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Salatul Istikhara for Divorce

Istikhara for Divorce- A marriage begins with a lot of happiness but usually ends at a bitter note. Like two fighting friends, after signing a piece of paper become enemies forever. Well, this narrative might satisfy a child, convincingly. But, we all know the reality is way too harsher than it appears. In our society, divorce will always remain a taboo. A thing which is so heartlessly looked down upon. And, what else do you expect! When they can’t give you a choice in your marriage, then certainly you don’t have one in your divorce too.

Salatul Istikhara for Divorce

Salatul Istikhara for Divorce

The option of separation in Islam is given, but as a last resort. When the husband and wife have tried all the possible ways to keep their marriage and failed. When all the attempts of reconciliation are of no use. So it is prescribed to separate in a peaceful way. Without harming each other, mentally and emotionally.

Istikhara for marriage separation

So, unfortunate it is, we use our religion according to our comfort. Both the sides take those things out which are given, but in a molded way. To, Allah, the house with a happy marriage and a thriving family is an example of heaven on earth. That is why it is prescribed to make all the possible attempts to stay. But, at the same time this staying and compromising doesn’t mean suffering. If you are the one struggling in your marriage and seeking a way out. Then you are certainly not committing a crime here.

Society is judgmental but fortunately, Allah is not. If you are marriage is not comforting anymore, then do get out of it. The decision of getting a divorce should be your and your partner’s alone. People around you will add only fuel to the fire. If you are in a fix and your mind is still clouded. don’t need to worry. Allah will solve it in no time for you. All you have to do is to see your absolute good. Your happiness and your interest should be the primary priority.

Istikhara for marriage problems

When we age, then with us too our relations also age. The love which you had in the initial phase of your marriage is gone and then slowly steadily, friction emerges. You start fighting on the smallest of issues and blame each other on smallest of mistakes. And in the times we live and the society we are from, the wife suffers the most. Being a woman, life has always been harsher on her, especially when she is a divorcee. Life inside the marriage is no less than hell for her and outside of it, is the worst. So no matter what, decide for yourself what you exactly want.

If marriage happens between the two people, then divorce should happen between the two people alone. It is their personal decision and an utterly private one. More people in it will make the matters worst for no good. If people around you are enhancing your misery instead of helping you, then it is suggested, don’t involve them. Discuss your issues with your immediate family like your parents and In-Laws. And, to refer to their advice as they are your elders and have seen the life in a better way.

Istikhara dream for divorce

When such situation arises in front of us then we usually act as deaf and blind. No matter how much people try to convince us or show us the alternative path, we stay unmoved. Their advice seem to us an encroachment and nothing else. You are taking the divorce to pull yourself out of the choking marriage of yours for your own betterment. But life is uncertain and who knows it become a real mess after getting a divorce.

Before we cross a road we look on both the sides to ensure our maximum safety. This is something which you have to do before getting a divorce. Look at all the option available to you. Divorce is not an end of your life. You both will continue to live and only your ways will be parted. So, how you are going to do that is something which you have to think. And, it is indeed going to be way more difficult for the girl than the boy.

Take refuge in Allah and he will ease all the difficulties you are facing. And Istikhara is one such way to do it. Salat Al-Istikharais a prayer recited when there is a need to seek guidance of Allah.Divorce is no easy a decision and all the scholars prescribe to do the Salatul Istikhara for Divorce, before getting a divorce. Allah’s path is always the soothing and comforting one. And his decision will never disappoint you. Inshallah after doing the Istikhara whatever decision you will take; you won’t regret that.



It is always prescribed that one should perform the Istikhara Namaz after the Fajr Namaz, so plan it that way only. If you want Allah to show you the signs to keep your marriage or get out of it then do perform it. And you will get all your answers. He has the knowledge of the past and of the future and he is indeed the ultimate guide.

The Procedure is as follows:

  • First perform the fresh ablution or the wudu, even if you are just done with your fajr namaz.
  • Begin your prayers again and recite Surah Fatiha.
  • Now recite, Surah ak-Kafirun.
  • Again Surah Fatiha and Surah Al-Ikhlas.
  • Now recite the Istikhara supplication.

You can make the Salatul Istikhara for Divorce whenever you need to take a difficult decision in your life. When you don’t know which way you have to go.

Make your usual prayers daily and in every namaz ask Allah for his help. Make legitimate dua to him. Confide in him fully and with all your faith. He is the knower of all and will ease all your troubles soon. Have a little patience and don’t act impulsively. These matters will take time and you have to give the required time. So be it. May Allah put you out of misery soon. Ameen.


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