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How To Use Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts?

How To Use Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts or to reconcile between husband and wife can be use for reconciliation after divorce. Use our dua for marriage reconciliation.

Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts

Only people who love truly & get love with same intensity knows how amazing it is. When you truly love someone, the whole world seems to be a place like heaven. It is a feeling unparalleled to anything mortal.

Love connects two hearts. It is a bond that signifies the trust, the care, the understanding, and the commitment to stay with each other, let whatever be the situation. When this bond breaks, it creates pain without shedding blood. Only true lovers can know the pain of separation. It’s unbearable.

How To Use Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts

How To Use Dua To Reconcile Between Two Hearts

Sometimes a simple argument cost us losing our most loved person. After that, we regret and repent knowing there is nothing to do. It’s too late. Human nature is very surprising. Anger drags such a curtain over our conscience that we can’t see the forthcoming.

In these cases, the only way-out left is to pray to the almighty Allah. To get your love back and to reconcile your heart, the following dua could help

Allahuma Salle Allah Muhammudin Wa Ali Muhammad.

Recite this dua 11 times. Then recite

Wallahul Mastanu Ala matasifuna ya rafiqu ya Shafeequ Najjini Minkuli Zaikin.

After that again recite the dua

Allahuma Salle Allah Muhammudin Wa Ali Muhammad

11 times. Keep your mind kind & generous. Hopefully, Allah listens to your sincere prayers, and you’ll soon get your love back.

How To Use Dua To Reconcile Between Husband And Wife?

Dua to reconcile between husband and wife, Marriage is bliss. Yeah, I mean, getting a partner beside you through ups & downs of life is the most amazing thing one can ever dream off. Marriage stands for commitment between two people. It brings stability in someone’s life.

However, sometimes it’s not that smooth going. People have misunderstood all the times, and every people have different perspectives. Everyone sees an incident from different angles. Their point of view differs, and by that, unknowingly, a crack starts to develop between husband & wife.

After the initial days after marriage, life shows its true colors, and the couple starts to fight. Well, arguments are common & it happens in almost every relationship. But daily quarrels and misunderstandings, especially the ones which doesn’t solve easily by mutual talking, somehow shows that it isn’t working anymore.

Well, you can’t complain to anybody because it feels awkward to share personal problems with anyone. And adding to that, people enjoy these kinds of situations. So, the only way-out left is the way of Allah.

You don’t need to worry as Islamic dua can help you to clear this thing up.

Wallafa Bayna Quloobihim la anfacta ma fe alardi jamean ma alafta Bayna Quloobihim wallakinna alaha alafa baynahum innahu azzezun haqeemun.

This is the best dua to reconcile between husband and wife. Remember to pray this for at least three days. Keep your heart pure and kind. Allah will certainly grant your wish, and you will get what you desire. The misunderstanding will be cast away, and your marital life will soon fill up with love care and mutual dependence.

How To Use Dua For Reconciliation After Divorce?

Dua for reconciliation after divorce, Divorce is the last thing a continuous misunderstanding can lead to. A divorce means a complete separation. It signifies that there will be no connection whatsoever with the person once you love. It defines the end of the dream, which you both built, cared, nurtured.

However, the holy Quran states a foreign law regarding divorce, which will be awkward & sometimes impossible for the women. It says that if a couple gets divorced and then wants to reconcile, then the woman has to marry and divorce another man but after getting intimate with him. Only after that, the earlier couple could reconcile.

Well, the law made strict as it shows the importance of marriage. It prevents the men from marrying & divorce whenever and whoever they want. It shows that marriage should be given a lot of serious importance, and it is not a thing of mockery.

But, undoubtedly, this is a terrible process for a woman. Therefore, it is better to pray to Allah than going through this pain. Islamic dua can help you in these circumstances.


Recite this dua 27 times to reconstruct the relationship between husband & wife even after divorce. Allah always listens to those who are kind-hearted & generous. So, pray to him with a good heart, and he will surely grant you your wish.

How To Use Dua For Marriage Reconciliation?

Dua for marriage reconciliation, Marriages are made in heaven. Almighty Allah has made every living being in pairs. It is a blissful bond which is holy and pious and should be continued until last breath.

Life is great, and it is greater if you are with the right person. However, arguments happen, but that does not mean to end your relationship. We should talk and try to clear things up by mutual discussion.

Many people opt for divorce. But it is to understand that it is the last option you have. Divorce comes into action when all the attempts of saving your marriage fails to succeed.

Even our prophet didn’t encourage divorce. So he made strict rules against it. However, it is not suggestible to stay away from the right person due to some mere arguments.

So, wondering about what to do? Don’t worry, Islamic dua can help you to get things straight. Islamic dua comes handy in this situation. Follow the steps to make this dua.

A’udhu Billani Min As- Shaytan e- Rahim Bismillahi’r rahmani’r Raheem.

Recite this dua first. Then recite Shahadah for a thousand times. After that, recite the following dua.

Ash-hadu an la Ilaha Illallah wa ash-hadu ana Muhammadun rasool Allah.

Recite this dua for 41 times. This is a powerful dua which can erase several misunderstandings between spouses. Remember to keep faith in Allah as he is the one who can do all well for us, Inshallah.

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