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Wazifa to Put Love in Someone’s Heart

Love can be a tricky thing. When you want it, the most that’s when it evades you. The pain and sorrow of one-sided love are only known to those who have experienced it. It cannot be explained, nor can it be suppressed. The only remedy for a heart inflicted with love is to receive love. And to make that happen for you, all you need to do is use the wazifa to put love in someone’s heart.

Wazifa to Put Love in Someone Heart

Wazifa to Put Love in Someone Heart

There isn’t a soul on the planet who hasn’t experienced love at some or other point in life. Yet, no one’s an expert when it comes to the matters of the heart. Our mind plays tricks and often those who give in to the rants of the mind, get dissuaded from the heart’s call. This is one reason why people hold back on expressing their love. In such a case, you can surely resolve the matter by using the wazifa to put love in someone’s heart.

If you are in love with someone and have a genuine belief that the other person also loves you, but is holding back, then you can help them find the courage by using it.

It is easy to convince yourself that you can get over the pain of love. But as easy it sounds it’s infinitely difficult, rather impossible in most cases. There are those who have given up on life because they lost their love. While these are the extreme cases, at times, people act rationally and try to move on. Yet, somewhere inside them, a void remains forever. Allah never asks his children to suffer without a reason. He would rather have you enjoy every moment of your life and experience the bounty of happiness that he has offered each one of us. So, do not quit on love just because the other person is not reciprocating. Use the wazifa to put love in someone’s heart, and get them to love you back.

Strong wazifa to create love in someone heart

People often give up on love because of various reasons. Whether they think they don’t deserve happiness or are scared of family opposing it or are too busy earning a livelihood. Whatever be the reason, it can be resolved by using the strong wazifa to create love in someone heart.

It is often said love cannot be forced. It is true. You can’t instill love in a heart that is devoid of it. But often there is love, yet it’s the mind that plays tricks on the person, keeping them from pursuing love. If your partner is one such person you can change your partner’s mind by using the strong wazifa to create love in someone heart.



This ritual must be performed after the Esha namaz

  • Of the utmost importance is that you begin by doing a proper wuzu.
  • Now, recitea few verses from Durood Shareef, 11 times continuously.
  • After that, recite Surah Fateh,continuously for 36 times.
  • Then,go on to recite Surah Hijar, 47thAyat, 101 times.
  • Then, chantthe followingdua, continuously 69 times –

bahaqqi la ilaahailla anta subhanakainni kuntomi nazzalemeena. yasayyidalkareemibi’ hurmatee bismillah hirra’ hmaannirra’heem. amman-yujeebu-al mudtarraizaa da-‘aahuinnaka feenaakal mustahzi-oon.

ya ‘hayyuyaqayyumubira’ hmatikaastagheesu. allahummasahhilwa-yassir rabbi la tazar nee fardan-wa-anta khair-ul-wareseena. ‘hasbi ‘an soo aa lee ‘ilmukabi’haalisubhanal qaaherilqaadeerilkaafi.

  • Conclude by reciting Durood Shareef, again continuously for11 times.
  • Now pray to Allah to make the desired person love you back.

For those who have devoted their livesto the service of Allah, there is always a solution to every challenge life would throw at them. It’s not easy to know the Quran by-heart, nor is it easy to know the power of the Quranic verses.

Wazifa to Put Love in Someone Heart

Wazifa to Put Love in Someone Heart

Wazifa to make love in someone heart

But if you can comprehend the essence of the Quran, you will know that there isn’t a problem in the world, for which the Quran has not already offered a solution. Perhaps, in such a case, it is advisable to consult your local Moulvi. He would himself advise you on an appropriate wazifa to make love in someone heart. In some cases, he may refer you to an Islamic Astrologer, who can perform the this wazifa on your behalf. The Astrologer is an expert in Quranic Verses, just like the Moulvi and with that knowledge, they can, together, help you find your love. You can also ask for an energized Taveez, which you can wear. This is equivalent to you performing the wazifa to make love in someone heart.

Of all the worldly pleasure, Love is one joy that we will never trade for any price. It’s such a beautiful emotion that it is blessed by Allah. Which is why Allah favors the brave who can walk the path of love. Do not quit just because of few hurdles in your way. Instead, use the wazifa to put love in someone’s heart and win your love.


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