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Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement

Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement or to break lover engagement can be use to break forced engagement. Solve question like how to break someone engagement by magic?

How To Use Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement?

Marriage is one of the greatest bonds created by Allah, and a wedding should be an experience of joy. However, sometimes, someone tries to marry by force, or the liaison is a result of compulsion.

Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement

Powerful Wazifa To Break Engagement

The boy or the girl might be in love with someone else, or they might just feel that the person they are being forced to marry is not right for them.

But parents and relatives do not understand this, or there could be other circumstances forcing you to marry the wrong person. With powerful wazifa to break the engagement, you can get out of such unwanted relationships.

With a powerful wazifa to break the engagement, you can get out of an unwanted marriage. It is better to break an engagement than end up feeling trapped in a miserable marriage for the rest of your life.

  • To make this wazifa successful, you have to do your five times daily obligatory namaz.
  • Then, in the middle of the night, wake up, perform ablution and wear fresh clothes
  • After that, pray to Allah and recite the Rakat Tahajjud Namaz
  • Then, recite the two Rakat Nafil namaz
  • Next, make a prayer to Allah to break your engagement
  • After that, recite the Surah Lahab for 11 times
  • After that, go to sleep

Do this for 11 days continuously, and after that, you will see someone canceled your engagement.

Wazifa To Break Lover Engagement

Wazifa To Break Lover Engagement, If someone else gets engaged to the person you love, that is the most heartbreaking thing you could ever witness. You know, within a few weeks, she or he will belong to another person, and you will never be able to see him or her again.

If it is a forced engagement, then you can do a wazifa to break the engagement. Remember; do this only with a pure heart and not with any kind of evil intention of destroying someone’s happiness.

  • Make sure you perform your daily five times mandatory namaz
  • Wake up in the middle of the night and have a proper bath
  • Then, make Wuzu, wear clean clothes and sit is a quiet corner
  • Next, recite the Tahajjud namaz with full devotion
  • Think fervently about Allah during this time
  • Then, from the Holy Quran, read the Surah Ikhlas
  • After recitation, think about the person whose engagement you want to break and pray to Allah for his blessings.

Do this for a couple of weeks, and you will see results. You can also try this wazifa to break your lover’s engagement.

  • Remember not to miss any of the Salah
  • After each Salah, pray to Allah to break off the engagement
  • Read the Surah Yaseen each morning.
  • To make this more effective, you could also wake up in the middle of the night and perform the Tahajjud Salah
  • You should do this for 21 days continuously to see results.

How To Break Someone Engagement By Magic?

How To Break Someone Engagement By Magic? If you want to know how to break someone’s engagement with the use of magic, then you have to consult an astrologer or maulvi. However, remember, there should be a very good reason for doing so.

It would help if you did not try to break off someone’s engagement for your pleasure, as that is a sin in Islam. Only if you truly love a person or you are sure that the person is being forced to marry an unworthy person should you try these methods.

You can also try this wazifa at home:

  • First, take a body part of a bird-like feather or beaks
  • Then, take some ash which has been made by burning wood
  • After that, take any item which belongs to the person whose engagement you want to break
  • Next, tie all of these together in a green cloth
  • Next, hold it in your right hand
  • Then recite this dua for 43 times nonstop:

Usher Ulham Iltam Idersatan Suderhalam Ulham Surah Durrom Ikthekkar Fidram Urood Arham

Then, place the bundle in running water so that it flows away. You will see results within a few weeks. You can also try another wazifa to break unwanted engagement or relationships:

  • First, take a picture of the person whose relationship or engagement you want to break
  • Then, recite the Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Then, recite the Surah Lahab for 19 times
  • After that, again recite Durood Shareef 11 times
  • Then blow on the person’s picture

You will find someone from the family called off the engagement after 21 days.

Wazifa To Break Forced Engagement

Wazifa To Break Forced Engagement, If you want to break up a forced engagement, then this wazifa will work for you. Forced engagements can lead to unhappy marriages, and sometimes people are forced to marry because of property reasons or monetary reasons.

When the basis of an engagement should be love and mutual respect. If someone tries to do engagement by taking advantage of the other person or the person’s family, then you are right to break it.

  • Make sure you read your five times namaz daily
  • Then, take a bath, perform ablution and wear clean clothes
  • After that, read the Durood Shareef 3 times
  • Then, recite the morning prayer of Fazr with all your heart
  • Then, recite the Surah Lahab for 11 times
  • After that, again read the Durood Shareef for three times

Do this for 17 days consecutively, and you will find for some reason someone broke the engagement. Another wazifa to break someone’s engagement is this:

Then, read all the five Salah daily. Without that, the wazifa will not work. After every Salah, read the following Dua:

Allahhumma Allif Baiynaa Qulubiinnn Waa Asleehhh Zaataaa Bainiinn Wahdeenaaa Subuulaa Assalaam Waa Najjeenaa Minazzulumaatii ilannoor

Then pray to Allah to listen to your prayers, and someone will call off the engagement after a few weeks of following this. You should only practice powerful wazifa to break engagement in extreme cases.

Engagements and marriages are made in heaven, so do not use the wazifa for wrong reasons. Trying to break someone’s relationship is not good unless you are sure that bad results will come out of the engagement.

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Wazifa To Break Someone Marriage

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