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Istikhara to Leave Husband

At times all our lives become continuous web of ups and downs or that of a constant struggle. Situations become so worst that that we are forced to take decisions which we wouldn’t have even think of ever but we still go ahead with them. May be this is how life is meant to be and we all are having a little part of struggles here. To marry someone is a whole lot of good experience where two lives become one and all this mark the beginning of happiness, joy and sheer love. But, unfortunately all this doesn’t last long and when the first few years are over, marriage becomes nothing but a well of problems.

Istikhara to Leave Husband

Istikhara to Leave Husband

Two people who should have nothing but love in between them, start to fight over small issues, endlessly blame the other person and when things become uncontrollable then there doesn’t a go a day or the night when there is no fight. And, in this along with two people a lot of others suffer too like kids and their respective families. Then what is the solution to all of this? Are you not already thinking of taking divorce? As a woman and as an ideal wife everybody expects you to do the compromise, suffer and keep on bearing things which you don’t deserve.

Istikhara Dua To Get Divorce From Husband

In Islam or in any other religion for the matter of fact divorce is discouraged and many scholars and those who know the sharia doesn’t prescribe it in a first go. There are many forms of divorce in Islam and all gives the couple or the husband and wife enough time to decide or think over their decisions. Everyone deserves a second chance and so many a times in such cases, reconciliation is suggested. But, what if there is no way back and no point in giving the second chance. All these years you have spent suffering and being tortured.

Allah doesn’t want this for you and if you are thinking why has he given all these troubles then my dear he gives no one more than what they can take. They say he loves the house where a marriage is held and not the one in which it is broken but this is not the complete truth, he loves you more than anybody in this world and can never see or want you to suffer. And, if he wouldn’t then there might not be any way out of an ailing marriage. He has given this other option for a reason and if you really want your marriage to end then you have all the liberty to take the decision.

But, I know divorce is no easy decision and with it begins another phase of struggle as we live in a society who does not accept a woman who chooses to step out of an estranged relation. And, as a woman Allah has made your heart purely of love and I know how difficult it is for you to break away from that emotional connect. You still have feelings for the man who has made your life a living hell as he is the father of your kids and the man of your dreams with whom you have imagined your entire life with.

Islamic dua for making life decision

My dear life is bigger and better than you are expecting it to be and you have all the right to stay happy. Also, always remember that Allah is our permanent refuge and he is the solution to all our problems. And, if you are still in the fix or in the dilemma that you should really leave your husband or not, then you can always ask Allah the almighty and he will sincerely answer your call.

ISTIKHARA TO LEAVE HUSBAND- SALAT-AL-ISTIKHARA is a prayer recited by the believers of Allah when in need of guidance on an issue in their life. The salat or namaz is the two rakat namaz performed to completion followed by the supplications salat al istikhara.

Istikhara to Leave Husband

Istikhara to Leave Husband

If you are struggling to take the decision and finding it really hard to take the final move, then I will suggest that you take Allah’s way. All you need to know the right procedure, and the right way to perform the istikhara prayer for divorce. And please remember, this will work only when you have exhausted all your options and there is no other way left.

Procedure to Perform Istikhara to get out of a marriage:

  • First pray the two rakat namaz.
  • In the first rakat, you should have to recite the surah Al- Kafirun.
  • And, in the second rakat you need to realise the Surah Al-Ikhlas.

And when you are done with both the rakat namaz and then recite the istikhara prayer for marriage life decisions and the divorce.

Istikhara for marriage separation

During the recitation, you should think of the husband to whom you are planning to give the divorce. After performing all the above steps, then you should straight away go to the bed and then take a sleep and Inshallah Allah will definitely give you a sign in your dream whether the decision you are planning to take is right or wrong.

The point to be noted here is that most importantly even more than taking the divorce or not, the decision you will take should be right and in best of your interest. No matter what, you have to stay strong as on either side of the line there lies a good deal of struggle. They may tell you that your decision isn’t right as this is what people do. The thing is this is your life and not theirs’s and you need to have the total command over it. I wish and pray whatever decision you may take will the best for you and should not have to regret it later on. Believe Allah to the fullest as he will never let you fall again and trust him and the decision he offers to you. He will never disappoint you inshallah. May he give you the courage. Ameen.


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