Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad 5/5 (14)

Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad, Parenting is one of the most challenging endeavors known to humans. There has never been a Bible or a Guide to teach individuals how to become a good parent. It is believed that all men and women have this trait naturally.

And to some extent it is true. Yet, Often, parents are conflicted on when to be strict and when to be lenient. This causes a lot of confusion in the minds of the children, who then start believing that they need to behave in a certain way to be acknowledged. Usually, Children act out, when they need more attention. Also, to some extent, excessive pampering of a child may cause the child to be stubborn.

Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

Qurani Wazifa For Nafarman Aulad

So, if your child is being disobedient or stubborn for no reason and you wish to impart some good manners in the child, then you can do so by using the qurani wazifa for nafarman aulad.

Children often absorb more than what grown-ups expect them. Often the kids understand or figure out if there is persisting stress in the family among grownups. And usually, during such stressful situations, children are ignored so to get the most attention back, they often act up. You can’t control life situations, but you can definitely control your child by using the qurani wazifa for nafarman aulad.

Nafarman aulad ke liye taweez

At times, they mimic what they see others doing and even that can make them come out as defiant. To solve such issues, it’s recommended that during any stressful phase in the family, use the nafarman aulad ke liye taweez.

Talking to your child is always the best solution. But not necessarily the child will be open to sharing or even be truthful about what’s really bothering them. And without knowing the root cause of the issue, there’s hardly anything any parent can do. But to be safe, you can always seek Allah’s help by using the nafarman aulad ke liye taweez and let Allah guide your child out of the dark phase.

Often in cases where there’s more than one child in the family, children tend to compare how much love they are getting as opposed to their siblings. This also motivates the child to act out so you can give it more attention.

Sibling competition is one of the main reasons for kids to be disobedient and stubborn. As the child’s main goal is to make sure you spend more time with and for them. In such cases, parents feel extremely helpless as no parent would want to differentiate between their children.

Nafarman aulad ko sudharne ka wazifa

Yet, this is a common situation and has to be dealt with. Thankfully, you can use the nafarman aulad ko sudharne ka wazifa for such situation too. Basically, you can use the wazifa for any situation where the child is going out of control.



  • Do this qurani wazifa for nafarman auladafter the morning namaz for 11 days.
  • Start with proper wuzu.
  • Then start reciting holy Durood-e-Shareef, continuously for 11 times.
  • Now, recite the Surah Az-Zukhruf[43] (verses 13, 14)for 1100 times without taking a break.

Litastawoo ‘alaazuhoorihee summa tazkurooni’mataRabbikumizastawaitum ‘alaihiwataqooloo




  • Finally, recite again holyDurood-e-Shareef, continuously for 11 times.
  • Then blow on a glass of water and give this glass of water to your child to drink.


  • If you are seeing that your child is being disobedient, keep calm composure and refrain from scolding the child.
  • You can deal with the situation better by using the qurani wazifa for nafarman aulad.
  • When the child is asleep, go over to his/her bed and stand near the head.
  • Begin with reciting holyDurood-e-Shareef, 3 times.
  • Gently recite theSurah Ahqaf (verse 15) for 3 times as if whispering into the child’s ears. Make sure that the child’s sleep does not get disturbed.







rabbi aqzi’neee an ashkurani’

matakallateeean’amta ‘

alaiyawa ‘alaawaalidaiyawa an


lee fee zurriyyateeinneetubtuilaika


  • Read holyDurood-e-Shareef once again, 3 times.
  • Do this ritual for 3 nights consequently.

Nafarman aulad ko farmabardar banane

Often, the children between the age of 8 and 13 transform into a different personality than what parents have been used to. The sudden and unexpected change in the child comes as a shock to many parents. While one can always start with nafarman aulad ko farmabardar banane.

But in some cases, it is better you consult an Islamic Astrologer and find out the root cause of the child’s defiant behavior. If need be, you can get a Taveez made out of nafarman aulad ko farmabardar banane, that you can then have the child wear all the time.

This approach would show a faster result as the Islamic Astrologers, would empower the Taveez with necessary spells to curb your child’s defiant tendencies.

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