Dua to Protect from Nazar 5/5 (14)

Dua to Protect from Nazar

Dua to Protect from Nazar

Dua to Protect from Nazar

Powerful dua to protect yourself from nazar- Are you facing bad time which you never thought will come? There were times when things were going smoothly for you. You first thought it is just temporary phase in your life. You thought it will go away in some time. Now, you can see your problems are increasing instead of stopping. You know this is not normal thing. You know that someone has put their nazar on you. There was time when you were very happy. Today, due to all the problems you have lost your happiness. You can leave your worry now because today your will get answer to your query. You make dua to protect from nazar. It will guard you no matter how bad that nazar is. You will found all types of people around you.

Dua for evil eye protection

Some will wish good for you and some will not. In personal life, when you are successful it means you are living happy life. You and your family might not have any sickness. You and your family might hardly have any arguments or fights. There are people around you whose family life is not as happy as yours. They have a lot of problems and they can see you have hardly any. They cannot see this happening and will have their evil eye on you. Some people will become jealous if you have good love life. You are lucky one to find true love. Some people are not lucky in love. They will have relationships but not even single one will work for long. Therefore, they are jealous of you.

There are some people who want to reach the peak of their career. If you are competition, they will see you as big hurdle. You have talent and you work hard. This will help you to climb ladder of success. If you are doing job, you get success by getting promotion. If you are business person, then you are running profitable business. Not everyone will become happy by watching this type of success. If you are student, then you are earning top scores. Some parents will feel jealous by watching kids of other people going ahead than their own kids.

How does nazar can affect someone?

When your enemy get success in putting nazar, your situation will start to mess up. If someone is jealous on your family life, slowly fights will start happening every day. Even small thing will cause such big argument you cannot imagine. There will be an atmosphere of tension and negativity in your home. If he or she has put nazar on your love life, then your relation is soon heading to destruction. You will see the love between you and your lover is not same like it was before. Your talent and skills will not help when your enemy has put his evil eye on you. You will lose a job. You will have to struggle a lot to find new one. If you are running business, the money loss will not seem to stop and you will stay in debt.

Dua to Protect from Nazar

Dua to Protect from Nazar

Your enemy’s nazar on you can affect your emotions. It can make you lazy. You do not have any enthusiasm for your work. If you are parent, then you can see your child is not studying like before. Due to nazar of your enemy on your health, you can face many sickness. Your health will not improve even after putting all efforts. In some cases, the nazar is so bad that victim becomes bed ridden. You are now feeling afraid but there is one solution. You make dua to protect from nazar.

Dua to prevent nazar

Nobody is a perfect person. There is evil in every person but it depends on that person how he or she overcomes it. Some jealous people can control the evil inside them. However, some people will use the evil to harm you. Such people will have deep desire to get the thing you have. Sometimes, it happens this person will miss his or her target. But if he or she is able to hit right on target, the nazar will harm you. With so many people around you, you cannot say about anybody’s intention. You will have some people who will claim they are your well-wishers. However, from inside they cannot stop being jealous of you. It is wise to make dua to prevent nazar so that you are not victim. So make dua to protect from nazar.

How to make dua to protect from evil eye/nazar?

You should make dua to protect from nazar for impressing Almighty Allah. It does not matter if the enemy has put very strong nazar on you. With blessings of Almighty Allah, nothing can harm you. Even if your enemy is doing bad with you, do not keep any bad feeling for him or her. You cannot impress Almighty Allah by being negative about someone. The dua to protect from nazar has such power that your enemy’s nazar will go back to him.

You have to put your sincere efforts for this dua to work. You should keep trust and dedication while reciting this dua. Also, you should make dua to protect from nazar by reciting words with proper pronunciation. You should do it in place where there is peace. Do it at early morning or in night before going to bed. Make sure that you clean your body and you wear clean clothes before doing it.

This dua to protect from nazar gives results immediately. However, you should note it will not work just by reciting it. Many people after reciting expect that some miracle will happen. Since dua are powerful prayers, you must get help of our Maulana Ji. He will make sure you get instant result in you dua to prevent nazar. Also, he will make sure you recite it as per the recitation guidelines. He will guide you with all rules and regulations of dua to avoid nazar. Many people are today happy because of his kind efforts. So call our Maulana Ji now and get his help. Teach lesson to your enemy by protecting yourself.


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