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Wazifa To Get Success In Everything

Wazifa To Get Success In Everything, When Allah put Humans on earth, he blessed them with feelings and aspirations. Allah wanted to let his children discover and find their own path in life and decide their own fate.

Which is why he is always eager to bless his children with whatever they ask for. As long as the individual follows on the path of Allah and his teachings, Allah will make sure all of one’s desire and dreams be fulfilled.

Wazifa To Get Success In Everything

Wazifa To Get Success In Everything

So, if you aspire to achieve success in your endeavors. Be it love, family, studies, career, business or wealth; you can simply turn to Allah and ask him to bless you with success by using the wazifa to get success in everything.

Life is not meant to be lived in misery. And being ambitious or wanting a good life is not the same as being greedy. As long as you have a pure intent and do not wish ill of any other soul, you are entitled to use the wazifa to get success in everything.

The world changes with time. Today, it’s no longer the case that just hard work and passion will ensure success. With the rise in popularity, lacking religious faith, cut-throat-competition, and basic survival defense mindset has turned humans on humans.

Wazifa for good luck and wealth

Often, it’s one individual creating hurdles for another. In such a situation, you can’t always fight back. Instead turn to Allah and use the wazifa for good luck and wealth. Allah will do the needful for you, by clearing you hurdles and guiding you towards success. Nobody like failing. And nobody deserves to fail either. It takes a lot from us not just on materialistic level, but also emotionally. It shatters our confidence and shove us into the darkness of doubts and fears.

It’s in our nature to strive and keep improving the value of our lives. By using the wazifa for good luck and wealth, we can align our intent and our actions such that it results in success, in every aspect of our lives. Allah will surely grant you want you ask for. But before you ask something by using the wazifa for good luck and wealth, decide and make up your mind that it is exactly what you want. Are you seeking success in career to make your parents proud? But what if the chosen career is not what you want for yourself.

Are you seeking a success in an arranged marriage with someone for your family’s sake but do not really wish to marry the person? Do you wish to pass the exam so that you can move forward in life, but have chosen a stream of education that doesn’t excite you?

Wazifa To Get Success In Everything

Remember outward Success not always brings happiness. Before you use the wazifa to get success in everything, ask yourself, what you want in life and why. For not all wishes that come true brings happiness. Some bring even more pain and misery. This happens when one is not sure of what one really wants. True Happiness will always come from pure intentions and honest desires.


Perform the following ritual daily after the Namaz-e-Isha.

  • First you need take shower, cleanse yourself and do proper wuzu.
  • Then begin the ritual by reciting Darood Sharif, once.
  • Then recite the below dua 121 times.

allahummarahmatakaarjufalatakilniilanafsitarfata ‘aynwaaslih li sha’nikullahu la ilahaila anta

  • Write down the above wazifa to get success in everything on a piece of paper and fold it neatly.
  • Then chant the following dua once.


  • Now to conclude, again recite Darood Sharif once.
  • Ask Allah for his blessings and give you success in all your endeavors.
  • Take the paper, in which you wrote the wazifa to get success in everything andplace this paper in your prayer cap or put it in a Taveez and wear it daily.

Most powerful wazifa for everything

It’s been a usual tendency among humans that they approach Allah only when things are going wrong in one way or other. But Allah is always there for his children. Even if you are not in any bad situation and yet have a simple desire to better your life, you  can still go to Allah. And Allah will bless you by fulfilling your wishes.

Approach a local Moulvi and Islamic Astrologer. Speak to them about your desires and aspirations. Consult them about how to use the most powerful wazifa for everything. If you so choose, you can simplify the process and just ask for a Taveez.

The Islamic Astrologer can provide you with one. Wear the Taveez which has been energized with the positive intent of the wazifa to get success in everything and keep all your decisions aligned with Allah’s teachings. Soon, your life will be transformed, and you will be blessed with love, happiness and wealth, whatever you seek.


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