Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal 5/5 (13)

Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal

Its very great Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal to get marry of own choice. We all have a right to choice and to take important decisions of our lives. And marriage is indeed one such decision. We all wants to get married to that person who is compatible enough for us, who is best for us in all possible ways, who have same likes and dislikes as us. But marriage in our community in our community is no easy task and requires the approval of the entire family. That decision is never our own in a way, our elders and parents think that knows the best for us and have the liberty to take the decisions which ideally should be our own.

Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal

Pasand ki Shadi ka Qurani Amal

The situation gets worse when we try to have a say in it. When we all reach an age, right enough to get married we all have a set picture of our, to be partners already. Most of the time we have someone already entered into our hearts. We want that person to be our life partner. If it is the same case with you and you too want get married to the person of your choice. To the one you have lost your heart and think he or she is right for you. then believe me you should. And if your heart and steps are genuine. Sure then Inshallah Allah will help you out and ease your way too.

Pasand ki shadi ka wazifa

pasand ki shadi ka wazifa But, life is not that kind and even if you like a person and if that person likes you too. then also there are many hurdles you tend to face. At times there are families which just don’t approve or the person. who you marry doesn’t like you back. Well in that case it is always worth a try, at least you can go and let the person know about your feelings. Your genuine efforts are needed here but remember. In such cases you cannot and should not force anyone. At the end, only that will happen which is destined for you and what Allah think is in your best of interest.

Communication is always the best remedy. You should try to convince you parents and family by putting forward your point and letting them know why and how desperately you want that person in your life. At times we assume things and make situation more difficult when the solution is just simple and right in front of us. And while you are doing all this you can always seek Allah’s help. As he is the mighty one and knower of all the secrets, he is aware of our deepest of desires and nothing is hidden from.

Apni pasand ki shadi ki dua

If he finds your heart clean and noble then surely he will remove all the hurdles from your path. Be patient, do a legitimate Dua and always remember that he is the only one who can turn impossible into the possible and make things happen which is out of all our control. Your doubt in him will lead you nowhere but even a little faith will mend all your broken efforts. Be a person of faith and Allah the almighty will never disappoint you.

Pasand ki shadi ka Qurani amal- Marriage and everything related to it has to be filled with happiness and if it happens between people who are already in love with each other and between people who always wanted to marry each other, then the experience feels all the more serene and the happiness triples. You want to capture each and every moment of it and remember it for the rest of your life. If you want all this to happen to you and you seek Allah’s help in this regard, then why not. He always supports a genuine heart and if you have one then he will support you too.


Quran doesn’t disapprove of the marriage which involves love but ask you to act within the boundaries and seek legitimate means.


Procedure for the shadi amal:

  • You should do this amal after the Isha Namaz, in the night.
  • In the beginning, first recite the Durood Shareef for the 11 times.
  • Then recite this surah for 313 times, “Ya sattaral ayyubi Ya musabbabal asbabi waiyyaka nastaino ya hayyo ya kayyomu birehmatika astageeso”.
  • After that again recite Durood Shareef for the 11 times.
  • And till the time you get the approval for your marriage repeat it daily and Inshallah you will get the results in your favour soon.


Always remember this thing that Allah and his path are the noble one and you will be supported in your actions. desires only if they are in sync with his ways.

Jaldi pasand ki shadi ka wazifa

Before you call for his help, he is ready to help you much before that. In all your troubles he keeps a stand in your favour. the key here for you is to do a legitimate dua to him. Communicate to him all your troubles and confide in him as he will never return you empty handed. He has mysterious ways to function and we at times think that things are not going in our favour but when the right time comes. everything get into your favour automatically. So stop sweating and do what you should.

Allah is the merciful being and will always listen to you. In every namaz ask for his help and he will ease your way no matter what. You just keep on making the genuine effort from your side. You can also recite the “Ayatal kursi” and the “Durood shareef” as they are the natural facilitator and will remove all the hurdles which are restricting your path naturally. The help from Allah comes when you need it the most and when you are not expecting it. So, be patient no matter what, what you are seeing as delay is just the right time. Keep your faith intact and inshallah only that will happen what you want and you will have that beloved person in your life soon. May Allah be your side always. Ameen.


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