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Surah Al Imran For Marriage Obstacles

Surah Al Imran For Marriage Obstacles or ayat for love marriage can be use for lost love. Use our surah al imran wazifa for quick marriage.

How To Use Surah Al Imran For Marriage Obstacles?

Marriage is a dream for every person, irrespective of gender. Be it a boy or a girl, and everyone builds their paradise of dreams about their marital life. A life like a fairy tale. With their dream spouse, with no mishaps, sweeping off all obstacles of life together. A journey full of love, respect, and care. The life worth living.

But we don’t always get what we want. Destiny sometimes plays a cruel game with us. She takes away what we desire most from our life. One after one, hurdles come, and we need to cast away those to keep our dream alive.

Surah Al Imran For Marriage Obstacles

Surah Al Imran For Marriage Obstacles

We see nowadays many people are suffering from illness and depression. Maximum of those comes from marriage obstacles. We all need a suitable partner for us. A partner who will understand us. Marriage gives a social certificate to our bond.

Sometimes marriages are not happened because of the complexion of the bride or the financial condition of the groom. Whatever reason may be, this creates a negative impact on both girl and groom.

Islam shows light to every person who seeks a solution. Sura-Al-Imran gives solution to many problems. A dua can change your life completely.


This dua is from Sura al Imran verse 193, and it prays to God to die with the righteous man afterlife. Surely, it will clear all your problems and will give you a life you have dreamt of.

Surah Al Imran Ayat For Love Marriage

Surah Al Imran Ayat For Love Marriage, Love is said to be the most heavenly thing on earth. When a person falls in love, the world becomes a lot better place to live for him. A person in love can fight with the world for his love. It gives him that much internal strength.

Almost every couple wants to give their love a social reputation. To live life with your loved one is the most wonderful feeling. Life gets a new meaning while walking path side by side with the person you love most. Problems seem to be easier to solve when you get a responsible hand by your side. Life becomes easier.

But, as we speak, it is not a rosy path. Obstacles are everywhere in life. It is not easy for maximum couples as they usually have to face hurdles from all aspects. Financial condition of boy, religion, and caste everything can come in between as a problem.

The girl’s family may not agree, or the boy’s father sometimes differs from agreeing. In every way, the couple has to suffer, and many relationships choke even before the start.

However, Islam also has a solution for this. Islam always supports love if it does not create problems for anyone. Sura-Al-Imran has dua, which can solve this problem and can guide your relationship to marriage.


Reciting this dua will remove obstacles from your relationship and guide you to a happily married life.

Surah Al Imran For Lost Love

Surah Al Imran For Lost Love, A person spends the most precious time of his/her life when he is committed to a relationship. Time flies as the world becomes much more beautiful. Everything works like a dream.

When he needs to let go of that person after spending the most valuable time with him, it creates a lot of negative impact on our life. Their memories, their activities, which remain at a corner of our heart even after the break-up, make our wound alive now and then. Sometimes, it affects us so much that it can create severe mental pressure.

Bringing lost love back in our life is never easy. It becomes very hard to forget the insults came from the person we love most. Ego and self-respect always prohibit us from getting back with our ex-love. This ego extends the cracks in our relationship.

We become so ignorant in the argument that we don’t understand what we are saying. This only creates misunderstanding. And after all that, when we regret and want them back in our life, it becomes almost impossible.

Well, if we pray to Allah with a pure heart to grant our desire, then we should get what we want. The following dua from Surah-Al-Imran is very effective in this case.


This is verse 194 of Sura-Al-Imran. It surely re-arise love from you in his/her life and get him/her back in your life.

Surah Al Imran Wazifa For Quick Marriage

Surah Al Imran Wazifa For Quick Marriage, Delaying in good work can bring in a lot of problems. It is said the sooner is, the better. The soon you give a social recognition to your relationship, the better it is for you.

Usually we have many people among us who can’t stand our happiness. If we delay to marry, they can create problems. Luck can change its course, and a financial crisis may happen. A mishap can delay your marriage even further.

Furthermore, it is important to keep the faith alive in our spouse’s heart for us. If the delay continues, he/she may believe that it is you who is not interested. But it is hard to make anyone understand that no one delays an activity like marriage by their own will. Situations and circumstances make them take that decision.

Nothing is impossible if you believe in God. There is a powerful wazifa In Surah-Al-Imran That can drive away the delay and make our marriage happening as quickly as 21 days.

After proper ablution, recite Durood-E-Pak for 11 times. After that, recite Ya Lateef for 800 times. Then recite Durood Shareef for 11 times. After that, recite the following dua keeping in mind your spouse and his/her mother.


This is the verse 192 of Sura-Al-Imran. You need to do this for 21 days. Surely you’ll get success.

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