Love Dispute Problem Solution Molana 5/5 (10)

Love Dispute Problem Solution Molana

Love Dispute Problem Solution Molana here to solve your husband wife love dispute problem solution by wazifa. Our Molana have power that is given by Allah to given you husband wife relationship problems solutions.

Kareem was a smart man living in mumbra near Mumbai. He used to work so hard at his office. He had completed his education from some private institute. Kareem had done DTP course. And now he was working as a graphic designer.

Love Dispute Problem Solution Molana

Love Dispute Problem Solution Molana

His parents were happy with his hard work. He was getting better day by day. And now it has been a while that his parents started thinking about his marriage. He didn’t have much of a hurry to marry, but his parents began insisting, so he said okay. His parents began searching for a good bride for kareem.

Here kareem fell in love with a girl that was working in his office. Kareem knew this girl since the beginning, but recently they started developing chemistry between them. Her name was Shabana. Kareem’s parents too knew about Shabana.

She occasionally used to come to his home also. When kareem told his parents about Shabana, his parents agreed immediately. They got married soon. First few weeks were excellent for both of them. First, they went for a honeymoon. It went awesome. Then they returned and resumed their healthy life.

But started having a lot of disputes between them. They began having fights and quarrels over small things. Shabana even once went to her mom’s house due to her battle with Kareem.

And it started affecting the correctness of the entire family. So Shabana’s mom suggested her to get love dispute problem solution Molina. She knew a Moulana, and she recommended him. Shabana wasn’t sure if love dispute problem solution Molina would work.

Husband Wife Love Dispute Problem Solution

Shabana’s mom had a significant faith in spiritual ways to get husband-wife love dispute problem solution. She believed in Allah so much. According to her, whenever you don’t know what to do, when all your efforts fail, when you have no direction to head for, you have Allah to show you the path and get results for you. You need to prompt him with the right solutions and right remedies.

Shabana asked her whether she has experienced anything like that ever and did it work. Shabana’s mom told her that she still uses spiritual help to keep the argument of her with his husband (Shabana’s dad) under control. Otherwise, according to her, life would be a mess.

She added further that due to her love towards Shabana, being the youngest kid in the house, many of the times her mom used to overlook her mistakes or ignore them. But her dad used to angry, and Shabana’s mom never used to say much.

So her father used to get angry on Shabana’s mom as according to him, Shabana make mistakes because her mom never makes her feel like that she is committing errors. So they used to have many disputes over it.

In addition to that, in married life, there are many situations, circumstances where husband and wife do not always agree with each other.  So those frequent fights were also there. So in such cases, Shabana’s mom used to use a husband-wife love dispute problem solution. And it used to one hundred percent of times.

Husband Wife Dispute Problem Solution By Wazifa

Shabana was impressed by what her mom told her about the spiritual powers and their impact on us humans. One morning she was profoundly contemplating about it, and her father in law saw that she is in some deep thinking. So he frankly asked her what is it about.

She told him what her mom said about spiritual help for husband-wife problems. He confirmed that her mom was damn right. Shabana’s father in law used to believe in husband-wife dispute problem solution by wazifa. He has already been a witness for his son’s and her frequent disputes. He too wanted to end this and wish to see everything back to normal.

Shabana’s father in law confessed that he too has so many fights with Shabana’s mother in law (Kareem’s mom), but it should not make husband-wife repel from each other. He felt terrible when he saw Shabana going to stay with her mom at her previous home.

Shabana apologized to her father in law, but she said that she was furious and didn’t know what to do. So he told precisely these are the kind of situations where we need to get help from our Allah. He sees everything, and he knows humans are not perfect, so he is always keen on removing all those imperfections that are bothering us so much.

\Shabana was listening to him very carefully. She was thinking should she tell everything that she heard to kareem? Maybe she should maybe not but now had started believing in husband-wife dispute problem solution by wazifa.

Husband Wife Relationship Problems Solutions

Shabana was almost very much convinced about what she heard from her mom and father in law. And decided to go to Montana and get a wife because she wanted to get husband wife relationship problems solutions. She called her mom and told her that she wants to see Molina ji.

Her mom got happy and asked her to come down to her house. Shabana got ready and told father in law that she is going to see her mum who would then take her to Montana ji for husband wife relationship problems solutions. Her father was happy for her and blessed her so that she will achieve what she was trying to.

Shabana met her mom, and her mom told her that this Montana ji had saved so many disputes of her and Shabana’s father. So she has full faith in this Montana ji. She also added that there are many fake Molina and molvi ji who give artificial solutions and people tend to shoe distrust on Allah only, which is tragic. Shabana also felt lousy listening to it.

Molana ji told Shabana that she has to take wazifa and write it down on a piece of paper. Wazifa was: ‘ur game-al-shabeebmail’ ur shamaihee wal ukurSaudi-al-labor.’ She has to write it down five times a day with a new article each time.

And should read it is sitting on a mattress at the time of namaz facing any mosque nearby. Furthermore, she should have no thoughts but love for her husband. And one can also do this in front of a husband. It helps in increasing secure emotional connection between the two.

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