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Dua to Protect from Jealousy

Quranic Dua to Protect from Jealousy – Our heart is bound to feel multiple emotions, one over powering the other sometimes. There are things or people whom we like and the moment they come across us, we are filled with the feeling of love. Our mood often plays tricks with us and in a single day we happen to be sad, happy, sober and a lot of things. But, our emotions can be evil too and jealousy is indeed that thing which is a weapon of Shaitaan. It does you more harm than you can even think of. And there are people who are jealous to us or our kids, family, wealth or job. Thus, be it in us or outside us, jealousy is like a slow poison which can destroy us or the other.

Dua to Protect from Jealousy

Dua to Protect from Jealousy

Allah is the humblest and we all are dear to him. He has commanded us to seek love and think good for others. If you think or cause bad to the other, then you cannot expect yourself to be safe from its repercussions. The pit you have been digging for someone else, will one way or the other stumble you and make you fall in it.

None of us in this world have everything we want or we desire. The richest person in the world is surely deprived of something. This is how life is and it is how Allah the almighty do justice to all of us. As humans we all are prisoners of our own desires. Our heart keeps on dragging us to the things which others have, on which we have no control or right but like a stubborn kid we all tend to go that thing, desire it and get obsessed with it. This is how jealousy begins.

Dua protection against jealousy

Things we cannot have or cannot afford kicks our ego day and night and we become so jealous of that person who have it. Remember those times, when you were young and how that topper of your class was a darling to all your teachers, every single kid used to be jealous of him or her. This is same today too, you have just grown up and you have learnt to be jealous from bigger and costlier things.

Learn to see things the other way too and imagine how would you feel if you would be that person who is a victim of somebody jealousy and how would you become insecure and in a way tend live in fear for absolutely no reason. It is just like a punishment for the mistake which you haven’t even done. Allah has given enough for each of ours need, but when that need become our greed and we fail to find satisfaction in what we have that is the point where all the trouble begins.

Jealousy is an evil plot and it keeps us away from all kind of happiness. Instead of finding happiness in other’s success, we get jealous and want bad for the other person. And same is the case with you too, if somebody is jealous from you then he would go to any extant to cause you harm or deprive you from that thing which you have. So my suggestion to each one of you is that in whose heart in which jealousy resides can never stay Allah. Allah has always prescribed us to be kind and humble to each other. And, if you are feeling that you are jealous or somebody is jealous of you and you want to get rid of that feeling or seek protection from it. Then Allah, the almighty will surely help you out.

Dua to save from jealousy

Jealousy is an another name of Shaitaan, who resides in you in these forms and digress you from the path of Allah.

DUA 1:

Recite the following dua after the Fajr and Maghrib Namaz for a 100 times. Before beginning the dua, say Durood Shareef, thrice both before and after.

“Ya Rahmany, Aghithni” meaning Oh most merciful, save me.

And, inshallah Allah the most merciful will keep you protected from all kinds of envy and jealousy and such things will never able to cause harm to you or penetrate your heart.

DUA 2:

To remain protected from jealousy, you can also recite Surah Nas, day and night. This dua can be translated as “I seek refuge in the lord of the mankind, the sovereign of mankind, the god of mankind, from the evil of the retreating whisperer who whispers evil into the beast that is you of the mankind from among the jinn of mankind.

Dua to Protect from Jealousy

Dua to Protect from Jealousy

Recite the above Surah, in the morning before leaving home and blow it on yourself and on your house and Allah will certainly keep you under his protection. No evil feeling like Jealousy will born inside of you and if somebody is trying to cause you harm, then inshallah Allah will ward away the evil.

  • You can also recite Surah Falaq in order to stay protected from jealousy.

Dua to get rid of jealousy

Pray to Allah in each your Namaz that your heart may stay devoid of the evil feelings always. You will stay strengthened enough to think in a healthy way, speak good things and do good for yourself and for others. What you have no matter how little it seems to you, believe me here it is indeed more than what you even need. Today, the world is full of pretentious people. They spend a lot of money on things they don’t even need.

You might spend days thinking that how can they have all the things and you don’t, then mark my word here they don’t have everything and also you don’t have nothing like you feel. Spending money like water is a stupid thing to do and what look attractive from outside doesn’t always mean that thing is good from the inside too. So, please stop getting jealous or attracted to the materialistic things and move towards spiritual enrichment. This will not only bring peace to you but also make you happy and in today’s world happiness is the precious jewel. May Allah guide you always. Ameen.


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