for 3 hours straight. Thrice a day. With other specifications about many dos and don’ts. The wazifa to kill enemy in three days was a strong wazifa hence required a lot of dedication

Wazifa For Someone Death

Couple furiously worked towards their goal, and they never heard from Abdul again. And atif’s family remained safe. Now atif is happily doing his business and taking care of his family.

Wazifa for someone death has to be the last resort you would ever opt for. Just because Allah is there to protect you from sins does not mean you should use it whenever you want. Many times, we get so much angry that we feel like killing the person. But that is not always the right option.

Astrologers to understand your situation first. They also have to see whatever you are under the influence of so much emotional pain, fear or anger. They have to make a very delicate decision of letting you use the spiritual power.

Because they do have a huge responsibility. After all, it is a matter of life and death, so they need to take decisions with a sound mind. They can not make a crazy and insane decision in the surge of emotions.

In case of atif too, before giving atif wazifa for someone death, Molana first tried to understand the seriousness of the situation and all possible way to handle it. But atif’s demand made sense to him in the kind of scenario he and his family was that is why Molana gave his this kind of wazifa.

Furthermore, it is advisable to the devotee that using wazifa is like a weapon. You can apply to kill the predator and save your life, or you can use it to kill innocent people. So use it wisely; otherwise, Allah won’t forgive you.

Dua For Success Against Enemies

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