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Best Wazifa for Childless Couple

Best Wazifa for Childless Couple

Best Wazifa for Childless Couple

Wazifa for Childless Couple- In most religions, a marriage between a man and a woman is expected to lead to the couple having a child at the earliest. This is because the union becomes complete and a family gets created. In Islam too, a lot of importance is given to the birth of a child to married couple. But there are many couples who suffer due to the lack of a child even after some years of marriage. The reason can be many, including some physical shortcomings. In rare cases, some mischievous person could have cast a spell on the woman’s womb so that she won’t conceive. For all these problems, the only remedy is the best wazifa for childless couple.

Wazifa Can be Performed by Both

The best wazifa for childless couple is a recommendation of certain Surahs to be recited as prayers submitted to Allah so that He blesses the couple with a child. These prayers can be said by the couple together or if for some reason, they cannot perform together, they can say them separately as well. The wazifa needs to be done according to the method prescribed without deviating from it.

Surah for Child Bearing

One particular Surah ambiya, 89 is highly recommended by experts and in English, it reads like this:

Rabbi la tazarniifardawwa anta khair-ul-waritheen”

As mentioned, there is a procedure for performing this wazifa. The steps are as below:

  1. You must be in full ablution (like you clean yourself before Namaz)
  2. Sit on a mat as you would do for routine prayers facing the direction of the Kiblah
  3. First recite the Durood-e-Shareef thrice
  4. After that the above Surah has to be recited 21 times
  5. You can count the number of times in your fingers
  6. After completing the 21 times, repeat the Durood-e-Shareef for three times again
  7. Expert suggest for best effect, say this best wazifa for childless couple starting on a Thursday
  8. The preferred time to perform the wazifa is evening after maghrib
  9. You can continue doing this till pregnancy gets confirmed


As indicated, both husband and wife can do this wazifa together. But this may not be practically feasible. The man may be busy at the office or at the place of business. Nowadays women also go to work. Find the best suitable timing and then perform.

Choosing the Day Important

Women have their monthly periods. You cannot perform any prayers during this period. The ideal way to start the best wazifa for childless couple is a couple of days after the period is over. And as you start the prayer and say it for a few days, you must engage in physical relationship. If these are meticulously followed, Allah will definitely answer your prayers and there will be happiness in the end. A child will be born in the quickest possible duration.

Some Secrets You Should Know

These prayers and wazifa are not done publicly or by informing others that you are going to do it. The couple must understand each other well and should both be desirous of having a child born to them in marriage. In many cases, the couple would have tried certain medical treatments to see if there is any problem physically and if that can be solved. The best wazifa for childless couple will be effective even in the case of such couples. That is because, where Allah’s will runs, there nothing can come before it to stop from happening. Some may call it a miracle, but to the truly faithful, this does not cause any surprise. God is capable of making anything happen on this earth. But for that to happen you have to follow what is prescribed in the scriptures and as handed down through generations.

Best Wazifa for Childless Couple

Best Wazifa for Childless Couple

Have Absolute Faith

Another facet of performing this wazifa or any other ritual to achieve an objective is to have undiluted faith in the power above you to grant your wishes. When you and your spouse sit and perform the best wazifa for childless couple, you both must be very clear that what you are going to do will be fruitful. You should believe that your prayers will be heard and acted upon. The rest is left to your sincerity in following the procedure outlined above. If you say your prayers but falter in other aspects, then you cannot blame anyone but yourselves if you still do not have a child. And since there are two individuals, the man and his wife, both must be in unison of thought of action.

Other Wazifa Recommended

Apart from the Surah mentioned above, there is one more suggested remedy as the best wazifa for childless couple. This is a prayer Surat Al Maidah(Aayat no.17). Check it out or get it through a Molvi and it can be recited 101 times. While rest of the procedure as outlined above can be adopted here also, you can replace Durood-e-Shareefwith Durood E Ibrahimiand recite is nine times before and after the main Al Maidah Surah. The complete procedure involves taking two dates and blowing on them immediately after you have completed the prayers. And then after consecutively saying this wazifa for one week, the dates should be consumed one each by the husband and wife. And that very night, the couple must engage in physical relationship.

There are proven cases where this wazifa has worked as has the previously suggested one. Having gone through the agony of not having a child for many years, you must be a little patient for the results after performing the best wazifa for childless couple.

If you encounter any difficulty in any of these rituals, there is really no harm is consulting with an expert in wazifa. There are such persons available. They are quite organized in their approach, have a professional background and give proper guidance. They consult with the Molvis and other Islamic scholars before they give you advice. You should be able to find wazifa consultants through online sources. They will do everything in full confidence and perfectly.


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